Easy Ways To Say I Love You In Czech

Love can indeed make the world go round. Who would have thought that three little words can sweep us all at our feet and make us think of angels and butterflies? However, if you want to take it up a notch and make your special someone feel even more loved, why not try out saying I love you in Czech instead? Compared to other foreign languages, Czech is actually not as easy as it seems but with our help, you do not have to break a sweat. 

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we believe that it seems fitting to go beyond the traditional expressions and give you a more tasteful list of the romantic expressions for your special someone. To start off our list, let’s first focus on the simplest translation of I love you in Czech which goes by Miluju tě (mil-yu-teh) for informal expressions and Miluju vás (mil-yu-vaz) for formal situations.

For context, please note that you can use the informal version only when you are conversing with your favorite person. However, if you think that other people will hear you as you blurt your love for one another, using the formal one is much better.

Let me guess. probably one of the reasons why you landed on this page is because you actually have a love interest from the Czech Republic. And we cannot really blame you because the country is indeed filled with beautiful people. But hey, I know you did not come for easy vocabulary right? In this sense, continue reading our post below to see other ways to express love in the best ways of using Czech.

I Love You In Czech

Slavic languages, in general, are found to be fairly challenging to learn. Czech, just like Polish and Russian, is very complicated especially for beginners in the language. In fact, even its pronunciation may take you some time to get used to as it is a far cry from what we are used to in English. However, do not be discouraged since having some sort of back up list of vocabs (like this post) and through consistent practice, we know that you can astound any native speaker in no time. As a quick tip, we recommend that you kick start your learning by focusing on the words and how they should be pronounced. Once you get the hang of it, you can slowly transition on how to use each in simple sentences based on context.

Just like in English, Serbian, Tagalog, and French, there are a lot of creative ways to say I love you in our target language today. To get you started on your journey, practice our handy dandy list below:

Czech English Context
Moc tě miluji I love you so much formal
Utápím se ve tvých očích I’m drowning in your eyes poetic
Zamilovaný/á až po uši In love up to the ears poetic
Přinesl bych modré z nebe I would bring blue from the sky poetic
Zbožňuji tě I adore you formal
Jsem do tebe blázen I’m crazy about you informal
Chci být s tebou I want to be with you formal / informal
Nemůžu bez tebe žít I cannot live without you formal / informal
Záleží mi na tobě I care about you formal / informal
Miluji tě k sežrání I love you so much I could eat you informal
Mám tě ráda I like you informal
Jsi tak krásná You are beautiful formal
Jste pohledný You are so handsome formal
Vaše nitro je ještě krásnější než váš zevnějšek Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside formal
Kvůli tobě chci být lepším člověkem I want to be a better person because of you formal
Máš krásný úsměv Your smile is beautiful formal
Vypadáš skvěle You look great formal
Vypadáš nádherně You look gorgeous formal

Pet Names In The Czech Language

If everything is going serious, we bet that giving your special person a pet name can be one of the surefire ways by which you can instantly make them fall in love with you. Establish that romantic bond today by using any of the following:

Czech English
miláčku sweetheart
zlatíčko little gold
drahý dear
kočičko kitten
broučku little beetle
princezno princess
zlatíčko moje darling
moje sluníčko my sunshine
moje láska my love
můj jediný my only one
hezký handsome
Krásná beautiful

All It Takes Is 10 Minutes!

Did you know that you can master any language in the world as long as practice at least 10 minutes a day? Make the most out of your spare time by reviewing the basic vocabs, grammatical structures, and even speaking patterns with the help of a dedicated language platform like the Ling App.

Unlike other languages,  the Czech language holds a distinctive set of words and phrases which are heavily shaped by the country’s rich and colorful history. Due to this, language enthusiasts and travelers all over the world are challenging themselves to learn the language as well as appreciate the history behind every line, letter, and syllable.

Interested to learn more Czech vocabulary words and grammatical structure? For additional reinforcement in this language, be sure to check out the Ling App to master any language of your choice in no time. What sets this application apart is that it features fun mini-games, Chatbots, and engaging quizzes that will surely encourage you every single day to practice and discover further about the target language.

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