Top 10 Delicious Georgian Foods To Try Out Today

We all know that every country adopts traditional dishes from other countries but with a different style. For today’s blog, let us look at how the Georgian cuisine and Georgian dishes were made by presenting the Top 10 Delicious Georgian Foods To Try Out Today.

Before I introduce the most delicious Georgian food, let us have a small introduction to Georgian cuisine.

Mostly, Georgian loves to hand a bottle of Georgian wine or white wine to their tourists. This culture is customarily done by the Georgian since wine or grape juice has a symbolic meaning in the Bible. The typical Georgian dish they served for their Georgian friends was salad (vegetable dishes), freshly baked bread (with Georgian bread), spicy beef stew, and other cooked or stewed beans.

Various traditional Georgian food is also available in different Georgian restaurants if you want to have a food tour.

Like other countries, they adapt original dishes from their nearby countries but add fresh ingredients with a touch of Georgian culture. Given that Georgian culture is mostly based on the Bible, some of the traditional Georgian dishes in the country are related and influenced by the stories in the book.



Top 10 Delicious Georgian Foods To Try Out Today


Georgian Foods

This Georgian dish is the most famous and delicious in the country. This cheese-filled bread is traditionally made of melted Georgian cheese (Sulguni cheese), eggs, and butter. This is also called Georgian cheese bread.


Georgian Foods

This is a traditional Georgian dish consisting of pork or chicken livers, hearts, gizzards topped with chopped walnuts and pomegranate seeds. This traditional dish is mostly served during winter because of its’ spicy and tangy flavor.


Georgian Foods

This is also a traditional Georgian dish that is often baked in a Georgian clay pot. This traditional food is made of chicken (baked or roasted) in milk and garlic sauce that is most famous in traditional Georgian restaurants. In addition, the name of the dish is derived from one of the villages in Rachan, region of Georgia, which is said to be where the food originated.


Georgian Foods

Dumplings can also be found on the Georgian table. This Georgian cuisine is considered to be a national dish of the country. Unlike in Chinese cooking, the Georgian cooking of Khinkali has a distinctive variety of ways of cooking. These twisted knobs of dough have fillings that include mushrooms, potatoes, cheese, and minced meat. However, they use different fillings like lamb meat instead of beef in other parts of the region. They also substitute Georgian cheese instead of meat mixture.


Georgian Foods

This is one of the local dishes in the country that can be cooked at home and can be served in various Georgian restaurants. This hearty Georgian stew is a spicy beef stew style in Georgia that is made of boiled beef with tomato sauce. You can also use mushroom instead of beef if you are a vegetarian.


Georgian Foods

There are different types and pieces of bread in the country, but this popular Georgian bread is a must-try. This is bread filled and meat-filled pastry consisting of lamb or beef, onions, and other spices from the country. You can avail of this at some of the Georgian restaurants.


Of course, having a distinctive soup in a particular country is always included. This traditional Georgian soup is a soup without a vegetable base. This is not only served as a family meal but also a hangover cure. In addition, this consists of boiled chicken pieces, egg, onion, vinegar, water, and seasonings. This is best when served hot topped with chopped fresh coriander.


This Georgian cuisine consists of boiled chicken with walnut sauce. This also consists of garlic, coriander, cinnamon, vinegar, and chili pepper. Also, this Georgian cuisine is partnered with meat dishes, but it can also be served with vegetable dishes or fish dishes. This traditional Georgian dish is often served cold and as a dipping sauce for turkey or chicken.


This Georgian food is a specialty of the Georgian Samegrelo region. It consists of cornbread or (coarse cornmeal), cornflour, and sulgini cheese. This thick and elastic dish is traditionally eaten and served hot. 


This traditional Georgian dish consisted of chopped and minced meat and vegetables like fried eggplant, cabbage, spinach, beets, ground walnuts, kidney beans, vinegar, onion, garlic, and herbs. This is also best when served hot.


Why You Should Try Georgian Foods

From what you have seen and observed from the traditional food above, you can say that these local dishes are similar to one another. Do you want to know why?

Georgian Foods

Before trying out and eating famous local dishes from the different parts of the world, it can make us think if it is healthy or not. But most of the Georgian cuisine and its other traditional Georgian food are healthy and balanced. It is also cheap and diverse because of its distinctive flavors from the country’s fresh herbs and ingredients (nuts, spices, cheese, bread, meat, and vegetables). So, as a healthy living person, you should try the mentioned Georgian dishes.

All in all, these top 10 delicious Georgian food is a must-try. You can try it when you visit the country and eat at a Georgian feast or drink white wine or other Georgian drinks. Also, having a Georgian food guide when visiting Georgia, you can also learn its culture and its language.


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