5 Best Kannada Learning Apps For Beginners

5 Best Kannada Learning Apps For Beginners

Ah, Kannada! For those intrigued by this rich and melodious language, turning to the best Kannada learning apps can be a game-changer. A Dravidian language primarily spoken in the vibrant state of Karnataka, India, Kannada is a tapestry of ancient tales, folk traditions, and deeply-rooted culture. With each syllable and each word, it offers a captivating journey through time, echoing stories of bravery, romance, and wisdom. Want to learn Kannada? If yes, then read on below!

Have you ever thought about diving into the depths of an ancient language rich in culture and history? Considering the vast and diverse tapestry that India is, understanding regional languages like Kannada can open up doors to countless opportunities, both personally and professionally. The importance of language learning today isn’t just confined to conversations; it’s about building bridges and making connections. So, how do you embark on this linguistic adventure?

It’s time that you leverage language learning apps!

Think about it. Why burden yourself with age-old methods and hefty Kannada textbooks when today’s technology offers a seamless, tailored, and mobile learning experience?

Exactly! Kannada, with its lyrical flow and deep roots in Indian culture, can be at your fingertips thanks to some of the finest apps available in the market. Curious to know which ones they are? Keep reading, and embark on your Kannada journey!

AppsWhy is it the best?Pricing
iTalkiTailored one-on-one sessions with native speakers, allowing personalized feedback and lessons.Starts at $10
50 LanguagesOffers comprehensive learning across 50 languages with a focus on real-life conversations and vocabulary.One language: $2.99
Lifetime: $9.99
TandemA language exchange platform that connects you with native speakers for mutual learning and interaction.Monthly: $13.99
Annual: $79.99
Learn Kannada SmartAppSpecifically designed for Kannada, it covers essential vocabulary and cultural insights.Free
Kannada BarutheFocuses on daily-use phrases and provides quick learning modules for travelers or beginners.Free
LingGamified lessons make Kannada learning fun and interactive and also tracks progress effectively.Free (with in-app purchases)


When it comes to personalized language learning experiences, iTalki often stands out with its unique approach. Unlike conventional apps that rely on set modules and exercises, iTalki connects you directly with native Kannada speakers for one-on-one lessons. Embracing the age-old mantra that the best way to learn a language is by speaking it, iTalki ensures you experience Kannada in its most authentic form.

What sets iTalki apart for those eager to grasp Kannada? For many, it’s the sheer personalization it offers. The opportunity to choose a tutor who matches your learning style, pace, and goals is unparalleled. Instead of generic modules, each lesson on iTalki feels tailor-made. The nuances of the Kannada language, its poetic intonations, and its cultural significance are best understood when conversing with someone who’s lived it.

But iTalki isn’t just about conversations!

The platform ensures structured learning, allowing you to start from the basics of Kannada alphabets and progress to intricate prose and poetry. The immediate feedback and corrections during sessions ensure that you don’t just memorize phrases but genuinely understand the grammar, usage, and context.

And the cherry on the cake? The human connection! While learning Kannada, you also get to know your tutor, their stories, and their perspectives, making the process not just educational but truly enriching.


  • Personalized Learning Path: iTalki allows you to set your objectives, be it casual conversations or professional proficiency, and aligns lessons accordingly.
  • Diverse Tutor Pool: Choose from professional teachers to community tutors based on your needs and budget.
  • Instant Feedback: Immediate corrections and insights during sessions aid in effective learning.
  • Cultural Exchange: More than just language, sessions often turn into a cultural exchange, offering deeper insights into Karnataka’s heritage and way of life.


While the platform itself is free, the tutors set their own prices, which can range from around $10 to $50 per hour or more, based on their experience and expertise. It’s crucial to find the right balance between cost and quality. Investing in a slightly pricier tutor might be beneficial if they align perfectly with your learning goals. iTalki also offers trial lessons at reduced rates, allowing you to get a feel before committing fully.

50 languages

50 Languages

When embarking on the enthralling journey of language acquisition, the 50 Languages app often stands as a beacon for enthusiastic learners. Much like a vast library filled with volumes dedicated to different dialects, 50 Languages has carved out a special place for Kannada enthusiasts. It’s not just another app; it’s a comprehensive guide tailored for beginners and experts alike.

Why do 50 Languages garner so much admiration among Kannada learners? The app takes a holistic approach. Imagine you’re about to assemble a jigsaw puzzle of Karnataka’s linguistic landscape. 50 Languages provides you with each piece, meticulously shaped and labeled, from the alphabet and basic phrases to the intricate idioms and cultural contexts. The journey from knowing ‘Namaskara’ (Hello) to understanding the lyrics of a soulful Kannada song becomes smoother and more enjoyable.


  • Diverse Modules: The app provides 100 lessons covering everyday situations like family, shopping, or dining out in Karnataka.
  • Interactive Exercises: Multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and more keep you engaged and test your progress.
  • Pronunciation Aid: Learn the exact pronunciations with native audio clips ensuring you sound like a local.
  • Offline Mode: Want to learn on the go? The app supports offline learning, making it perfect for travelers.


50 Languages can be accessed for free, covering a plethora of basics for Kannada. For a more enriched experience, in-app purchases unlock advanced lessons, proficiency tests, and ad-free learning. The pricing might vary based on location and offers, but the value derived, especially for a language as rich as Kannada, is unmatched.

Tandem app


Diving into the universe of languages, one often searches for an experience that isn’t just instructional but also deeply interpersonal. This is where Tandem shines! Tandem is a platform that takes Kannada learning beyond the realms of traditional apps and into the heart of genuine human connections.

