10+ Tips On How To Speak Slovenian: Master The Language

How To Speak Slovenian

Want to learn Slovenian but having a tough time with all the grammatical rules and difficult vocabulary? If you want to improve your language skills to connect with your family, for a job, or just for fun, I’ve prepared a motivational post for you to master the language.

With dedication and the right approach, you can become a confident Slovenian speaker faster than you ever imagined. That’s why I’m here to give you tips on how to speak Slovenian like a pro!

Start With The Basics

The first step of every language is learning the basics and growing from there. Slovenian grammar can be a bit tricky when you start, especially if you’re not very familiar with any other Slavic languages yet. The first thing you might want to do is to learn the Slovenian alphabet. Slovenian uses the Latin alphabet but has its own unique version with some extra letters such as č, š, and ž.

Then, you can continue with greetings, ordering food, asking for directions, and telling time. Here are some super easy examples. Try practicing these out loud and familiarizing yourself with the language!

Good morningDobro jutro
Good afternoonDober dan
Good eveningDober večer
Where is…?Kje je…?
What time is it?Koliko je ura?
It is 2 o’clockUra je dve
I would like a coffee, please.Eno kavo, prosim

Create Flashcards

As someone who is learning a language from scratch, I highly recommend using flashcards to enhance your learning. They’re an effective tool for memorizing new vocabulary and expressions. You can also consider using flashcard apps like Quizlet, which allow you to create customizable digital flashcards that you can access and review whenever you want.

Keep A Language Learning Journal

Get a notebook and write down all new words, phrases, and expressions you come across during your learning journey. Reflecting on your progress and documenting your discoveries can help reinforce your learning.

Learn Some Slang And Colloquial Language

As you progress, the most authentic way to learn a language is to add some slang and colloquialisms to your vocabulary. Slovenians use certain phrases in everyday conversations, such as Kaj dogaja? (What’s up?), ”Itak!” (Duh!), or ”Stari!” (Dude!). If you start using these when talking with your Slovenian friends, they’ll be quite amused and impressed!

Photo of Slovenian arquitecture and seaside

Immerse Yourself In The Language

Learning a language also means getting to know the culture of the country that its spoken in. I would say that’s actually a very important part of it! There are certain things you don’t get from textbooks and lessons, as only real experiences bring the language to life. Here are some ideas on how to do that when learning Slovenian:

Listen To Slovenian Music

Slovenian music has many great artists that you can listen to. Vocal groups like Perpetuum Jazzile and rock bands like Siddharta are great choices. Listen to the lyrics of singers like Vlado Kreslin and Adi Smolar – their songs talk about life, are super catchy, and have heartwarming lyrics. Pay attention to how they sing, and try to memorize some songs. Listening to Slovenian music will for sure help you learn the language and also get to know Slovenia’s culture.

Watch Slovenian Movies

By watching Slovenian movies, you’ll not only learn the language but also get an idea of the country’s everyday life. Slovenian films will introduce you to talented actors and iconic filming locations, helping you understand the country’s cinematic heritage and enhance your cultural appreciation. And, of course, watching Slovenian movies with subtitles will help you get used to the language’s pronunciation!

Visit Events And Festivals

If you’re in Slovenia, why not attend some cultural events, such as the Kurentovanje festival in Ptuj? This might make you better understand Slovenian customs and values. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to meet some locals and practice your language skills in real life!

Talk With Native Speakers

One of the best ways to learn any language is by practicing with a native speaker. If you already have a Slovenian friend or partner, that’s great! But if not, look for local language meetups to attend. Speaking with a native or proficient speaker will improve your fluency and help you hear authentic pronunciation and expressions. Be sure to ask lots of questions and get feedback on your speaking. This can be your best Slovenian language course of all.

Slovenian photo scene

Learn The Slovenian Language Online

Even if you’re not currently in Slovenia, you can connect with language learners online. The Internet offers a wealth of resources for learning a language. Follow a Slovenian YouTube channel to master the basics, improve pronunciation, and expand your vocabulary. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide a thriving community for language learners. You can interact with fellow learners, exchange ideas, and practice your skills through text or video communication.

Embrace Mistakes

Learning a new language will always be filled with ups and downs. Don’t let fear of making mistakes hold you back. Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow and improve. Stay consistent with your practice routine, and celebrate your progress along the way!

Use Language Learning Apps

Explore language learning apps that cater specifically to Slovenian learners. Many of them have engaging exercises and quizzes that will help you master the language much faster. With just a few minutes of dedicated practice each day, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can improve your Slovenian skills!

Lake in Slovenia - how to learn slovenian with Ling

The Best Tip Of All: Ling!

Another great way to learn Slovenian (along with 60+ other languages!) is the Ling app. With Ling, learning becomes a fun experience with engaging Slovenian lessons that include various exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge. You’ll learn many Slovenian words and phrases and even chat with an AI bot to put your skills to the test if you’re not ready to have a real-life conversation yet!

Ling has resources for all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re more advanced, Ling will help you improve. Start your language exploration today by downloading the app for free from either the Google Play Store or the App Store!

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