13 Interesting Gen Z Slang Thai Words To Discover Today

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Language is constantly changing for generations, and the Thai language is no exception to that. If you want to surprise natives with your knowledge related to Gen Z slang Thai words, then keep on reading! Here you’ll find several slang words that can make your journey even more exciting.

Thai slang is a popular form of informal speech used among young people, particularly in urban areas. It adds flavor and expressiveness to conversations and reflects the dynamic nature of Thai culture. Slang terms often evolve quickly and are influenced by various factors, including pop culture, social media, and regional influences.

It can be a mix of borrowed words from other languages, abbreviations, modified pronunciations, or entirely new words and phrases. It’s important to note that slang usage varies among different age groups, regions, and social circles. So, are you prepared to encounter the Gen Z Slang Thai words that can improve your vocabulary?

Interesting Gen Z Slang Thai Words

Unlocking this part of Thai vocabulary will surely impress Thai natives. These slang words also help you make better connections with locals, but always note that these words are context-dependent. It’s best to use it with your friends or people who are close to you to prevent misunderstandings!

1. หล่อล้ำ (Lǎw Lám)

This phrase is used to describe someone who is extremely attractive or good-looking. It’s a positive way to show one’s appreciation for someone’s beauty. So, don’t be scared to hand out compliments to your peers. They’d love to hear them too!

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2. 555 (Hahaha)

As a non-native speaker, you may first find these numbers odd. Like, why would a person use 5’s to communicate with someone? You don’t use this Gen Z slang when verbally speaking with someone, it’s commonly used in text messages. Since the number five sounds like “ha” in Thai pronunciation, using the number consecutively conveys that something’s funny to Thai people.

3. เท่ห์ (Thê)

Do you want to express a positive compliment? เท่ห์ is a Thai slang word used to describe someone who is cool, stylish, or fashionable. It’s typically used by a younger age group, but no matter what your age is, learning a few new words is a fun way to build a relationship with Gen Zs.

4. ไอ้เหี้ย (Ai Hǐa)

This slang word translates to “Asshole” in English. It’s not an appealing insult to hear and is considered a strong curse word in Thai. It’s also likely heard from different friend groups who discuss their frustrations or irritation.

5. จุ้บ (Júb)

There are several ways to show your love towards somebody, but in Thai slang vocabulary, you can use จุ้บ which means “kiss.” Since most conversations these days are done online, the usage of Thai slang words like this becomes more prominent to younger individuals.

6. เหี้ยมาก (Hǐa Mâak)

The world isn’t filled with rainbows and unicorns, it can be frustrating sometimes too. In Thailand, you may express these stressful feelings by saying เหี้ยมาก (hǐa mâak). It is a more intense version of “เหี้ย” (hǐa), which directly translates to the English word “Damn.”

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7. ชิลๆ (Chíl Chíl)

If you’re in search of an adjective that translates to “Chill” in English, then this Thai slang word is your best pick. It describes something relaxed, easy-going, and lowkey. Do you find it fitting to the sentence you have in mind?

8. กิ๊ก (Gig)

There are different types of relationships, some can be intimate, while others can simply be a person’s casual lover. A good example of this is the English term that refers to friends with benefits. It’s the closest thing to a กิ๊ก (Gig).

9. เจ้าชู้ (Jaow Chew)

There are certain Thai words that can be used as a joke or an insult. And one of those many slang words includes เจ้าชู้ (Jaow Chew). It translates to the English word “Playboy.” Depending on the sentence’s context, it may come off as a harmless gag or an insult that can put you in trouble.

10. ภาษาดอกไม้ (Pa-Sa Dok Mai)

Have you ever heard someone say poetic words in Thai? In their mother tongue, this flower language translates to ภาษาดอกไม้ (Pasa-dok mai), which can truly capture one’s interest. It’s also a great way to express your affection for someone in a creative and tender way.

11. เด็กแนว (Dek Naew)

Are you someone who always gets the most recent phone model and has a great fashion sense that fits the trends? Well, you’re aเด็กแนว (Dek Naew). This Thai word refers to the younger generations who make themselves look cool by getting these new things that can astonish people of different ages.

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12. จ๋อย (Joy)

The most interesting thing about Gen Z slang Thai words is how similar and different they can be from the English language. Unlike in English, จ๋อย (Joy) refers to “Sad” in Thai slang. It’s a word that refers to the emotion of feeling unhappy or gloomy.

13. ตังค์ (Tang)

Want to say “Money” in slang? Well, if you want to spice up your vocabulary a bit, you can try using the term Tang when speaking about money in Thailand. Although most people actually stick with the Thai Baht instead of this one, it won’t hurt to give it a shot. It was derived from Satang, a unit of currency in the country. Fun fact, 1 Baht equates to 100 Satang!

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