So, what makes Tandem a go-to for Kannada enthusiasts? The app’s philosophy revolves around the age-old idea that languages are best learned not in isolation but in communion. Tandem facilitates this by pairing you up with native Kannada speakers, offering a two-way street where you learn Kannada while your partner learns your native language. The result? A symbiotic learning environment rich in authenticity and shared experiences.

With Tandem, you’re not merely reciting Kannada phrases from a screen. You’re laughing over a funny anecdote, sympathizing with a shared challenge, or getting an insider’s perspective on the best places to visit in Bengaluru.


  • Language Exchange: Connect with native Kannada speakers eager to learn your language. Teach a bit, learn a bit, and grow a lot.
  • Tutor Option: For those wanting structured lessons, Tandem offers certified tutors to guide you through your Kannada journey.
  • Text, Voice, and Video Chats: Engage in written chats, voice calls, or even video sessions to hone your Kannada comprehension and speaking skills.
  • Topic Cards: Kickstart conversations with designed topic cards, ensuring you always have something interesting to discuss.
  • Translation Aid: Stuck with a word or phrase? Tandem’s in-built translation assists you in real time.


Tandem can be used for free, offering a majority of its features to all users. For a more premium experience, Tandem Pro, priced at approximately $13.99 per month, provides benefits like an ad-free interface, enhanced search, and priority support. Remember, while the app is about language exchange, those seeking professional guidance can also hire tutors at varied rates.

Learn Kannada SmartApp

Why is the Learn Kannada SmartApp rapidly becoming a favorite among linguistic learners? It’s the app’s simplicity combined with its efficacy. Think of it as a well-organized digital textbook, where each chapter unveils a new facet of Kannada, starting from the basic script, progressing to everyday phrases, and culminating in profound literature. Unlike some one-size-fits-all apps, Learn Kannada SmartApp feels bespoke for Kannada. It captures the essence, culture, and charm of Karnataka and packages it in an intuitive, user-friendly design.


  • Step-by-step Modules: Lessons are organized in increasing levels of difficulty, ensuring a seamless learning curve.
  • Audio Pronunciations: Native voiceovers aid learners in mastering the authentic sounds and intonations of Kannada.
  • Interactive Quizzes: After each module, quizzes test your knowledge, reinforcing your learning and highlighting areas for revision.


The basic version of Learn Kannada SmartApp is free and provides a comprehensive introduction to the language. So if you’re looking for something that is totally available for free, this is the app for you!

Kannada Baruthe

Amidst the bustling marketplace of language apps, Kannada Baruthe stands tall, uniquely carved for those drawn to the beauty of Kannada. The name itself, which translates to “Do you know Kannada?” beckons learners with a blend of curiosity and challenge. What sets Kannada Baruthe apart in the world of language apps? Its essence is rooted in genuine Kannada culture. The app doesn’t just teach you words and phrases but immerses you in the very soul of Karnataka.


  • Categorized Lessons: Dive into lessons segmented by themes like greetings, dining, travel, and more, each designed to make you conversation-ready for varied situations.
  • Authentic Audio Clips: Listen to native Kannadiga speakers, ensuring you capture the authentic tone and pronunciation of each word and phrase.
  • Easy-to-navigate Interface: The app’s user-friendly design ensures that learners of all tech proficiencies can navigate with ease.


Kannada Baruthe offers a generous free version, allowing learners to delve deep into the basics of the language. So if you want a totally free tool to help you plan your trip in Mysuru or simply want to bond with Kannadiga friends, then use this app now!

Ling app is the best app to learn Italian - learning


In the diverse realm of language learning platforms, Ling emerges as a universal favorite, offering lessons in multiple languages, including the melodious Kannada. No wonder why this app was featured many times in the App Store before! Think of it as your digital polyglot companion, always ready to introduce you to new phonetics, grammar, and cultural nuances. With Ling, learning Kannada becomes more than just an academic exercise; it’s an adventure where every lesson feels like a trip to a new corner of Karnataka.

So, what makes Ling a coveted choice for those wanting to embrace Kannada? It’s the holistic approach the app adopts. While it introduces you to the Kannada script and basic vocabulary, it equally emphasizes listening, speaking, and even writing, ensuring an all-rounded linguistic development.


  • Gamified Learning: With challenges, levels, and rewards, Ling turns the Kannada learning journey into an exciting game.
  • Diverse Exercise Types: From fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-choice questions to listening tasks and pronunciation checks, the app ensures varied touchpoints with the language.
  • Native Speaker Audio: Learn the true pronunciation and intonation of Kannada words and phrases, guided by the voices of native speakers.
  • Writing Practice: A unique feature where you can practice writing Kannada letters and words, enhancing muscle memory.
  • Cultural Insights: Beyond the language, delve into tidbits about Kannada festivals, traditions, and popular sayings, enriching your overall understanding.


Ling offers a robust free version that caters to beginners, covering foundational aspects of Kannada. For a deeper dive and access to advanced modules, there’s a premium subscription. Prices may vary based on promotions and package durations, but every cent promises a deeper, richer connection with Kannada.

What Are The Best Kannada Learning Apps For You?

The voyage of delving into a new language, especially one as rich and melodic as Kannada, is a deeply transformative experience. It’s a journey lined with moments of elation, wonder, and profound self-discovery. While digital tools and apps can lay down the path and guide your steps, it’s your own commitment and curiosity that truly ignite the magic of learning Kannada.

If you’re the kind who’s always yearning for more, eager to explore languages beyond Kannada, consider giving the Ling app a whirl. It’s not just restricted to Kannada but offers insights into over 60 languages, boasting an interactive learning style that stands toe-to-toe with many popular platforms. Eager to embark on this linguistic journey? Grab the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store now!

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