Speak Serbian Through Levels: 3 Useful Methods

If you are traveling to Serbia anytime soon, this blog post has every essential detail about the Serbian language that you need to know. From familiar Serbian words to notes on its usage and structure, we got you covered from every corner. Ready to impress the locals? Keep reading and learn to speak Serbian through levels effortlessly within a week.

The Serbian language is a South Slavic language spoken mainly in the regions of Serbia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Croatia, and Macedonia. It is a part of the Indo-European language family and has almost 10 million native speakers. It has used both the Cyrillic alphabet and the Latin alphabet since the 19th century, making it one of the most comprehensive languages. It also has complex dialects with different and unique pronunciations compared to other languages.

While learning the Serbian language in just a few days seems quite a task, it is not impossible. We are here to give you the best guide through.


Is Learning Serbian Language Hard?

Serbian is a complex language with a unique hint of literature in itself. However, learning Serbian is not entirely impossible or unattainable. No doubt, if you are a native speaker of the English language, the Serbian language will be baffling at first. You have to go through the process of learning entirely new sets of the alphabet to learn Serbian in precisions.

Thus, learning Serbian vocabulary and its basics can be difficult. However, Serbian can seem more manageable for someone familiar with other Slavic languages. But do not let the hardness level decide your caliber. Serbian learners can successfully learn Serbian within a few weeks of hard work with proper steps and guided levels. Let’s not compensate any more time for our procrastination and start our language learning journey.


Learn To Speak Serbian Through Levels

Three levels Serbian

The most effective way to know the Serbian culture and the intensity of the beautiful language is by learning Serbian thoroughly, starting from the very basics. To speak Serbian does not necessarily require you to learn intellectual Serbian words through expensive language courses. Even the basics mastered in a structured way can give you detailed cultural insights and improve your language skills. Thus, It is about time we begin with the language learning process with the three primary levels of Serbian learning.

Level 1: Understanding The Essential Words

Before we go into Serbian grammar and the alphabet, the easy way to go about the language learning methods is to get in touch with the essential words used in daily life. Learning languages always becomes fun when we get into translating one word to another. So, let’s know Serbian through the first level of learning, the basic vocabulary.

English Serbian Pronunciation
Hello Здраво Zdravo 
Good Morning Добро јутро Dobro jutro
Good Evening Добро вече Dobro veče
Good Night Лаку ноћ Laku noć
Sorry Извињавам се Izvinjavam se
Please Молимо вас Molimo vas
Mother Мајко Majko
Father оче oče
Yes да da
No Не Ne
Excuse me Извините Izvinite
Goodbye збогом zbogom
See you Видимо се Vidimo se
Never mind Није битно Nije bitno
Sure Наравно Naravno

Level 2: Learning The Serbian Alphabet

Speak Serbian Through Levels


While the words mentioned above will help learn Serbian online quickly for someone who has a trip to attend to, for those willing to practice Serbian with long-term memory methods, understanding the Serbian alphabet is the following prerequisite.

Getting acquainted with a new language through online courses can be tricky if one is unknown of the language’s alphabet. Hence, to speak the Serbian language fluently, we will now lay our hands upon the alphabets of the Serbian grammar and learn Serbian, which is the next level and learning style.

The Serbian language first used the Glagolitic alphabet in the 11th century. However, in the later years of the modern world, the Cyrillic and the Latin alphabet became two major scripts of the Serbian language. While Cyrillic is considered the official script, literate Serbian people simultaneously use the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.

Cyrillic Alphabet

Cyrillic Alphabet English Alphabet IPA
A,a A /a/
Б б B /b/
Ц ц C /ts/
Ч ч /tʃ/
Ћ ћ /tɕ/
Д д D /d/
Џ џ /dʒ/
Ђ ђ /dʑ/
E,e E /e/
Ф ф F /f/
Г г G /ɡ/
Х х H /x/
И и I /i/
J,j J /j/
K,k K /k/
Л л L /l/
Љ љ /ʎ/
M,m M /m/
Н н N /n/
Њ њ /ɲ/
O,o O /o/
П п P /p/
Р р R /r/
С с S /s/
Ш ш /ʃ/
T,t T /t/
У у U /u/
В в V /ʋ/
З з Z /z/
Ж ж /ʒ/

Latin Alphabet

Latin Alphabet English Alphabet IPA
A,a A /a/
B,b B /b/
C,c C /ts/
Č,č /tʃ/
Ć,ć /tɕ/
D,d D /d/
DŽ,dž /dʒ/
Đ,đ /dʑ/
E,e E /e/
F,f F /f/
G,g G /ɡ/
H,h H /x/
I,i I /i/
J,j J /j/
K,k K /k/
L,l L /l/
LJ,lj /ʎ/
M,m M /m/
N,n N /n/
NJ,nj /ɲ/
O,o O /o/
P,p P /p/
R,r R /r/
S,s S /s/
Š,š /ʃ/
T,t T /t/
U,u U /u/
V,v V /ʋ/
Z,z Z /z/
Ž,ž /ʒ/

Level 3: Learning Daily And Relevant Phrases

Now that you know the Serbian language’s basic grammatical concepts and words, it is time to realize the need for daily phrases. Learning daily and relevant sentences used in day-to-day life is necessary to make the Serbian learning process fruitful. It can be pretty tough to grasp the new words of a new language. Thus, using appropriate phrases helps language learners tackle grammatical concepts more constructively.

Also, knowing such phrases will help further narrate your exciting story in Serbian and motivate other learners to move forward. So, let’s get to know some of the phrases in Serbian that will come in handy once you are in a foreign country. Memorize these at your own pace and repeat them aloud to make the learning more practical and fun.

English Serbian Pronunciation
How are you Како си Kako si
I’m fine. Thank you Ја сам добро хвала Ja sam dobro hvala
What is your name? Како се зовеш? Kako se zoveš?
My name is… Моје име је… Moje ime je…
Nice meeting you Драго ми је упознати те Drago mi je upoznati te
Let’s meet again Хајде да се поново нађемо Hajde da se ponovo nađemo
You are so beautiful Тако си лепа Tako si lepa
How old are you Колико имаш година Koliko imaš godina
Have fun Забави се Zabavi se
I love you Волим те Volim te


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