50+ Romantic And Easy Conversational Slovenian Phrases

Conversational Slovenian Phrases

Planning a romantic trip to Slovenia? Want to impress your special someone with knowing some conversational Slovenian phrases? Forget about those awkward silences and misunderstandings – learning a few simple Slovenian words will make your time together special and meaningful.

Learning helpful Slovenian phrases will also give you some insight into the country’s culture and customs, inspiring conversations and connections with strangers and loved ones. Let’s dive in and add some Slovenian charm to your trip!

Romantic Conversational Phrases

Going out with someone from Slovenia? Dates can be fun but also a bit scary, especially when it’s with someone from a different place. In Slovenia, just like anywhere else, using simple chat-up lines helps break the ice and build a connection.

Saying nice things, asking about what they like, or saying you’re having a good time are great ways to make the date feel easy and fun. These phrases show you’re interested and make your date feel good. So, let’s look at these basic phrases that can help make your Slovenian date special, and maybe then you’ll need some Slovenian relationship vocabulary.

Here are some easy-to-use phrases for your date with a Slovenian:

I am happy to see youVesel/a sem, da te vidim
What do you do in your free time?Kaj rad/a počneš v prostem času?
What are your hobbies?Imaš kakšne hobije?
I enjoy your companyUživam v tvoji družbi
Can I see you again?Te lahko spet vidim?
You look beautiful/handsomeLep/a si
I like youVšeč si mi
I miss youPogrešam te
You’re amazingSi neverjeten/neverjetna
You’re wonderfulSi čudovit/a
I appreciate youCenim te

Fun Fact About The Slovenian Language

The Slovenian or Slovene language is a Slavic language spoken by the people of Slovenia. While people over there speak English quite well, there’s something romantic about conversing in Slovenian. That’s because, unlike other Slavic languages, Slovenian has a unique grammatical feature called the dual, which you don’t see much in other languages at all!

In English, we use ”you” if we are speaking to one or more people, but Slovenian has three different ways to say it. This is an interesting linguistic aspect that adds a touch of intimacy and romance to Slovenian conversations. So, when chatting with your partner, you can show closeness by using the dual form, just meant for two, like below.

  • Me – Jaz
  • Us (two) – Midva
  • Us (plural) – Mi
Conversational Slovenian Phrases

Basic Greetings And Introductions

Let is start with introductions and basic greetings, the beginning of any relationship in any language. When you take the time to pick up these terms it shows you really care about the people you meet! I’ve made a list of the most used and easy greetings and introductions in Slovenian, along with how to say them.

Good afternoonDober dandoh ber dahn
Good morningDobro jutrodoh broh yoo troh
Good eveningDober večerdoh behr veh chehr
Excuse meOprostiteoh prohs tee teh
What’s your name? (Formal)Kako vam je time?kah koh vahm yeh ee-meh
What’s your name? (Informal)Kako ti je ime?kah koh tee yeh ee-meh
How are you? (Formal)Kako ste?kah koh steh
How are you? (Informal)Kako si?kah koh see
ThanksHvalahvaa lah
Thank you very muchHvala lepahvaa lah leh pah
Conversational Slovenian Phrases

Useful Slovenian Phrases For Everyday Conversations

If you’ve started learning Slovenian, make sure to learn these day-to-day phrases to make your life easier! They’ll help you talk about what you need, be more polite, and connect with the people around you.

I come from LjubljanaPrihajam iz Ljubljane
I live in SloveniaŽivim v Sloveniji
I am 25 years oldStar/a sem 25 let
I don’t understandNe razumem
Nice to meet youVeseli me, da sva se spoznala
How’s the weather today?Kakšno bo danes vreme?
What are you up to?Kaj počneš?
Let’s grab a drink.Gremo na pijačo.
What’s the time?Koliko je ura?
How’s it going?Kako gre?
What’s up?Kaj dogaja?
I’m boredDolgčas mi je
I’m tiredUtrujen/a sem
I’m hungryLačen/lačna sem
Where’s the toilet?Kje je stranišče?
Where’s the ATM?Kje je bankomat?
How much does this cost?Koliko stane to?
Help!Na pomoč!
Conversational Slovenian Phrases

Conversational Slovenian Phrases For Ordering Food And Shopping

While on your Slovenian adventure, you’ll be going out shopping and trying some yummy Slovenian foods for sure. Here are some useful phrases that you can use with your partner or your friends:

Let’s go eat somethingGreva kaj pojest
What will you eat?Kaj boš jedel/jedla?
This dish is deliciousTa jed je okusna
Can I pay with a card?Lahko plačam s kartico?
I would like to buy thisŽelim kupiti to
It looks niceIzgleda lepo
I like itVšeč mi je
How much is it?Koliko stane?
Can I buy this?Lahko kupim to?

Saying Goodbye

Did you know that there are many ways to say goodbye in Slovenian? It all depends on the context of the situation. Here are different ways you might bid farewell to a person in Slovenian:

GoodbyeNasvidenje (formal)
FarewellZbogom (more formal)
GoodbyeAdijo (casual)
ByeČav (casual, used with friends)
See youSe vidimo
Good luckSrečno
Conversational Slovenian Phrases

Learn Slovenian With The Ling App

Slovenians are very eager to share their language and culture, so they will be amazed if you use any of the conversational phrases you learned today in a friendly social setting.

If you’re interested in other Slovenian vocabulary, check out our other awesome and useful Slovenian blogs, where you’ll find useful tips written by native speakers!

And I know learning a language can be hard, but we’ve got the perfect solution for those who want to take the easy path to hard languages.

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