7 Best Language Apps For Listening Skills In 2024

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Ever wondered how some people just ‘get’ a new language by listening? The secret often lies in the right tools. Using language apps for listening skills, for example, is one of the most effective ways to learn new words and immerse yourself in the rhythm and flow of a new language. And who wouldn’t want to unlock that secret?

As a language app enthusiast myself, I’ve seen how these apps transform learning languages. They make it fun, interactive, and, most importantly, effective. Among these, the Ling app stands out with its straightforward approach to learning over 60 languages. But let’s not stop there. Curious about how these apps work? Let’s dive in and find out which one suits your learning style the best.

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Apps for Listening Skills
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Chatbot to practice daily-life conversations
  • Progressive learning stages
  • Daily reminders
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  • Vast range of subjects for every day conversations
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Language level assessment
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  • Personalized vocabulary lessons
  • Goal setting tools
  • Cultural insights

1. The Ling App: Best For Comprehensive Language Learning

You want to learn a new language, am I right? Then you should check out the Ling app! It’s like your personal language coach for over 60 languages. Imagine learning Japanese today and Thai tomorrow – all in one app.

With the Ling app, you’re not limited to improving your listening skills; this language-learning app mixes fun games with serious learning. You’ll be nailing those native-speaker sounds in no time. You’re wrong if you think this app is a one-trick pony – it’s got reading and writing and improves your speaking skills, too. Fancy a language challenge? The Ling app is your go-to.

And here’s a fun fact: the Ling app keeps you hooked with its gamification. Who knew earning points could be part of language learning? It’s the perfect mix of fun and education. So, if you’re up for a language adventure, why not give our Ling app review a read? You’ll see how exactly you will benefit from this app.

Transform Your Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling App Today

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Voice Chatbot: Engage in simulated conversations with a sophisticated AI chatbot to sharpen your conversational skills dynamically.

  • Progressive Learning Stages: Structured learning stages, from beginner to advanced, ensure steady progress in language skills.

  • Daily Reminders: Stay motivated with daily reminders to keep advancing on your language journey.


  • Free with beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. ELLLO: Best For Diverse English Listening Practice

Fancy a world tour of English? That’s ELLLO (English Listening Lesson Library Online) for you. With over 3,000 clips, it’s like a global fest of English lessons! You hear all sorts of English words with their accents – it’s like traveling without leaving your room.

What I love about ELLLO is its step-by-step approach. You start easy and then level up – no pressure, just steady progress. For anyone having the goal of improving English listening skills, ELLLO is a helpful resource that will help you step up your game gradually so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Diverse Topic Coverage: Explore a vast range of subjects, from everyday conversations to academic topics, and broaden your knowledge of English in different contexts.

  • Pronunciation Practice: Special emphasis on improving pronunciation that helps you sound more like a native English speaker.

  • Language Level Assessment: Take quick quizzes to assess your proficiency level to ensure you’re learning at the right pace.


ELLLO keeps things free and friendly to provide a top-notch language learning resource without the price tag. This way, ELLLO makes sure everyone, especially teachers and students on a budget, can join in the fun of language learning without any cost worries.

language apps for listening skills - A photo of language learners talking.

3. Busuu: Best For Interactive Language Practice

In my experience searching for language learning apps, Busuu is one of the best when it comes to interactive language learning. Ever wanted to chat with someone from Spain while learning Spanish? Busuu makes that happen.

Busuu’s style is to teach you vocabulary and practice it in real conversations. And with over 14 languages, you’re spoilt for choice. The community learning feature? Absolute gold. It’s like having a language buddy whenever you need one.

And here’s a cool bit – Busuu keeps things fresh with regular updates. Live lessons? They’re like virtual classrooms. Busuu’s perfect if you want a blend of self-study and genuine interaction.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Customizable Vocabulary Practice: Enhance your vocabulary with personalized practice sessions tailored to your learning level.

  • Goal Setting Tools: Set and track your language learning goals, which lets you focus and not lose motivation on your journey.

  • Cultural Exchange: Interact with learners worldwide and exchange cultural insights and language tips.


  • Monthly premium: $13.90

  • 6 months premium: $83.40

  • Yearly premium: $166.80

4. PORO: Best For Beginner Self-Learners

Starting a language can feel like a huge leap, right? Enter PORO, the beginner’s best friend, which helps you learn to chat in real-life scenarios. As usual, you’re memorizing words here, but you’re actually using the language.

And the range of topics? Covers everything from daily chitchat to tech talk. It’s learning that keeps up with your life.

What sets PORO apart from language apps for listening skills is how user-friendly it is. It also knows exactly where you need to start. If you’re taking those first steps in language learning, PORO is worth looking at. But if comprehensiveness is your thing, then the Ling app wins.

Devices: Android, iOS


  • Real-Life Scenario Simulations: Practice language in simulated real-life situations, perfect for applying your knowledge.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple, intuitive interface that makes navigating through lessons a breeze.

  • Regular Content Updates: Keep your learning fresh with regularly updated lessons and topics.


  • Monthly premium: $7.99

  • Yearly premium: $39.99
langugae learning apps to improve listening skills - A photo of a boy reading.

