70 Cool Nepali Slang Words To Speak Like a Pro

Nepali Slang Words

The Nepali language contains a rich collection of Nepali slang words and phrases. It can be heard when examining the everyday language of ordinary Nepalese.

For those who do not know what “slang” is, it is a kind of term that has arisen from different groups of people usually formed during a conversation. Yet, they have different meanings on their own, but over time, meanings vary and become slang.

Nepali slang words are enjoyable to use, but it is challenging to use and understand in some ways. I hope in this blog to collect many of these vocabularies with a brief explanation.

9 Most Used Nepali Slang Words And Phrases

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1. Gidi

It is used mostly by teenagers, and it means to irritate someone. For e.g.  Gidi nagarana tme and so on.

2. Hait!!

Hait is one of the popular Nepali slang words to express the extremity of any situation. E.g., Hait! Kina risako esto or Hait! Kasto Garmi?

3. Mama Ghar

“Mama Ghar” usually means maternal uncle’s house but is more common as slang for “police station.”

4. Baal Ho/ Baal Vayena

This word is probably one of the favorite Nepali slang words by everyone, and it has been widely used across the country. This expresses the speaker’s indifference but in an aggressive manner. Example: Ta jey sukai gar, malai baal xaina!

5. Kaathe

The word is slang used to refer to people belonging to villages and rural sides. It also gives the same meaning as “Pakhe.” Example: kaathe rahexa or Kasto pakhe!

6. Patyaune

The technical definition of ‘Patyaune’ is foldable, but Nepalese teens use it as slang to impress a boy/girl or get a boyfriend/girlfriend. E.g., Sathi taile kt kaile patyaune ho?

7. Waalchyaal

The ‘Waalchyaal’ is mostly a slang word from Newari, meaning “excess quantity,” and usually defines a huge party or a happy scenario. For e.g., Aja ta party ma waalchyaal ramailo vo!

8. Lyang-Lyang

Mostly used by the young generation, this slang word describes an unpleasant or annoying situation. For e.g., Dherai lyang lyang nagar ta!

9. Taato-Na-Chharo

The phrase refers to rubbish or nonsense and expresses strong disbelief in a person. For e.g., Taato-na-chharo nachaine kura garxa!

Other Common Nepali Slang Words To Sound Like A Native

Nepali Slang WordsDevanagari FontSlangs In EnglishExplanation Of Nepali Slang Words
Annmaraunuअनमराउनुto give.To show irritation ‘teslai yo book annmaraide’
Baal/baal vayenaबाल बाल भएनintent.To confirm frustration mero bau lai baal chhaina
Baato laagबाटो लागgo awayAlso used in ‘baato tataunu’ in some good way e.g ‘ok guys, ‘saala bato laag!’ or maile bato tataye’.
Bindaasबिन्दासgood moode.g., paat khub bindas chaas ta’
Char so bisचारसोबिस420a fraud or crook: ‘tyo salaa 420 raichha’.
Chiknaचिक्नाsmooth/good lookinggood-looking object or person: e.g., chiknaa raiche tero girl friend’. Or ‘chiknaa phone bokna thalis ta yaar’. ‘
Dhakkanढक्कनcoverover/moronic idiot person: e.g., ‘kasto dhakkan raichha.’
Dharoदरोstrongin huge quantity: e.g., ‘dharo doze diyo yo stick le ta’
Dhywaढयावाmoney (nepal vasa)money: e.g., ‘salla joint ko lagi hijo dhywa vayena ni, aja ta bau ko jhyap hanera layko yaar.’
Doseडोजdozelimit: For e.g., ‘daro doze diyo’
GaffaduगफाडुloquaciousE.g., ‘gafadu mula.’
Galat-faimiiगलत फेमीmisunderstandingE.g., ‘stop arguing boy, yo timro galat-faimii ho’.
Gangaajalगगांजलalcohole.g., ‘hey friends drink fucking gangaajal’.
GhadhaaगधाdonkeyTo indicate someone like stupid or ‘moron,’ e.g., ‘yo gaadhaa ko dimag chhaina’
Ghantaaघन्टाclock/timerLiterals mean a bell, but in slang, it is used rudely or disgustingly. For e.g., ‘ghantaa garis taile’. – ‘tero exam cha ta ma ghantaa garu’.
Gillaa-गिल्लाsilly laughsilly laugh– e.g., ‘tyo mula le mero gilla garyou.’   
Jhaarpaatझारपातwaste or NonsenseIt is used as just one word. When u disagree at some point, then u can say it ‘jhaarpaat!’ like ‘heck.’
Jhakaasझक्कासstunning/beautifulexcellent/superb – E.g., ‘jhakaas keti raichhe.’
Jhilkeझिल्केfunkye.g., ‘oe funky.’ ‘Hello jhilke, watcha gonna do!’
Jholझोल fluidbut in Nepalese slang, it is widely used to indicate local alcohol. E.g., ‘pheri jhol piyera aayo.’
RaagरागsongIt is used for stopping people from talking. Do not express ur raag here. E.g la al vayo tero raag nasuna.
Sadakchhapसडकछापwho have no parentsE.g sadkchhap tero kura malai biswas lagena yar.
Salaaसालाhecke.g., Saala tero aakha chhaian here ra chala tero gadi.

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