5+ Easy Ways To Say I Love You In Greek!

I Love You In Greek

Planning to show your Greek friends or partner some love? We have the best guide on how to say I love you in Greek to make it easier for you! With a guide, we will also walk you through the types of love according to Greece’s culture so you also know which type of love your relationship might fall into!

Though the Greek language can be a challenge to learn, it is definitely one of the best languages that you can start with if you plan on learning something interesting and fun! Regardless if you just learned one Greek word or two, this guide will definitely help you. Buckle up and get yourself ready because this guide will surely make learning the Greek language an easy and an enjoyable experience for you!

I love you in Greek Do Greeks Like Affection

Do Greeks Like Affection?

Whether it is to show romantic love or brotherly love, Greeks are not afraid of any display of affection! Whether it is just a simple hug or a long kiss, it is a very common scenario that you will see if you ever find yourself in the majestic country of Greece! Because it is in their culture to be very passionate lovers and friends, they are more than comfortable with displaying affection.

Unlike other cultures like the Philippines, in which too much display of affection is sometimes frowned upon, especially with older people, it surely is different the second you step foot in Greece! That said, if you ever find yourself having a relationship with someone from Greece, best believe that they will shower you will all types of affection possible!

Here Are The Best Ways You Can Say I Love You In Greek!

Ready to have your daily dose of how you can say you love them in Greek? We have the best guide for you! With this list, you will surely have a general sense of how the language is spoken and used among the locals. You can also build your Greek vocabulary while you’re at it too! Are you ready to learn a new language? Because we are here to help you!

Always in my heartΠάντα στην καρδιά μου (Pánta stin kardiá mou)
I am in love with youείμαι ερωτευμένος μαζί σου (Eímai erotevménos mazí sou)
I am head over heels for youΕίμαι με τα μούτρα για σένα (Eímai me ta moútra gia séna)
I love youΣε αγαπώ (Se agapó)
I love you to the moon and backΣε αγαπώ μέχρι το φεγγάρι και πίσω (Se agapó méchri to fengári kai píso)
I love you with all my heartσε αγαπώ με όλη μου την καρδιά (Se agapó me óli mou tin kardiá)
Wholeheartedly and unconditionally, I love you!Ολόψυχα και άνευ όρων, σε αγαπώ! (Olópsycha kai ánef óron, se agapó!)
You are my other halfΕίσαι το άλλο μου μισό (Eísai to állo mou misó)
You are the love of my lifeΕισαι η αγαπη της ζωης μου (Eisai i agapi tis zois mou)
You have my heartΕχετε την καρδιά μου (Echete tin kardiá mou)
I love you in Greek Types Of Love Greece Culture

The Types Of Love According To Greece’s Culture!

Now that you already know the various Greek phrases and words that you can say to express love in different situations, we also have the various types of love in their culture! By knowing these, you will certainly be able to describe the relationship between two people or more aside from your own.

What makes knowing these very fun and interesting is that it only goes to show that there are different ways and types of love one can experience – not just the love from your partner! While most people limit love to being romantic, it surely is different as soon as you dive into the amazing culture of Greece!


Known as romantic love or passionate love, Eros (Έρως) is the best word to describe your romantic partner! It is also used to talk about the physical intimacy that you share with someone that is special. And so, if you have someone that you are romantically and passionately in love with, this is the best type of word to describe such love!


Philia (Φιλία) is the best word to describe close friendship and brotherly love. If you have someone that you see as a sibling with how close you are and how you love them dearly, this love is the best word to describe such a relationship. That said, if you have one or two friends that you treasure the most, you might just be feeling a love like Philia (Φιλία) towards them!


Known as unconditional love and the highest form of love according to the new testament in the Bible, this type of love is not selfish and self-righteous, but rather, it is the type of love that accepts you fully and for who you are. Agape (Με ανοικτό στόμα), according to Greece’s culture, is the kind of love that puts others before yourself!


The last type of love is Storge. This is the type of love that best describes the love parents have for their children. Known as family love or instinctive love, this is the type of love you feel for your members of the family as well. How cool is that, right?

Now that you already know the various ways you can say ‘I love you’ towards your love interest or even friends, as well as the types of love in Greek, you might as well learn more common phrases in Greek with the Ling app – we promise you, it’s easy as one, two, and three!

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