10+ Unique And Amazing Georgian Names For Your Baby

Georgian Names

Having a great name given by your parents, relatives, or ancestors means a lot. Others say that our names dictate the destiny of our lives, while others say that it bears powers. On the other hand, our ancestors used traditional names because they have reverence for the person who had that name, so they want to give it if someone is to be born in their race. Let’s find out more about Georgian names and how you can learn more about Georgians with the Ling app.

History Of Some Of The Unique Georgian Names

Different traditional naming choices, for instance, the baby names may have their origin that is related to religion (Orthodox Christianity), culture, famous place (a mountainous region of Georgia), Georgian history (from Georgian king and queen, first female ruler, or male ruler, or Georgian royalty), famous Georgian names (Patron Saint or Georgian Poet) or from another country (Eastern Europe, Persian Mythology, Greek names or Greek Mythology, or Hebrew name). Nonetheless, in this modern-day, other Georgian names were influenced by their family name and may have similar names from the modern world, like the celebrities from the country.

The following popular Georgian names that you will encounter will elaborate on the historical and cultural as well the religious legacy of the country Georgia.

Unique Georgian Names

As you read this blog, you may realize how Georgian names were given and passed from generation to generation. Also, you will be noticed how Georgian gave importance to Georgian Kings, Georgian form, the Georgian version of words, and names that are highly honored and preserved until now.

Below are some of the popular names and unique names in Georgia that are commonly used around the country, together with their origin, roots, and meaning:

Georgian Names For Girls

Popular Georgian Names For Girls

  • NINO – You all heard it right. This Georgian name is commonly used and given to a boy, especially in some Western countries. But in Georgia, ‘Nino’ is a girl’s name. Its roots are derived from the famous patron saint in Georgia named, Saint Nino. She was one of the most important Saints in Georgia and was behind the Christianity of the country during the middle ages. It is rooted in the Georgian tradition. This may also come from the famous Georgian singer named Nino Machaidze.
  • TAMAR – This Georgian name is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Tamar,’ which means ‘palm tree.’ Other meanings of this Georgian name are derived from the Old Testament and the historical role of King Tamar, the first female ruler of the country.
  • MARIAM – We all know that Georgia’s religion is Orthodox Christianity, and they believe in the Bible. In short, this is one of the reasons why some of the common Georgian names originated from the Bible. One of these is the name ‘Mariam,’ derived from the said name Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. It is also derived from the Hebrew word ‘Miryam,’ meaning ‘beloved.’ In Arabic origin, it refers to a ‘flower.’ This may also come from the given name of the Georgian singer, also known as Katie Melua.
  • ELENE – This name is a Georgian form and derived from the Greek name ‘Helene,’ which has its root word ‘Ele,’ with its meaning ‘bright’ and ‘light.’ This name also has its origin in the famous ‘Helen of Troy’ and is related to the ‘Saint Elene of Constantinople,’ a famous Saint in the Georgian Orthodox Church.
  • ANA – Just as Georgian Orthodox Christianity has said, this name is derived from the name of ‘Saint Ana,’ who is the good mother of the Virgin Mary that conceived her miraculously after years of infertility. This name means ‘grace’ and may also come from an influential poet from Georgia named Ana Kalandadze.
  • KETEVAN – This name is originally a Georgian form of the word. You cannot hear and see another country that uses this Georgian name. Although, researchers said that its roots derived from the Persian name ‘Katayoun,’ with the root word ‘kata’ meaning ‘city,’ ‘king’ or ‘house,’ and ‘Banu’ meaning ‘wife.’ In addition, ‘Katayoun’ became more popular because of Persian Mythology and from the famous Persian epic, ‘Book of Kings’ or ‘Shahnameh.’ Nevertheless, ‘Ketevan’ is mostly connected to the death of ‘Ketevan the Martyr,’ a Georgian Queen who died in Iran who was confused with being converted to Islam and persecuted to death because she did not denounce her Christian faith.
  • NANA – This is a popular name across the country because of its historical meaning. ‘Nana’ was the given name of the Queen Consort in the Kingdom of Iberia that paved the way for Georgia and is the wife of King Mirian III. She was the first to believe in Saint Nino and converted to Christianity. She also convinced her husband to be converted, which led to Georgia’s honored journey towards religion, Orthodox Christianity.
  • MAIA – This name has its roots in Ancient Greek. In line with Greek Mythology, she is the ‘good mother’ of the Olympian god, ‘Hermes.’ Some researchers said that the name means ‘growth’ and ‘greatness’ and is similar to the Greek word ‘Maius,’ meaning ‘large.’ This name may also come from the world Georgian world chess champion, named Maia Chiburdanidze.

Now that you know Georgia’s common and unique girl names, let us move on to the boys’ names.

Georgian Names For Boys

Common Georgian Names For Boys

  • GIORGI – This name is Georgian from or Georgian version of ‘George.’ Its origin came from the word ‘farmer.’ It is also said that it came from the Patron Saint of Georgia, who is Saint George, that’s why this name is popular across the country.
  • BACHANA – This is a Georgian name that means a tall person. Its origin came from the Persian word ‘baby.’
  • DAVID – This name originates in the Hebrew word meaning ‘beloved.’ This name is commonly related to David, the Builder of the Georgian Kings before the 10th century A.D.
  • DIMITRI – This Georgian form is called the Goddess of Greek Mythology, known as ‘Demeter. The meaning of this name is ‘devoted to Demeter.’
  • GODERDZI – This was the name of the Georgian Orthodox church monk known as Goderdzi Urgubadze. These are commonly used as Georgian last names.
  • EVGENI – A Russian origin meaning ‘well-born.’ This is also an older Georgian form of the Greek name ‘Eugene.’ This may also come from the Georgian conductor named Evgeni Mikeladze.
  • DEMNA – A Greek origin derived from the Greek Mythology meaning ‘mother earth.’ This may also come from a Georgian fashion designer named Demna Gvasalia.
  • DITO – Also a Greek Origin and another Georgian form derived from the Goddess of Greek Mythology named ‘Demetrios.’ This may also come from the notable Georgian director and screenwriter Dito Tsintsadze.
How Significant Are Georgian Names

How Significant Are The Georgian Names

Now that you have recognized the uniqueness and beauty of Georgian names, I know that you also appreciate the deeper meaning behind each name. Just like what I said a while ago, Georgian may often use these names because they believe that it bears powers and could dictate their destinies as those people who have those names.

As a reader, people in Georgian have a deep respect for their several Georgian kings and usually use short forms of words in choosing names. They also like to use a name-meaning god derived from different countries’ mythology, like Persian, Hebrew, and Greek.

Each Georgian name has one thing in common: its deep root and origin affect how they perceive their future lives. In short, Georgian do not want to forget those victories as well as the defeat that their country experienced. If they had not experienced it, they would not have reached this far.

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