4 Easy Ways To Say I Love You In Slovenian

Last updated on January 30th, 2024 at 06:13 am

Are you wondering what the best lines to express your real love towards your special someone are? In this post, we will walk you through the four best ways to say I love you in Slovenian, the common romantic phrases, and the terms of endearment that will surely make your Draga or Dragi’s (darling in Slovenian) heart beat faster! Whether you are learning this to confess or just thinking of impressing someone in a truly unique language, then you’ve come to the right place!

There is no denying that being ljubil (loved in English) is one of the best feelings in the world. It can literally make us feel so happy and excited to take on whatever challenges the world may give us. And as humans, it is natural for us to feel this way towards someone no matter how near or far they are from us! And perhaps, this is also why you landed on this page… you probably want to know how to speak the Slovenian language and make your special person from Slovenia feel even more attached to you.

So, without further ado, let’s start discussing the romantic words and phrases perfect for both male and female partners.

4 Ways To Say I Love You In Slovenian

4 Ways To Say I Love You In Slovenian

Saying I love you in Slovenian culture is a big deal as it is considered as a borderline between friendship and lovers. It acts as a commitment or a pledge that your heart beats only for the special person. To express this, you can use any of the expressions below:

Ljubim te

This is the most common way of expressing romantic love for the person you are in a relationship with. This should not be taken lightly, and it can only be shared between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ljubim te močno

If you want to take the basic translation above to the next level, you can say the Ljubim te močno, which means I love you so much. While this is also romantic, this is more common among the younger generation, and you probably can read it on social media of other Slovene nationals.

Rada te imam

If you want to express love (in general) to your family and friends, you can simply use radar te imam if you are a female. Please note that this is not as romantic as the ljubim te.

Rad te imam

This phrase is the correct translation for I love you in the Slovenian language if you are a male speaker expressing love to your brothers, comrades, and family.

Romantic Phrases And Question In Slovenian

Now that you have a complete grasp on the best ways to say I love you to your partner, family, and friends, we should now shift our attention to a new category of phrases that are also romantic. Check out the table below to learn more.

I miss youPogrešam te
I like youVšeč si mi
I like you a lotZelo si mi všeč
I love you with all my heartLjubim te z vsem srcem
You look beautiful! Zelo ste lepi
You’re very kind!Zelo ste prijazni
Can I kiss you?Te lahko poljubim?
Can I hug you?Te lahko objamem?
Can I see you?Te lahko vidim?
Do you want to make love with me?   Želite, da bi radi, da me?
Are you free tomorrow night?Ste jutri zvečer prosti?
Would you marry me?Bi se poročili z menoj?
You have a beautiful nameImate zelo lepo ime
Do you have a girlfriend?Imaš punco?
Do you have a boyfriend?Imaš fanta?
Terms Of Endearment In The Slovenian Language

Terms Of Endearment In The Slovenian Language

At this juncture, not only did you learn how to say I love you in the Slovenian language, but you also learned a thing or two about the common romantic phrases. Isn’t that great? If you feel that you are starting to have a deeper connection with your special person, then we highly recommend that you start belting out some terms of endearment. You’ll see in the table below the unique terms used by the locals.

Little sunSonček
Little mouseMiško
My myMoj moj
Silly oneSmotko
Teddy bearMedvedek 
My guinea pigMoj zamorec

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to get the best list of translations of romantic words, phrases, and questions that you can use to impress your special someone. If you’ve got questions or would love to share other terms used by the locals, feel free to share them with us by sending your commend on the section below.

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