#1 Guide: Transportation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Curious to know about the transportation system and the transportation vocabulary in Ukrainian? You are definitely in for a treat with this one!

Not only will you know about the words and phrases related to Ukrainian transportation, but you will be able to know what to be aware of when traveling there! If this is something that you are interested in, be sure that you read on!

Things That You Should Know When You Visit Ukraine!

If you plan to visit Ukraine or even live there, one thing you must consider is its transportation system. Not only does this save you time, money, and effort when you go around the city, but it will also give you an overview of what you should prepare for.

Transportation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Knowing the country’s transportation systems will also set you up for readiness! Aside from that, it’s a great way to improve your Ukrainian holiday. Curious to know more about what you should know? You should read more down below!

Is It Difficult To Go Around Ukraine?

When you want to visit a different country, this is probably one of the things you ask yourself and one of the things that you should know about. Good thing the city center of Ukraine is not hard to travel and get around with.

While it may be different if you visit places outside the city because the roads are bumpy and not developed, it does not mean that it is not a place you cannot see or travel to. 

However, it is essential to know that roads and sites outside the main cities can be bumpier to drive around and have poorer driving standards. Still, if you are up for an adventure, then you might want to consider this in your plans!

Is The Ukrainian Transportation Cheap?

Although it is one of the most affordable places in Europe for travelers, you do not have to worry so much about the money you have to set aside for its transportation!

While the cost may vary based on which modes of transport you will use, the country’s public transport is generally cheap and affordable for everyone – citizens and tourists.

What Is The Most Common Transportation In Ukraine?

Buses are the most common modes of transport in the country. While some Ukrainians have cars, most people use public transportation to go from one place to another. Not just because of how cheap it is, but because it is also very convenient and commuter-friendly.

That said, if you plan to visit Ukraine, you might as well get familiar with its bus system so you can go around the cities faster and easier!

Buses in Ukraine

Transportation Vocabulary In Ukrainian: The Only Guide You Need!

Curious to know more about the transportation vocabulary in Ukrainian? All that you need to know is here! Not only will this help you build and strengthen your Ukrainian vocabulary, but you will also be able to communicate well if the opportunity arises.

Transportation words In Ukrainian

You might even consider this a sign to study and speak Ukrainian too! Aside from how such language can bridge you into many beautiful connections and relationships, it can undoubtedly open you to learning similar languages like Russian too! Ukrainian transportation vocabulary can be a great way to get things started.

Carавтомобіль ( Avtomobilʹ)
TaxiТаксі (Taksi)
BusАвтобус (Avtobus)
Motorcycleмотоцикл (Mototsykl)
TransportationТранспорт (Transport)
YachtЯхта (Yakhta)
ShipКорабель (Korabel’)
AirplaneЛітак (Litak)
FareВартість проїзду (Vartistʹ proyizdu)
TicketКвиток (Kvytok)
SubwayМетро (Metro)
Trainпоїзд (Poyizd)
TramТрамвай (Tramvay)
Bicycleвелосипед (Velosyped)
Vehicleтранспортний засіб (Transportnyy zasib)

Phrases About Transportation That You Should Also Know About!

With this, you will definitely be able to know more about Ukrainian transportation vocabulary and travel more easily and confidently!

Is this where I buy the bus ticket?Тут я купую квиток на автобус? (Tut ya kupuyu kvytok na avtobus?)
How much is the fare?Скільки коштує проїзд? (Skilʹky koshtuye proyizd?)
Where is the bus station?Де знаходиться автобусна станція? (De znakhodytʹsya avtobusna stantsiya?)
Where is the subway?Де знаходиться метро? (De znakhodytʹsya metro?)
When is the next bus arriving?Коли прибуде наступний автобус? (Koly prybude nastupnyy avtobus?)
When is the next train arriving?Коли прибуває наступний поїзд? (Koly prybuvaye nastupnyy poyizd?)
Where is the next stop?Де наступна зупинка? (De nastupna zupynka?)
Can the vehicle stop here?Чи може автомобіль зупинитися тут? (Chy mozhe avtomobilʹ zupynytysya tut?)
Where is the nearest waiting shed?Де знаходиться найближчий сарай? (De znakhodytʹsya nayblyzhchyy saray?)

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Wrapping Up!

We hope this vocabulary helped you have an idea of transport words in Ukrainian. Now you should start practicing with your native speaker friends worldwide as much as possible. 

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