10+ Easy Swahili Phrases For Emergencies!

If you are planning to take a trip for the first time to East Africa, you might want to remember these Swahili phrases for emergencies! Knowing a phrase or two will not only help you communicate a bit better when you encounter an emergency, but it can definitely also give you peace of mind. Interested to know about such phrases? If you are, then keep reading below!

Is East Africa Safe To Travel To?

Generally, while most parts of East Africa are safe to travel to, it is important to remember that some of these areas are notorious for certain crimes that one should be aware of. That said, while the majority of the place is tourist-friendly, it definitely will also not hurt you if you proceed with caution.

Swahili Phrases For Emergencies

Because of crimes like human trafficking, theft, and terrorism, people should do more thorough research on the places in East Africa where they will be going. However, these only exist in secluded places and villages and not in the entirety of Africa. That said, East Africa is safe to travel to, especially if you are traveling with a friend or under a travel company.

Must-Know Swahili Phrases And Sentences For Emergencies

Are you planning to take a trip to Africa this year? If there’s one thing we learned as travelers, then that would be the fact that it is always better to know at least the basic expressions and words used by the locals. Not only can this help you surprise the locals with your skills, but it will also guarantee that there will be no room for misinterpretation.

As much as we always try our best to travel with ease and to enjoy the place without thinking too much about any negative situations, sometimes it cannot be helped. With that said, knowing a couple of expressions relating to emergencies is essential because they can help you when the situation arises.

I need your helpNinahitaji msaada wako
Can you help me?Unaweza kunisaidia?
Please help meTafadhali nisaidie
Where is the police station?Kituo cha polisi kiko wapi?
Where is the hospital?Hospitali iko wapi?
Can I talk to a police officer?Je, ninaweza kuzungumza na afisa wa polisi?
I lost my belongingsNilipoteza vitu vyangu
I lost my passportNilipoteza pasipoti yangu
I got robbedNiliibiwa
Someone is harassing meKuna mtu ananinyanyasa
I don’t feel okaySijisikii sawa
I feel illNinahisi mgonjwa
I want to go to the doctorNataka kwenda kwa daktari

These are just a few phrases of the Swahili language that you might want to keep in mind when visiting East Africa. Not only are these a great way to help you in emergencies that you might come across, but you might even want to consider this as your sign and start learning the Swahili language!

Some Safety Tips That You Might Want To Remember!

Now that you already know the useful phrases that can help you in your next African holiday, knowing these safety tips to avoid compromising situations might also come in handy to you. With these safety tips in mind, you can surely travel to East Africa more easily and confidently!

Phrases For Emergencies in Swahili

Know The Emergency Numbers Of The Place You Are Going To!

If there is one safety piece of advice you must know, it should be this one. By knowing the emergency numbers of the police or the ambulance, you can call for help quickly. Whether the place you will be going to is known to be dangerous or not, having these emergency numbers within arms reach can save you time and give you that peace of mind.

Be Mindful Of Your Belongings

While it is fun and exciting to be in a new country, as well as to try new food and experience its incredible culture, being mindful of the stuff you bring is as important. Not only will this save you from so much trouble, but it saves you from the hassle that you might go through should you lose anything important. Whether it is your wallet or bag, you definitely should watch for it closely to avoid any lost items on your trip!

Don’t Be Too Complacent With Strangers!

Exploring a different country and making new friends along the way is a very good experience to go through. Though that may be the case, it is also better to not let your guard down, especially if these are just people that you have just met. While they may seem to have good intentions, keeping your boundaries and being mindful of red flags that will potentially harm you and ruin the trip will not do any harm.

Always Bring Cash With You

This is a travel tip that will be very convenient for you! It’s not always that you will be able to have access to ATMs or even to shops that allow it. That said, bringing cash with you wherever you go is something you should do. This also comes in handy when you encounter emergencies because chances are, you won’t have the time to withdraw anything, which is why carrying a couple of bills with you is encouraged!

Learn The Basics Of Their Language!

Aside from the emergency phrases, knowing the basics of their language can prevent you from being misinterpreted and potential misunderstandings. Knowing a couple of Swahili greetings and phrases will allow you to communicate your thoughts well too. Not to mention the meaningful relationships and connections you might make!

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