7 Best Apps To Learn Ukrainian Fast In 2023

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Ukrainian is one of the most widely spoken Slavic languages in the world. Recently, it gained popularity, and more and more people want to learn Ukrainian. This is due to the unfortunate events in Ukraine, and they want to show their support and sympathy for all Ukrainian people coming to their country.

In fact, here at Ling, we had a special campaign to help our Ukrainian users! We’ve provided free unlimited access to the Ling app for Ukrainian users.

So, if you want to learn Ukrainian for humanitarian reasons or any other reason, the fastest shortcut to learning Ukrainian is possible via apps to learn Ukrainian, such as the Ling app. In this article, we listed and reviewed seven language learning apps that offer a Ukrainian course.

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Apps to Learn Ukrainian
Best For
Ling logo


  • Quick, interactive lessons
  • Comprehensive skill coverage
  • AI chatbot for conversation
Free App
apps to learn Ukrainian - A photo of Duolingo logo


  • Game-like lessons
  • Math and music lessons included
  • Comprehensive skill coverage
Innovative App
apps to learn Ukrainian - A photo of Mondly logo


  • Engaging lessons
  • Mondly VR option
  • Speech recognition

Why Learn Ukrainian?

  • Global Awareness: Ukraine has been a focal point of global politics in recent years. Understanding the language and culture can provide a more nuanced perspective on international events and conflicts.

  • Humanitarian Efforts: In times of crisis, such as the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, knowing Ukrainian can be a valuable asset if you want to get involved in humanitarian efforts or support organizations working in the region.

  • International Relations: As Ukraine interacts with various international organizations and neighboring countries, having a knowledge of the Ukrainian language can be beneficial for diplomats, journalists, and professionals working in international relations.

  • Personal Connection: If you have Ukrainian heritage or family ties to Ukraine, learning the language can help you connect with your roots and communicate with relatives who may not speak English fluently.

  • Cultural Enrichment: Ukrainian culture has a rich history of literature, music, dance, and art. Learning the language can provide deeper insights into these cultural aspects, allowing you to appreciate them more fully.

  • Travel and Tourism: Ukraine is beautiful, with diverse landscapes, historic cities, and a vibrant cultural scene. Knowing Ukrainian can enhance your travel experiences by enabling you to communicate with locals and navigate the country more easily.

Apps To Learn Ukrainian

Now that you know the benefits of learning Ukrainian, why not use apps to learn Ukrainian? These language learning applications can conveniently and effectively help you learn the basics. But note that some apps for learning Ukrainian, like the Ling app, can even help you go beyond the basics and become an expert in this language.

At a glance:
Our Top 7 Picks for Apps to Learn Ukrainian

1. Ling – Best Comprehensive App To Learn Ukrainian For Beginners

If you want to start learning Ukrainian from scratch and then reach the advanced level, the Ling app is the best app for language learners at all levels to learn Ukrainian!

Ling’s learning method is based on linguistic research. The app is designed to make you fluent as quickly as possible by using the Ling app for only 10 minutes a day. A typical Ukrainian lesson of the Ling app goes like this: First, you learn new Ukrainian vocabulary, about 5-6 new words and phrases. The vocabulary learning part includes interactive exercises such as matching the photo with the word, sorting the sentence, and matching the cards.

Next, you practice your listening skills. The listening part includes exercises like listening, choosing the correct sentence, and pronouncing the sentence. Then, you listen to a dialogue between two native speakers and fill in the blanks correctly.

At the end of each Ukrainian lesson, there is a review part where you revise everything you learned in that lesson. No, it’s not finished yet. As a bonus, you can practice your conversational skills by talking to an AI chatbot!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Ling App Overview

The Ling app offers a structured pathway from beginner to advanced Ukrainian. It blends vocabulary acquisition with interactive AI chatbot sessions for daily practice.

Best Features

  • Quick and interactive Ukrainian lessons.

  • Covers all language skills.

  • Teaches all levels, starting from beginner.

  • AI Chatbot to practice conversation skills.


  • Free with beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Duolingo – Best Free App To Learn Ukrainian

Duolingo is a free language learning app like the Ling app. Though the free version includes interrupting ads and some minor restrictions compared to the premium version, it is a good alternative for those looking for a completely free resource.

