40+ Useful Slovenian Love Words And Phrases

Slovenian love words and phrases

Ready to add a touch of romance to your Slovenian vocabulary? In this blog, we’ll go through some charming and romantic Slovenian love words and phrases that are sure to make your heart flutter.

When dating a Slovenian, it’s easy to get comfortable speaking English, especially since most Slovenians are fluent in it. While this is useful, it can start to feel superficial. Sometimes, your relationship could benefit from expressing love in your partner’s mother tongue. Speaking a native language can go right to their heart, making it easy for you to build a long-term connection.

Convinced yet? Let’s start exploring the language of love and see how these romantic Slovenian language phrases can add a spark to your conversations.

Basic Slovenian Love Words And Phrases

Let’s jump right in! Here are some simple and lovely Slovenian words and phrases that can help you bond with Slovenian individuals or families. These expressions are not just charming, they might even be useful when you’re trying to flirt with someone or simply aiming to make a good impression on the locals and overcome language barriers.

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Expressing Your Feelings

Good things often require patience and effort. They don’t usually come easily, regardless of how long you wait. The key is to be proactive and seize opportunities, especially when it comes to romantic connections. Here’s a collection of easy Slovenian love words and phrases to help you express your feelings in a much better way than directly saying I Love You in Slovenian:

Love of my lifeLjubezen mojega življenja
I like youVšeč si mi
I miss youPogrešam te
Everything is better with youS tabo je vse lepše
Your smile brightens up my dayTvoj nasmeh mi polepša dan
You are the one for meSi edini/edina zame

Asking Someone Out

You’re standing there, heart racing, trying to muster up the courage to ask that special someone out. Your palms are sweating, your mind is packed with scenarios, and suddenly you blurt out something that sounds like a mix between a cheesy pickup line and a desperate plea for coffee.

But hey, who said asking someone out had to be all serious and smooth? Sometimes, a little awkwardness and humor can go a long way in breaking the ice and winning over the object of your affection. So, grab your courage and learn some useful Slovenian phrases for asking someone out. Here’s a list, along with their Slovenian translations:

Coffee dateZmenek s kavo
Shall we go out tonight?Greva nocoj ven?
Do you want to go out on a date?Želiš iti na zmenek?
I am interested in getting to know you.Želim te bolje spoznati.
Want to grab coffee?Bi šla na kavo?


The surest way to someone’s heart is by giving them many genuine compliments. Add these Slovenian phrases to your vocabulary if you truly want to impress someone and make them smile from ear to ear:

You have a nice smileImaš lep nasmeh
You have beautiful eyesImaš lepe oči
Your voice is magicalImaš čaroben glas
You have a warm heartImaš toplo srce
You have a great sense of styleImaš odličen smisel za stil
You’ve got a great energyImaš dobro energijo
You’ve got great tasteImaš odličen okus
You are very kindSi zelo prijazen/prijazna
You are very beautifulSi zelo lep/a

Pet Names And Terms Of Endearment

When we love someone, we tend to give them cute and cheesy nicknames, but this only shows our love and admiration for them. Here are some commonly used Slovenian terms of endearment:

Dragi, Draga

A classic term of endearment that you can use for your romantic partner, meaning “dearest.”

Ljubi, Ljubica

A sweet word that comes from the Slovenian word ljubiti, which means “to love.” People who are in love use it to refer to each other, and it means darling.

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Ljubezen moja

Simply meaning “my love,” this is a term used in a loving and passionate relationship.


If you call a woman this word, she will surely blush, as it means that she is beautiful.


In Slovenian, adding “ček” to srce (heart), turns it into srček. This makes it sound more adorable, like saying “little heart.” It makes the word sound softer and more loving, adding a sweet note to the conversation, so it’s a common way to refer to someone special to you.

Words And Phrases For A Deep Relationship

Already in a deep loving relationship with a Slovenian and want to let them know just how much you love them? Use these romantic phrases to capture your passionate relationship.

I care about youRad te imam
I love youLjubim te
I think of you all the timeVes čas mislim nate
You are my everythingTi si moje vse
Every moment with you is pricelessVsak trenutek s tabo je neprecenljiv
Will you marry me?Se bi poročila z mano?
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