4 Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Want to learn some ways to improve your listening skills? You’re in luck because after reading this, not only will you be a better listener, but people will start to admire your keen listening skills!

If you’re curious as to exactly how to be better at listening, keep reading!

Here’s An Important Thing You Should Know!

Listening doesn’t only mean that you’re allowing the other person to express their own thoughts, ideas and opinions. It also means that you are comprehending what they are saying and reacting appropriately. If you do these things, the other person will feel heard and respected which will, in turn, lead to a deeper connection between you and the other person.

Listening entails that you’re fully understanding what the other person is saying, thereby allowing yourself to be immersed in the conversation. If you’re a good listener, you’ll notice that people will want to keep talking to you and, as a result, you’ll have built connections with many people.

Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills Immediately

Do you want to know what it takes to be an active listener? Here are a few ways you can improve your listening skills!

Tip #1: Pay Attention

This might seem obvious, but it is easier said than done. Paying attention to the person that you are talking to is not just limited to letting them talk, but not letting your surroundings distract you.

By giving the other person your full, undivided attention, you are not only showing interest in the person you are talking to, but you’ll notice that the conversation will get better. Paying attention can be a challenge for all of us at times, so that’s why it’s important to make it a habit to be fully engaged in whatever conversation you are in.

conversation to improve listening

Tip #2: Maintain Eye Contact

This tip goes hand in hand with paying attention. When you maintain eye contact with the person that you are talking to, you are showing that you’re really focusing on that person. By doing this, you’re also less likely to get distracted.

Maintaining eye contact while the other person is talking will also allow you to pick up on nonverbal cues, this includes gestures and overall body language. For example, the person you’re talking to might not verbally express that they are nervous, but you should be able to pick up on that if you see them fidgeting with their fingers or clothes. By fully focusing on the person speaking, you should be able to understand not only what they’re saying, but how they’re feeling.

Tip #3: Don’t Cut Them Off

Cutting someone off when they are talking isn’t just rude, but it won’t do you any favors. When you cut someone off when they’re speaking, they might lose their courage or nerve to talk, or lose their train of thought. The whole point of allowing someone to speak is to listen to them, not to immediately jump in with your own opinions.

To be a good listener, always let the other person finish speaking before you start talking.

Tip #4: Listen To Podcasts

We know this might sound strange, but it can help! Listening to podcasts can actually stimulate your mind and help improve your active listening skills.

This tip is also easy to implement into your daily routine, especially if you’re always on the go. All you have to do is find a podcast you like and play it! No matter if you’re washing the dishes, commuting to work, or doing laundry, replace your tendency to listen to music or watch a movie with a nice podcast!

language listening podcast

What Are The Benefits Of Having Good Listening Skills?

You should start to notice that being a good listener will open you up to lasting and deeper relationships. You’ll also feel yourself becoming more understanding, empathetic, and compassionate. When you know the balance between when you should speak and when you should allow someone else to speak, you’re training your mind to practice restraint.

If you practice restraint and holding back judgement, people will feel more comfortable to talk to you.

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