10+ Georgian Shapes: An Easy List

As part of learning the Georgian language, a beginner should consider learning the basics. One of the top topics you must learn is the basic words for describing Georgian shapes. If you’re done learning the Georgian alphabet then now is the time to advance and expand your vocabulary by learning these easy words! If you are ready for that, start learning below!

Georgian Shapes: Overview

Georgian Shapes In Georgian Architecture: Overview

Shapes in the Georgian language is called ფორმა (porma). It sounds like “form” in English, right? It has the same meaning in mathematics, meaning that shapes are the outlines and structure of objects, including boundary lines, angles, and surfaces. Examples of these are two-dimensional shapes of 2D and three-dimensional shapes or 3D.

The two-dimensional shapes are also considered flat shapes (ბრტყელი ფორმა) and closed figures (დახურული ფორმები) in plane geometry. Examples of these are circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus and others. While in solid geometry, the three-dimensional shapes consist of the cube, cone, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, rectangle prism, etc. Having said that, these shapes can be seen in various objects in our everyday lives.

In Georgia, these shapes are commonly seen in the different objects which are constructed and developed by several manufacturers, builders and architects in the country. For instance, in terms of classical art, Baroque-inspired buildings (rectangular prism), bricks and stones (cube), doors (rectangle), roof (triangle) and other painted architecture with various styles and shapes represents the beauty and balance of the Georgian era with regard to the appearance of Georgian architecture.

All in all, the numerous shapes are linked to the history and style of classical Georgian architecture. If you want to learn and figure out the terms and example objects related to Georgian architecture, then let’s get started! Below are the descriptions and samples of 10+ Georgian shapes that can help you broaden your vocabulary and cultural view of the country

Words For Common Shapes In Georgian

10+ Georgian Shapes With Descriptions And Examples

1.სამკუთხედი (Samk’utkhedi) Triangle

A triangle is a type of polygon that has three sides, three edges and three vertices. In addition, the triangle is a common shape that you can recognize on any part of the Georgian style of architecture. For instance, the roof of the house in Georgia is often triangular and rectangular in shape.

2.წრე (Ts’re) Circle

A circle is also one of the basic geometric shapes in the world. The circle is an entirely round shape. This means that all the point around the curve line has the same gap from their central point. A sample object from Georgia that has circle shapes are the Georgian pieces of bread.

3.კვადრატი (K’vadrat’i) Square

A square is a type of quadrilateral, which means it has four sides and angles. The four sides and angles are equal to all the vertices which are 90° each. Classical architecture like floors on the ground, windows and brick stones have a square-shaped appearance that is quite impressive in Georgian architecture.

4.მართკუთხედი (Martk’utkhedi) Rectangle

A rectangle is also a type of quadrilateral. It has two pairs on each of the other sides that are equal in length. The interior angles are in the right angles. Likewise, this shape is largely seen in doors and terraces in Georgian buildings during 1720-1850. Moreover, this type of construction is still rampant in the country that has upper-end homes.

5.პარალელოგრამი (P’aralelogrami) Parallelogram

Along with rectangles and squares, a parallelogram is also a type of quadrilateral. It has two pairs of lines that are parallel to each other. The opposite sides that are facing each other have equal length and measure. A great example of a parallelogram is pattern books, notebooks, laptops and cellphone.

6.ოვალური (Ovaluri) Oval

An Oval bear resemblance to an egg. This is a two-dimensional (2D) geometric shape without vertices or straight lines. Sample objects that can be seen in Georgia with oval shapes are Georgian serving tray, wall mirror, and painted oval frame.

7.გული (Guli) Heart

A heart is a ‘scalloped’ shape. Even if it is not similar to the shape of the human heart, this shape comes to be the metaphorical symbol of love and affection.

8.ჯვარი (Jvari) Cross

This shape is related to the Georgian religion which is Orthodox Christianity. Cross is also an account of the Georgian national flag. Likewise, you can encounter this shape in a piece of specific furniture, baroque art and religious site in the country.

9.ნახევარმთვარე (Nakhevarmtvare) Crescent

A Crescent is a semicircular shape that is shaped by two intersecting circles. A famous Georgian tourist attraction that represents the crescent shape is the Georgian Crescent in Bristol, UK.

10.ტრაპეცია (T’rap’etsia) Trapezoid

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral that has only one pair of parallel sides. Builders and architects in the Georgian era developed houses with trapezoid styles of the roof. These styles are influenced by Greece and Rome technologies and architecture.

11.რომბი (Rombi) Rhombus

A Rhombus is a 2D and a type of quadrilateral that has two diagonals that intersect at right angles. Sample objects that have rhombus shapes in Georgia are fashion pieces of jewelry like diamond neck lace, ring and hair clips. Another is the proportion based timber for Georgian style of terraces and walls.

12.პირამიდა (P’iramida) Pyramid

A Pyramid has a flat base in which the slanted triangular sides are meeting at a point. It is one of the common three-dimensional shapes. Sample architectures that have pyramid shapes are the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and The Shard in London, England.

13.მართკუთხა პრიზმა (Martk’utkha P’rizma) Rectangular Prism

A Rectangular Prism is a three-dimensional (3D) geometrical shape that has three rectangular faces. Sample objects that have rectangular prism shapes are Georgian style doors, windows, bricks, walls, that can be noticed in most of the Georgian buildings.

14.სფერო (Spero) Sphere

A sphere is also one of the three-dimensional (3D) geometric shapes and looks like a circle. This shape suggests that in the early Georgian period (in pre-Christian mythology) the universe is recognized as a sphere by the society. Up to now, the shapes of earth and other planets, sun and moon are presented and intended as spherical.

Other Georgian Shapes

Other Georgian Shapes
Georgian ShapesPronunciationEnglish Word
სკალენის სამკუთხედიsk’alenis samk’utkhediscalene triangle
მართკუთხა სამკუთხედიmartk’utkha samk’utkhediright triangle
ტოლგვერდა სამკუთხედიt’olgverda samk’utkhediequilateral triangle
ტოლფერდა სამკუთხედიt’olperda samk’utkhediisosceles triangle

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Georgian Shapes

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