10+ Best Ways To Say Goodbye In Serbian

Are you curious about the best ways to say goodbye in Serbian? If you have Serbian friends, surely you want to know how to say goodbye correctly to them.

In addition, it is advantageous to learn a few formal farewells in case you should use them in a traditional setting. Ultimately, by learning how to say goodbye in Serbian, you can give an excellent impression to others and maintain good manners simultaneously.


Best Ways To Say Goodbye In Serbian

Knowing a few goodbye phrases to use on different occasions is always better when learning a new language. However, using informal expressions during a formal event or with strangers is inappropriate and perceived as bad manners.

At the same time, it might look awkward if you are highly formal during an informal conversation. 

That being said, let’s see the best ways to say goodbye in Serbian.

First, you can use the term “Zdravo,” a word you can use to say hello and bye!

Let’s get to know some other phrases: 

  1. Vidimo se – See you
  2. Zdravo, ćao – Bye Bye
  3. Čujemo se (za vikend) – We will hear each other (in the week end)
  4. Uzdravlje – Cheers (used on formal occasions)
  5. Zbogom– Goodbye (used on formal occasions)
  6. Čujemo se večeras – See you tonight
  7. Pa se vidimo sutra – See you tomorrow
  8. Videćemo se – I’ll see you (one of the informal ways to say goodbye in Serbian)
  9. Čućemo se uživaj – I’ll hear from you, enjoy
  10. Aj zdravo – Ok, bye
  11. Doviđenja Prijatno – Goodbye Pleasant (formal farewell)
  12. Lepo spavaj! – Sleep tight!
  13. Doviđenja! – So long! (informal)
  14. Vidimo se sutra! – I’ll see you tomorrow!
  15. Briši! – Get out of here!
  16. Vidimo se prekosutra – See you the day after tomorrow!
  17. Uživaj (an informal variant of “prijatno”) – Enjoy
  18. Doviđenja, prijatno! – Goodbye, have fun! (double polite)
  19. Zbogom zauvek– Goodbye forever
  20. Zbogom za – Goodbye for now


Example Of Goodbye Expressions In Serbian

Goodbye in Serbian

Here are some examples of goodbye in Serbian you can use:

  • Zbogom Moja ljubavi– Goodbye, my love
  • Vidimo se kasnije – See you later
  • Laku noć i lepo spavaj – Good night and sleep tight
  • Jele te bube celu noć! – Bugs eat you all night!
  • Uzdravlje! Živeli! – Cheers! Cheers!
  • Vidimo se i srećan kraj nedelje – See you and have a happy weekend
  • Zbogom i zapamti da me pozoveš što pre – Goodbye and remember to call me as soon as you can


How To Have Good Manners In Serbia

Although you now know how to say goodbye in Serbian, it is beneficial to understand how to maintain good manners and respect the custom and traditions of the Serbian people. In general, Serbian people are amicable, hospitable, and polite.

So you are expected to respect others and be as polite as they are. If you are invited to visit someone at their home, bringing a little present is always a good idea, especially if it is the first time you are invited.

If you are traveling by public transportation, you should be polite when you see older adults and let them sit. You can expect the older generation to be quite conservative, and the younger generation should show respect and be formal when addressing them.

In general, do not address older people by their first name if you don’t know them, and if you wish to say goodbye to them, you should use formal expressions only.

The younger generations are addressing each other in more informal ways. However, when people do not know each other, they mainly use formal expressions. Serbian people do not like when others are arrogant.

You shouldn’t sound overconfident if you want to get along with Serbian people. They do not appreciate someone who thinks they already have all the answers. So, it would be best to try to be humble and polite.


Is There A Business Etiquette

If you know Serbian people through your business, then you should use the proper etiquette to have a successful conclusion of your deals. For example, when you meet someone for the first time, you should maintain direct eye contact and have a traditional handshake.

If you meet more than one person, you have to shake hands with every person, starting with the women. If you do not know the persons you are meeting, you must address them by their job title and last name.

Using only the first name when addressing the counterpart is common if a relationship is established. Even during a business meeting, you will find Serbian people very friendly, open to know new people, and very hospitable.

You will find Serbians pretty spontaneous and telling what they actually think about the negotiation. They like to communicate directly, without beating around the bush. If you experience slight touches and backslapping, don’t be surprised, Serbians like to be in contact with other people.

Would you like to learn more about the Serbian language? If you wish to know more than just the best ways to say goodbye, continue reading.


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