#1 Best Guide To Transportation Vocabulary In Swahili

Have you always wanted to travel to a Swahili-speaking country, but you don’t know any Swahili? Well, not to worry because you can learn Swahili here!

In this blog post, we’ll be going over some essential vocabulary for your next trip to a Swahili-speaking country. That’s right, we’ll be teaching you transportation vocabulary in Swahili! After reading this blog post, you can count on never getting lost again!

Essential Transportation Vocabulary In Swahili To Know

Let’s get right to the good stuff! Here are Swahili words about transportation you need to know whether you’re visiting for a couple weeks or plan on moving there long term. Have fun learning!

SubwayNjia ya chini ya ardhi
SkateboardUbao wa kuteleza
Waiting shedSebule ya kusubiri
Bus stopKituo cha basi

Swahili Phrases About Transportation

Knowing Swahili words is great, but you can’t just go around uttering one word to everyone you meet, right? That’s why we’re also including some handy Swahili phrases about transportation!

Where can I ride the bus?Ninaeza kupanda basi wapi?
When is the next stop?Kituo kifuatacho ni lini?
How much is the fare?Nauli ni kiasi gani?
How do I go there?Je, mimi kwenda huko?
Where is the train station?Kituo cha gari moshi kiko wapi?
Where is the subway?Subway iko wapi?
Where can I buy the ticket?Je, ninaweza kununua tikiti wapi?
Where is the next stop?Kituo kinachofuata kiko wapi?
When will the train arrive?Treni itawasili lini?

With these words and phrases under your belt, you’ll be ready to travel to Africa in no time!

Although all this might seem overwhelming, Swahili is actually known for being an easy language to learn, especially for native English speakers. This is because the words tend to be pronounced exactly how they are written! Want to learn even more about the Swahili language, find out how by reading more!

Must-See Places In East Africa

Now that you know the translations of such words, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test by actually speaking with locals in Swahili! You know what that means… it’s time to travel!

East Africa, and Africa in general, has so many beautiful attractions and landscapes waiting to be discovered by you. If you want to have an amazing trip or are looking for your next nomadic destination, then this is the place.

Serengeti National Park

Transportation Vocabulary In Swahili

Known as a world heritage site filled with various different species and animals, this is definitely one of most breathtaking places to visit if you’re in Africa.

The wildlife will surely leave you in awe and wanting to go back the next day. Located in one of the major cities in Africa, Serengeti National Park is definitely a must!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Transportation Vocabulary In Swahili

If you are a fan of climbing mountains and being rewarded with amazing views, you might want to include Mount Kilimanjaro on your list of the places to go when you visit Africa.

While it make take up your time and energy to climb the dormant volcano, the views at the top will surely be more than rewarding!

Lake Victoria

Transportation Vocabulary In Swahili

Your trip to Africa would not be complete if you didn’t visit this attraction. What makes this lake worth the visit isn’t just the scenic ambiance that it gives, but the gorgeous hotels and resorts located in the area as well. So, if you decide to visit Lake Victoria, we recommend that you book a hotel and stay the night to make the most out of it!

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Transportation Vocabulary In Swahili

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