25+ Tamil Slang Words: Cool & Trending Now!

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Learning Tamil slang words is excellent because it gives you a deeper understanding of the culture and society of Tamil speakers. It also helps you communicate more effectively in informal settings like social gatherings or on social media. Plus, it’s a fun and engaging way to improve your language skills. Slang is often creative and playful, adding personality to language use. So why not add some personality to your Tamil by learning what we’ll cover below?

In Tamil, slang word is translated as வழக்கு மொழி வார்த்தை or Vaḻakku moḻi vārttai. Slang words are used casually and not by those who speak old Tamil. Slang is also translated as கொச்சைப் பேச்சு kuchai piyeche, literally meaning dirty talk! This is because slang words are mostly used in a derogatory sense. Curious to learn more? Keep reading below!


Most Popular Tamil Slangs From Movies

Tamil Slang Words_ling app_learn tamil_Man Speaking Slang
Tamil Slang Words – Man Speaking Slang

Many superstars, including Tamil actor Sathyaraaj, highlighted numerous Tamil slang words. All thanks to Tamil film music, you can find that Tamil Tollywood songs are also an excellent way to get a hold of trending slang. To help you get started, here are some movie-inspired Tamil slang words.

Tamil SlangPronunciationMeaning/Context
பெரிய ஆண்டு Periya AnduBig deal.
கெட்ட காரணம் Ketta KaaranamA matter of convenience.
தின்னவரா ThinnavaraA person who doesn’t care about anything.
அத்தியான் AthiyaanAn ignorantly brave person.
அப்பு வெறி Appu Veri Very very happy.


List Of Tamil Slangs

Tamil Slang Words_ling app_learn tamil_Using Slang With Peer
Tamil Slang Words – Using Slang With Peer

Let’s look at some examples in related phrases, taking note of the meaning behind the words and phrases:

Tamil SlangPronunciationMeaning/Context
கஸ்மாலம் KasmalamOriginated from the Sanskrit word kasmaalam means dirty or filthy
மொக்க போடாத Mokka podathaSomeone who cracks bad jokes
ஆடை AataiSteal something
சுமார் AumaarThe average or not an interesting thing
கேது GethuStrength/super or fantastic
செம்ம SemmaGreat/Awesome
பீட்டர் Peter languageSomeone who speaks in English a lot often to show off with maybe a fake western accent
பங்கு BonguCheat/ someone who cheats
பிஸ்தா PisthaSomeone who is a big deal, e.g., a young girl who people may think is a big deal
கடலை போன்றது Kadalai podrathuFlirting with someone
அபேஸ் அகன்றது Abes agaradhu Escape from a complicated situation
ஷப்பா ShabbaIf you cannot listen to someone boring
கள்ளக்கறது Kallakaradhu To be very good at something
டபாய்க்கறது Dabaikarathu Trying to make false stories
புளிப்பு BulpuTo become a fool
கில்லாடி KilladiSomeone brilliant
ஜூஜூபே JujubeDumb or useless person
கோயிலோ/கொய்யா Goyola/GoyyaDumb or stupid
சப்ப Sappa Not interesting
வெட்டி ஒபிபிசெர் Vetti officer Useless/someone having nothing to do
சிவந்தன Chuvanthaana?Are you fine? This is a polite way of asking, especially to elders.
அப்பாடி AppaadiThank Goodness
பிரீ எ விடு Free a viduFree a vidu means Let it go. The English word confuses people because it may feel like it’s not purely Tamil. But Tamil slang words do also come as a combination. You can find some mixed with Hindi too.
பிகரு Figaru Attractive woman or attractive person
ஆத்தாடி Aathaadi Oh my lady
தூது Dhudhu Money


When To Use Tamil Slang Words?

Tamil slang words are best used in informal settings, where it’s appropriate to speak in a more relaxed and casual manner. For example, you might use some simple slang when chatting with friends or family or engaging in online conversations on social media platforms. It’s important to note that Tamil slang words should be used cautiously in more formal settings, such as in the workplace or academic settings. In these contexts, it’s generally better to stick to standard Tamil words to ensure clear and professional communication.

Another great time to use Tamil slang words is when trying to connect with Tamil speakers on a deeper level. Slang is often deeply rooted in the locals’ culture, beliefs, and hobbies and can provide valuable insights into how people think, feel, and interact. Using some of what we covered above, you forge closer relationships with Tamil speakers by showing that you appreciate their language and culture. So, whether you’re trying to have a more relaxed conversation or build stronger relationships with Tamil speakers, Tamil slang words can be a great tool in your language arsenal.

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