5. Speechify: Best For Customizable Listening Experience

Ever wanted to turn any text into a language lesson? Well, that’s precisely what Speechify is good at. It’s like having a magic wand that turns books, articles, or notes into audio in the language you’re learning.

With over 30 languages, it’s a language learner’s dream. And you get to control the speed and voice – you decide.

So, if you plan to start or fine-tune your skills, Speechify can do that and adapt to your level. It’s a flexible tool that breaks the traditional language learning mold. Now, if you want to jazz up your listening practice, you should check out our Speechify review.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Wide Range of Text Sources: Convert various text sources into audio, from online articles to your own written notes.

  • Multilingual Support: Enjoy text-to-speech in multiple languages, perfect for multilingual learners.

  • Bookmarking Feature: Save your favorite texts for easy access and continued learning.


  • Free with 10 standard reading voices and limited features.

  • Yearly premium: $139.00

6. Assimil: Best For Integrated Listening And Reading Practice

Assimil’s got a neat trick – it mixes listening with reading. Think recorded dialogues with books. You’re hitting two birds with one stone here! You learn vocabulary and grammar as part of actual conversations. It’s language learning that feels natural, not like a classroom drill.

What’s cool about Assimil is its flexibility. Listen on your commute, read when you can sit down. It fits your schedule, not the other way around. Want a well-rounded language learning experience? Compare it with the Ling app, then choose one!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Interactive Audio Exercises: Reinforce your language learning with exercises that complement the audio lessons.

  • Cultural Notes: Gain insights into the culture behind the target language you want to learn and enrich your learning experience.

  • Listening Comprehension Tools: These are tools specifically designed to improve your listening skills and make you understand new languages more easily.


  • Standard “With Ease” Series: $60.00 – $80.00

  • E-Courses: Price varies

  • Books with Audio: $100.00 – $150.00

  • Superpacks (Book + Audio + Additional Materials): $150.00 – $200.00

7. Linguaphone: Best For Comprehensive Language Packages

With courses in over 15 languages, you’re not just dabbling in language learning with Linguaphone; you’re diving deep. Think about it – one day, you’re wrapping your head around French grammar, and the next, you’re tuning your ear to the melodies of Italian.

But here’s the kicker: Linguaphone, like the Ling app, knows one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned language learner, these courses adapt to your pace. You’re in the driver’s seat of your learning journey. How cool is that?

And let’s talk about how Linguaphone will improve your listening skills – Linguaphone’s audio files in CDs and MP3s are crisp, clear, and spoken by native speakers. This means you can learn your target language while getting a taste of its culture, its rhythm, and its very essence. I know what you’re thinking – like the Ling app, right? You’re absolutely correct!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Progress Tracking System: Monitor your language learning progress and track how far you’ve come.

  • Cultural Immersion Activities: Engage in activities that immerse you in the culture of your target language.

  • Flexible Study Modes: Choose from various study modes to match your learning style and schedule


  • Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle:

    • For Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Thai: $499.00

    • For French and Spanish: $549.00

  • Digital Downloads: Prices for “allTalk Complete All-Audio Course” or “PDF Quick Acquisition Course” in MP3 versions vary but are generally lower than the CD versions.
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Why Use Language Apps For Listening Skills?

Ever caught yourself struggling to follow a conversation in a new language? That’s where the power of listening skills kicks in. Listening is about decoding and understanding every word you hear. It’s a skill that acts as a foundation for all other language skills. When you use language apps for listening skills, and you listen effectively, you absorb words while picking up on culture, emotion, and context.

  • Unlock Language Secrets: Good listeners catch a language’s rhythm, tone, and stress. These are the bits that textbooks don’t teach you but are necessary for sounding like a native speaker.

  • Boost Your Overall Language Abilities: Improved listening skills have a ripple effect. They enhance your speaking, reading, and even writing. It’s basically a domino effect; better listening leads to a better grasp of the language as a whole.

  • Making Real Conversations Easier: With solid listening skills, you won’t just follow conversations but actively participate in them. You understand the words and the emotions and nuances behind them.

  • Diverse Accents, No Problem!: If you regularly practice listening, you get comfortable with different accents and dialects. You’re training your ears to be globally attuned.

  • Confidence Booster: There’s nothing like understanding a fast-paced dialogue in a foreign language to make you feel like you’ve got this language-learning thing down.

So, improving yourself with language apps for listening skills will take your language learning from just hitting the books to truly engaging with the language in a vibrant, real-world way. Try to make the language a part of you and not like you’re obliged to study.

Enhance Your Overall Language Skills With Ling!

As we wrap up this roundup of language apps for listening skills, let’s focus on a standout choice: the Ling app. The Ling app alone can boost your overall language skills in a fun, interactive, and easy way! With this expert-made app combined with a rich selection of 60+ languages, interactive quizzes, and native speaker audio, the Ling app is your gateway to a world of languages.

But why choose the Ling app, you ask? It’s simple. The app’s intuitive design and comprehensive learning approach make mastering new languages possible and enjoyable.

You don’t believe me? Then, download it from Google Play and the App Store and start your journey with a 7-day free trial! You’ll witness a tremendous improvement in your listening skills and overall language prowess in just one week. Get the Ling app now for fun language learning, engagement, and accurate results!

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