Duolingo and the Ling app follow a gamified teaching approach. Competing with other learners to get the top three spots is really motivating. It has short lessons teaching basic words and focusing mostly on word-by-word translation and drill exercises. There are no grammar explanations, but grammar tips are given here and there inside the lessons. Keep in mind that Duolingo is not enough to become proficient in a foreign language.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Duolingo Overview

Duolingo provides an accessible and entertaining approach to the Ukrainian language. It features bite-sized lessons that incorporate gamified learning elements, including word puzzles and musical exercises.

Best Features

  • Game-like lessons.

  • Includes Math and Music lessons.

  • Touching upon all language skills: writing, reading, listening, and speaking.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $6.99

  • Yearly premium: $83.99

  • Family plan: $119.99

3. Mondly – Best Innovative App To Learn Ukrainian

Mondly Ukrainian is an engaging language-learning app that offers a fresh approach to mastering Ukrainian. Mondly stands out for its interactive and immersive teaching style. The app incorporates elements of gamification, encouraging users to compete with other learners and stay motivated on their language learning journey.

The lessons in Mondly Ukrainian are designed for convenience and effectiveness. They are short and focused on essential vocabulary and practical phrases, making it easy for learners to fit in quick study sessions throughout the day.

One of the standout features of Mondly is its advanced speech recognition technology. This feature enables learners to practice pronunciation and speaking skills, helping them achieve a more authentic Ukrainian accent.

Mondly ensures a comprehensive language learning experience by covering all language skills, including writing, reading, listening, and speaking. While it may not offer extensive grammar explanations like the Ling app, Mondly provides helpful grammar tips within the lessons to aid in comprehension.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Mondly Overview

Mondly stands out with its integration of advanced speech recognition technology, facilitating immersive learning experiences that focus on practical phrases and authentic pronunciation.

Best Features

  • Engaging and immersive lessons.

  • Mondly VR is available as a side app.

  • Advanced speech recognition technology for pronunciation practice.

  • Comprehensive coverage of language skills.


  • Free with basic daily lessons.

  • Monthly premium (one language): $9.99

  • Yearly premium (one language): $47.99

  • Lifetime (all languages): $89.99

4. LingQ – Best App To Learn Ukrainian Through Authentic Content

LingQ Ukrainian is an immersive language learning platform that offers a unique approach to mastering the Ukrainian language. LingQ stands out for its focus on authentic content. The platform provides access to a vast library of real-world materials, including articles, podcasts, and videos in Ukrainian. This approach allows learners to engage with the language as it’s used in everyday life.

One of the key features of LingQ is its extensive vocabulary-building system. Learners can import content they’re interested in, and LingQ will turn unfamiliar words and phrases into interactive flashcards. This method helps users expand their Ukrainian vocabulary in a contextual and meaningful way.

LingQ offers a flexible and personalized learning experience. Users can choose content that interests them, making the learning process enjoyable and relevant. There’s also a community aspect, where learners can connect with native speakers and other learners for language exchange.

While LingQ doesn’t follow a traditional lesson structure, it provides a wealth of authentic materials for learners to explore. Learners can read and listen to content, track their progress, and review words and phrases they’ve encountered.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

LingQ Overview

LingQ immerses learners in the Ukrainian language using authentic materials like articles and podcasts. Its unique flashcard system reinforces vocabulary learning in a contextual manner.

Best Features

  • A vast library of authentic content.

  • Vocabulary building system with interactive flashcards.

  • Personalized and flexible learning experience.

  • A community for language exchange.


  • Free with basic and limited lessons.

  • Monthly premium: $12.99

  • 6 months premium: $71.94

  • Yearly premium: $107.88

  • 2 years premium: $191.76

5. Clozemaster – Best App To Learn Ukrainian Vocabulary In Context

Clozemaster Ukrainian is a fantastic resource for learners who want to build their Ukrainian vocabulary in context. It is designed to help learners master vocabulary through sentence-based learning. It offers a vast collection of sentences in Ukrainian, each with an English translation. This approach allows learners to understand words and phrases within the context of real sentences.

One of the standout features of Clozemaster is its extensive collection of sentences from various sources, providing learners with exposure to diverse language usage. Users can choose sentences based on their interests or proficiency level, tailoring the learning experience to individual needs.

