Top 5 Tips To Complete Probation Period Successfully


Hello guys, My name is Haseeb Arshad And I’m from Pakistan, I am working remotely as a software developer in Simya Solutions for almost 6+ months now and will be joining physically soon as well. To be honest as a programmer I really love learning new programming languages and improving programming skills as well, And to achieve this we here in Simya have code review sessions and multiple workshops organised by experts for sharing new tech with each other.


Talking about probation period, I still remember that day when I had the meeting with my boss (Simon Bacher) regarding Performance Review Following Probationary Period. I completed my probation period on 27th December 2021 and it was a really PROUD and HUGE moment for me. I was really HAPPY to hear such kind words from my Boss. And Personally such an appreciation from almost everyone in the company really boosted me up.


Some of the Top Tips that I followed during my probation period here in Simya are as follows:


  • Make A Good First Impression

    First impressions count. So, make sure that you look the part as well as you play it. Be enthusiastic by smiling, displaying positive body language, and join your meetings a little earlier. This will demonstrate that you take yourself and your job seriously. Finally, avoid self-sabotaging behaviour, such as being late or absent during your trial period – especially in the first few weeks. (If you have genuine reasons, which you can’t help, be upfront and talk to your manager about them.)

  • Measure Your Progress

    First, read through your job description and the company probation policy thoroughly. This will help you to clarify what will be expected of you during this trial period. Then, have a discussion with your manager and set yourself some SMART goals.
    These will help you to focus on the objectives that you need to meet to pass your trial and to measure your progress toward them.
    Remember to be proactive! Don’t wait for other people to tell you how you’re doing. Seek out feedback from your team members, and arrange regular one-on-ones with your manager.

  • It’s OK To Make Mistakes

    During probation, we might end up making some mistakes for the tasks assigned. At such times, you should not lose interest but keep on working hard. Another thing to remember is to accept your mistakes and try to avoid it the next time. It’s better to be honest and learn from them, than to “bury your head in the sand” and hope for the best.

  • Communication Is The Key

    Another factor in determining the quality of the probation period is the communication you establish with colleagues. You should take care that being a team-player and having interpersonal skills, interacting with everyone is one of the solutions to find the answer to what is a probation period.

  • Look After Yourself

    Being on probation can be one of the most stressful parts of a job. Not only have you got a load of new tasks to learn, you’ve also got a whole new team to impress. So it’s essential that you take care of yourself, because when you let stress overwhelm you it can significantly affect your performance.

Hope you guys liked some of the top tips that I shared, I would love to know your reviews. Thank you! 🙂


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