This Year Is Yours: The Importance Of New Year Resolutions

Over half of all resolutions fail by the end of the year, but not this year!

Greeting from Anchisa, I am working at Simyasolutions as a marketer. Working here gives me a work-life balance where I can have my own time for myself. There are so many things I want to do but Let’s admit that we all have procrastinating behavior like we want to do this or that and it ends up never happened! I experienced this before, so I was finding a way to get things done, and one of the most exciting ways is to create new year resolutions.

To start the new year is to restart yourself, be open to opportunities and good things to come. The advice from a time-management coach indicates that During times when things don’t go the way you want, making a New Year Resolution or setting goals for yourself can help increase happiness, enthusiasm, and productivity. Putting a New Year Resolution will also help your brain recognize that we are in control by setting a direction or a plan for our life. This method is called Self-determination.

Usually, at the new year’s festival, people tend to be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and have a good time to think of lots of things you want to do in the upcoming year. There are many ways of setting new year resolutions. In today’s post, I will pick some of them that work for me.

When you are making new year resolutions, it does not have to be complicated or something serious. You can make it short and straightforward “Make it about what you want to achieve today, and for the rest of this month” It can be like “I want to go shopping at 4 pm, then you need to plan what you have to do to make it there by 4 pm.”

Let Make Your Resolutions Happen


SSS = Short, Simple, And Specific

List down what you want to do and separate it to long-term and short-term sort by the easiest because If you can get to the goal in a short time, it will motivate you to go for others goals. For example, you want to quit drinking. You can start by being specific ‘3 Drinks a week is max’ for the first three months, then you can go for 2 and 1 and 0 at the end of the year. Another example is if you want to have 2,000$ at the end of the year, you can collect 30% of your salary. It sounds accessible and able to do.

Make A To-Do List

After you get the list of things you want to do, you need a to-do list to ensure you will do it and measure if you are doing it right. Then, you can put the thing you want to do somewhere on your daily to-do list to remind you that you have to do this too. For example, after you know that you have four meetings today and still have time. Why not put a thing from the new year’s resolutions list so that you can do it today? Says 1-hour learning new languages.

Measurement Your Resolutions

How do you know that your goal is success? You have to measurement it set the expected result. It’s good that you want to have a work-life balance, but how do you know that you have it? You can set the expected result like Every weekend there is no job for you or every 5 pm. You need to be at the gym, not in front of the computer. This way, you know that you have achieved the goal.

Take It Easy

Once you set the goal, You don’t have to put pressure on yourself. If you can reach the plan, that’s great, but if you can not, that’s also okay because at least you tried. And if you can’t get the goal, it can also reflect that you need improvement at some point, so that’s also a benefit for you. You can just set the plan because you want to. For example, you want to travel to another country but end up going nowhere cause Covid-19 pandemic, then it’s not your fault; it’s just can’t.

Last But Not Least!

Give it a shot, no matter how the others tell you it’s impossible or not worth it. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Every one of my New Year’s resolutions combines something serious with something absolutely insane. Trust the process; if it isn’t working today, it will work in the future. So live a life you will remember 🙂

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