Clozemaster offers a gamified learning experience. Users can earn points and compete on leaderboards, which adds an element of fun and motivation to the learning process. The platform also offers spaced repetition, helping learners retain and reinforce their vocabulary over time.

While Clozemaster primarily focuses on vocabulary, it indirectly improves other language skills, such as reading and comprehension. It’s an excellent companion to other language-learning resources that may lack extensive vocabulary-building exercises.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Clozemaster Overview

Clozemaster focuses on contextual vocabulary enhancement, presenting a vast array of Ukrainian sentences for a gamified and comprehensive language learning experience.

Best Features

  • Extensive collection of sentences from various sources.

  • Customizable learning experience.

  • Gamified learning with points and leaderboards.

  • Spaced repetition for vocabulary retention.


  • Free with limited content.

  • Monthly premium: $8.00

  • Yearly premium: $60.00

  • Lifetime subscription: $140.00

6. Mango Languages – Best App To Learn Ukrainian With Cultural Insights

Mango Languages stands out for its structured and engaging lessons. It offers a systematic curriculum that covers all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This comprehensive approach ensures that learners can develop a well-rounded command of the Ukrainian language.

The platform provides a user-friendly and interactive learning experience. Mango Languages employs a variety of multimedia resources, including audio, visual, and text-based materials, to cater to different learning styles. This diversity keeps learners engaged and motivated throughout their language journey.

One of the standout features of Mango Languages is its cultural insights. Learners not only acquire language skills but also gain valuable cultural knowledge, which is essential for effective communication and understanding in real-world situations.

Mango Languages offers practical lessons that focus on everyday conversations. This practicality makes the Ling app an excellent choice for learners who want to use Ukrainian in real-life scenarios, whether for travel, work, or personal enrichment.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Mango Languages Overview

Mango Languages integrates cultural nuances into its Ukrainian curriculum. It offers practical conversation lessons that reflect real-world scenarios and cultural contexts.

Best Features

  • Comprehensive and structured lessons.

  • Ukrainian grammar explanations are integrated.

  • Cultural insights for effective communication.

  • Practical focus on real-life conversations.


  • Free for the first lesson only.

  • Premium for single language: $79.99/year ($7.99/month)

  • Premium for all languages: $179.99/year ($17.99/month)

  • Enterprise plan: Contact Sales

7. iTalki – Best App To Find A Ukrainian Tutor

iTalki offers a unique and personalized approach to learning Ukrainian. You can learn Ukrainian through paid lessons with native speakers and qualified teachers, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a personalized language learning experience.

iTalki stands out for its vast community of language instructors whose native language is Ukrainian. Learners can choose from a wide range of native speakers and professional teachers, allowing them to find the perfect match for their learning goals. This personalized approach ensures that learners receive tailored instruction and support.

The platform provides flexibility in learning. You can schedule one-on-one lessons at your convenience, making it suitable for busy schedules. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, iTalki offers Ukrainian lessons tailored to your proficiency level.

iTalki also promotes real-world language practice through conversational lessons. Engaging in conversations with native speakers helps learners develop their speaking and listening skills in an authentic context. This immersive experience is invaluable for language acquisition.

While iTalki primarily focuses on speaking and listening, learners can find teachers who offer lessons covering reading and writing as well. This flexibility allows learners to design a well-rounded language learning journey.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

iTalki Overview

iTalki provides a customizable learning experience by connecting learners with native Ukrainian speakers, offering personalized one-on-one sessions that cater to individual learning styles and goals.

Best Features

  • A vast community of native Ukrainian speakers and teachers.

  • Personalized one-on-one lessons.

  • Flexible scheduling to fit your availability.

  • Conversational lessons for real-world practice.


  • Community tutors: $4 – $30/hour

  • Professional teachers: $10 – $80/hour

  • Lesson packages: Varies
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Where To Begin As A Beginner In Ukrainian?

So, we have looked into seven Ukrainian learning apps in this article. I hope you found the most suitable language-learning app for you!

If you’re a total beginner, start learning with the best comprehensive Ukrainian language learning app for all levels: the Ling app!

Download the Ling app now from the Play Store and the App Store to connect through Ukrainian!

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