How To Say Beautiful in Lao: 9 Stunning Ways

Some adjectives simply belong with some nouns, and this is no truer than the words beautiful and Lao. Laos is a breathtaking place to visit and even to settle down in and its language is equally beautiful.

Included in this article, is a list that will focus more specifically on how to say beautiful in Lao. you’ll learn how to talk about how you would say someone is beautiful and also about describing things as beautiful. For example, if you want to tell a woman that ‘she’s beautiful,’ you’d say nang ngam ນາງງາມ

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How To Say Beautiful In Lao In Different Ways

EnglishLaoLao Script
She’s beautifulnangngamນາງງາມ
You’re beautifulchao ngamເຈົ້າ​ງາມ
It’s beautifulman ngamມັນ​ງາມ
Attractivedungdud chaiດຶງດູດໃຈ
Breathtakingna tun ta tun chaiໜ້າຕື່ນຕາຕື່ນໃຈ

Are Lao Women Beautiful?

Usually, this is a conversation that I’d tend to avoid because, personally, I believe beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

However, what’s hard to deny, if you live in Laos, where it’s staring you in the face, is that men come from all over the world to try and date Lao women.

Depending on who you ask, there is a certain socio-economic imperative at work here, either that or it’s because Lao women are nicer than women in whatever country the person is from.

What’s for sure is that Lao women are a lot more traditional than women from western countries. If you think beauty resides in tradition, respect, and history, then the chances are you’ll find them attractive; however, if you tend to view beauty in terms of modernity and contemporary living, then perhaps you won’t think they’re beautiful.

Another aspect to consider is that of ‘exoticism.’ Exoticism is what single-handedly propelled the artist Paul Gaugin into stardom when he went to Tahiti to paint the natives(while ruining quite a few of their lives). It’s undeniable that what is different attracts us. If you’ve grown up in a place like Sweden, where many people have blonde hair and blue eyes, it’s exciting to go somewhere like Laos, where the opposite is true.

However, what a lot of people tend to forget is that this goes both ways. Perhaps a certain majority of Lao women are being exploited, but many of them are also extremely curious about what it’s like to date a westerner.

Unless there’s an obvious power imbalance, I tend just to think live and let live.

Lao beautiful woman - beautiful in Lao

Is Laos A Beautiful Place?

Next, onto something slightly less controversial.

Laos is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia, if not the whole world. 

Everybody has heard about how beautiful Thailand is, but not many have heard about Laos.

The first thing to say is that Laos is not the place for you if you’re looking for a stunning coastline. It is a completely landlocked country.

But what kind of thing might you expect to see?

My personal favorite place is Vat Phou (mountain temple) which is located in Southern Laos. It is a Khmer Hindu temple that almost dates back to the time of Christ! If you love history, then you’ll find this stunning, no doubt. When you’re down there, also be sure to be on the lookout for wild elephants, which are majestic when you see them in their natural setting. 

Although Laos has no coastline, there is the famous Mekong river and a place like Don Khong Island, which is made from the river’s overflow. Be stunned by native villagers as they tend to their rice fields and show what Lao people have been doing for thousands of years.

Other things to look out for are Buddha park in Vientiane, the blue lagoon in Vang Vieng, Dong Natad forest, and Mount Phousi in Luang Prabang. Trek to the top for a beautiful view!

Laos beautiful waterfall - beautiful in Lao

Learn Lao With Ling

Let’s look at a little bit more about what Ling can do for you and break it down into the 5 most important skills.

Listening- This is where language learning apps really excel. You can read and listen to a native speaker. That means that there’s no awkward accent.

Speaking: Speaking is traditionally the most difficult skill to practice. Ling has tried to combat that by using an AI chatbot to replicate a real-life conversation.

Grammar: Ling has non-intrusive grammar guides. That means you can learn at your own pace and as much as you want at the moment.

Vocabulary: Undeniably, language learning apps come into their own in the vocabulary element. You are presented with SRS flashcards that make sure just as a piece of vocabulary is exiting your short-term memory; you’re reminded of it.

Writing: Writing is a difficult but vital skill to practice. This is particularly tough when you’re studying Lao because the script is different. Crucially Ling allows you to practice with the Lao alphabet. Swipe the screen and follow along as you write. Just how you would learn when you’re a kid!

Don’t forget that this blog will always be with you on your language learning journey. It is updated weekly. My two recent favorites are: congratulations in Lao and good night in Lao.

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