4+ Easy Ways To Introduce Yourself In Georgian

If you’ve got your eyes in Georgia, it’s best to find the most important words to memorize before traveling. But breaking language barriers starts with introducing oneself.

Did you know that Georgians are one of the most welcoming people in the world? Georgia is rich in culture, traditions, and many ways to express itself. You can introduce yourself in Georgian easily as the people are very open to tourists and sharing a slice of their life. If this interests you, there’s so much more to learn from the people themselves And why shouldn’t you introduce yourself too?

We know you’re starting your grammar lessons and want to ditch translation tools. Don’t get stuck with the traditional tools. Learn Georgian with us now! But first, let’s take that first step. 

Read on to find four easy ways to introduce yourself in Georgian.

Why Introduce Yourself To Others?

Introducing yourself is not an easy task if you’re feeling shy and introverted. However, you can’t always coop in your hotel while traveling! Going outside and meeting other people will show you a different world perspective. So many cultures and languages are waiting for you to set foot!

Besides traveling and sightseeing, you’ll meet amazing people along the way. Even if they don’t speak English, you’ll know that having a new friend is a fantastic feeling humans need, and it’s a great way even to gain confidence if you lack it.

Lastly, the power of friendship will not just help you maintain close connections. People can even help you discover more about yourself. You can even enjoy new experiences and keep a healthy mind and body. Enjoy working, eating outside, and appreciating people in your life.
Now that we’ve convinced you to get out of your comfort zone, start meeting more Georgian people by introducing yourself!

Basic Georgian Introductions

Basic Phrases To Introduce Yourself In Georgian

It’s your moment to shine! A great way to break the ice and gain a friend is through introductions. And you’ll have to exert extra effort if your native language differs from the Georgian language family.

Practice basic Georgian introductions through the following words:

Დილა მშვიდობისაdila mshvidobisaGood morning
ᲨუადღემშვიდობისshuadghemshvidobisGood afternoon
საღამო მშვიდობისაsaghamo mshvidobisaGood evening or Good night
Როგორ ხარ?rogor khar?How are you?

After saying the basic Georgian introductions, you can now go deeper into conversations by getting to know more about them. Families, your age, hobbies, and even your work are common topics to mention after getting to know each other.

Introducing Yourself To People You Just Met

So you’ve already said your hellos and basic greetings. What’s next? You’ll have to talk more about yourself. Georgian people are known to convey their emotions more. So don’t be surprised if you see sudden facial expressions, expressive hand gestures, and even straightforward comments.

You might even feel like giving a gift. Don’t worry; it’s the thought that counts. Georgians aren’t very particular with expensive items but your reason behind the gift. For business purposes, you can give a gift to your
Here are some words and phrases you should learn when introducing yourself in Georgian.

Self-Introduction: Names And Age

Start with your name first. Your acquaintances and potential friends would love to know how to call you! You can even mention your nickname and make them feel like a really close friend.

მე მქვია …me mkvia …My name is …
რა გქვია?ra gkvia?What is your name? (Informal)
რა გქვიათ?ra gkviat?What is your name? (Formal)
რამდენი წლის ხარ?ramdeni ts’lis khar?How old are you?
ოცდაათი წლის ვარotsdaati ts’lis varI am 30 years old

Mention Where You Came From

It’s inevitable that whenever you introduce yourself in Georgian, curious acquaintances will ask how you’re finding Georgia so far. Naturally, they’ll ask where you came from.

So, if you want to exchange anecdotes about your culture, here are some valuable introductions related to your country of origin:

მე ვცხოვრობ…me vtskhovrob…I live in…
საიდან ბრძანდებით?saidan brdzandebit?Where are you from? (Formal)
საიდან ხარ?saidan khar?Where are you from? (Informal)
მე ვარ ჩინეთიდანme var chinetidanI am from China
ჩამოვედი ამერიკიდანchamovedi amerik’idanI came from America
საფრანგეთში გადავედიsaprangetshi gadavediI moved to France

Talking About Your Hobbies

Learning languages can be a hobby too! Additionally, it can be a great way to have meaningful introductions with your Georgian friend. How do you say you’re interested in a specific topic? Check out some words and phrases for introducing your hobbies:

მიყვარს სპორტიmiq’vars sp’ort’iI love sports
არ მიყვარს სამზარეულოar miq’vars samzareuloI don’t like cooking
Რა არის შენი ჰობი?ra aris sheni hobi?What are your hobbies?
Ჩემი ჰობი არის..Ჩemi hobi aris..My hobby is..

Introducing Yourself To A Friend Or Partner’s Family

Introduce Yourself In Georgian Families

Traditionally, people living in Georgia have close-knit families and would like their children to meet their friends or even a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. So if you’re meeting a Georgian family, don’t forget to be courteous and establish a great connection using these phrases:

Meeting Friends And Acquaintances Families

რამდენი ხართ ოჯახში?ramdeni khart ojakhshi?How many are you in the family?
რა ქვია შენს ძმასra qvia shens dsmas?What is your brother’s name?
რა ჰქვია შენს დას?ra hkvia shens das?What is your sister’s name?
მე მყავს ძმაme mq’avs dzmaI have a brother
მყავს მშობლებიmq’avs mshoblebiI have parents
შვილები არ მყავსshvilebi ar mq’avsI don’t have children

Introducing Yourself Before Marriage

Დანიშნულები ვართdanishnulebi vartWe are engaged
მე ვარ პატარძალიme var p’at’ardzaliI am the bride
მე საქმრო ვარme sakmro varI am the groom

Greeting Coworkers And Business Partners

Working in Georgia for foreigners is common and relatively easy. After obtaining your long-term visa, it’s time to initiate your first conversation with your teammates. As part of the etiquette, you should shake hands with coworkers and business partners you’ve just met.

You’ll also need to address people you talk to as Batono ბატონი meaning Sir and Kalbatono კალბატონო or Madame/Ma’am in English. Attaching these titles before their names is important as they signify respectful tones when conversing.

Check out more Georgian phrases and words when meeting your teammates and introducing your job:

Სასიამოვნოა თქვენი გაცნობა!sasiamovnoa tkveni gatsnoba!Nice to meet you! (formal)
მე ვმუშაობ…me vmushaob..I work at..
მე ვმუშაობ სანაპიროზეme vmushaob sanap’irozeI work on a beach
ვმუშაობ რესტორანშიme vmushaob rest’oranshiI am working at a restaurant
მე მასწავლებელი ვარme masts’avlebeli varI am a teacher
მე ვმუშაობ ოფისშიme vmushaob opisshiI work in an office
ვმუშაობ სახლიდანme vmushaob sakhlidanI work from home

Georgian Words When Leaving Or Saying Goodbye

Of course, meeting someone also means you’ll have to part ways. To say goodbye in Georgian, you’ll need to use the words below:

მალე ისევ ვისაუბროთ!male isev visaubrot!Let’s talk again soon!
კეთილ მგზავრობას გისურვებთk’etil mgzavrobas gisurvebtHave a good journey

Don’t just click that X button and leave! You’ll have to get accustomed to traditions and etiquette and know the Georgian culture.

Some Tips Before Getting To Know Georgian People

Introduce Yourself To Georgian People

Etiquette is ideal for any culture or country. No matter who you talk to, it’s the first impression that lasts for many people. You don’t want to be stepping on the wrong foot, especially if you’re very interested in getting to know your Georgian acquaintance.

Ready to learn more about the Georgian people and their culture? Here are some tips from us!

Georgians Are Very Hospitable And Friendly

It doesn’t hurt if you speak English. Many Georgians are very welcoming of tourists and are eager even to teach frequently used words. Maybe you can even find a language partner to teach you how to correctly write the Georgian alphabet!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how to speak the Georgian language correctly. You’ll notice verb rules and grammar patterns whenever you practice speaking with your Georgian language partner daily.

Avoid Being Invasive With Your Questions

Meeting someone new can be exciting, and we all know how much you would love to become closer to them! But, there are also boundaries that you have to respect. Even though Georgians are very welcoming and open, many questions may seem too personal.

It would be weird to ask someone about their plans to have kids or ask them where they live. If you don’t have a very close relationship with the person, or you just met them for the first time, you’ll waste your time introducing yourself in Georgian.

In the same way, we suggest you get to know their interests and hobbies and take time to get used to their personality. Some people prefer to have long-lasting friendships and relationships by slowing things down. You may even have to listen to them whenever they feel bad about their day and not even focus on introducing yourself first. After all, valuing your friendship is not just about the ups but also the downs.

Georgians Have Traditional Family And Gender Roles

It’s important to show respect in many places in Georgia as most of their communities are thriving with older people with traditional views. Their families are tight-knit, and the elderly in families have a huge say about decisions. Georgia has a patriarchal and Christian view of society, particularly sex and marriage. In that regard, you may find differences in how the elderly, parents, and children think about Georgia and the rest of the world.

On the other hand, many younger generations today are more open to modern perspectives about life, societal roles, and searching for common grounds.

Regardless of your similarities and differences, it’s best to communicate clearly when learning more about their people. Learning how to build harmonious relationships with young and older people will give you that huge thumbs up from the Georgian community!

Eager To Learn More Georgian Words? Start With The Ling App!

Use Ling App To Introduce Yourself In Georgian

Interested to learn more about the Georgian language? The next best thing is to learn more basic Georgian phrases or even try to cook a Georgian meal and impress your friends!

Learning to speak Georgian is easy, right? After getting to know your friends, their families, or business partners, it’s time to start talking like a native! 

But, you don’t have to be fluent immediately and can still speak English! Many people feel discouraged knowing a new language since they think it’s hard to grasp pronunciation and grammar rules.

But what’s a better solution than sulking around and relying on translation services? With over 200 grammar lessons with Ling, you’ll enjoy answers about which suffixes to put. You may even learn how to memorize vocabulary words using context clues! You can even use the AI chatbot to practice your speaking skills and pronunciation. The best news is that Ling is free to download! 

So head over to Google Play Store or App Store and download Ling now!

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