Best Guide to Apps For Learning Slovenian in 2022

So you want to learn the Slovenian language but don’t know where to start. Trust me, I understand how hard learning a new language can be. In this article, we will help you learn about the best apps for learning Slovenian in 2022 to get started with this new language. So let’s start learning!

Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

Well, there are multiple paths that you can take. You can either choose a private tutor to teach you Slovenian which would be a commitment and pretty expensive. You can start taking Slovenian classes which are again something you need to commit to, take a specific part of your day out to attend and it’s also expensive.

There is the self-tutoring path by reading books which I personally find very hard and pretty dull. It’s going to be time-consuming and require a lot of patience and effort. Now there is one method which I think is far better than these and far more efficient. It is to learn Slovenian by using an app.

Why use an app to learn Slovenian?

Before talking about the apps, let’s see what makes them important!

Apps are affordable

Unlike the other methods, I mentioned earlier most language learning apps are free and if not free they come at a very low price. If you are learning Slovenian for fun or if you just want to start I would recommend starting with an app and then if you feel like it is not working out for you then you can switch to the other more expensive methods.

Efficient and less time consuming

Unlike books that take ages to read, learning Slovenian through an app would be far more efficient as you don’t have to read every single sentence written. If you feel like you are not a beginner then you can skip the beginner lessons on apps and skip to more advanced lessons to save time.

Not only that with an app you don’t have to be bound to take lectures at a specific time when your tutor comes or when you have a class at a university. You can take your lessons anywhere and at any time you like using just your smartphone which is pretty convenient.

Learn at your own pace

If you join a class for learning Slovenian you would have to keep up with what the teacher is teaching you. With an app, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the next lesson if you didn’t understand the previous lesson. Other than that you can always retake a lesson if you are confused about something. 

More fun experience

Learning the native language of Slovenia through an app always makes the learning process fun compared to learning through a tutor. Apps have gamified the learning experience by adding various interactive learning techniques which makes it a far better experience to learn by an app.

Not only that, apps break down long boring lessons into small portions which are easy to digest and not hard to focus on. There are also some apps that offer mini-games to help you stay focused. 

Retaining information

By using an app you retain more information as apps have features like flashcards which retest your memory and help you retain stuff better. Not only that, many apps have quizzes on the Slovenian language. They help you retain grammar and spoken Slovenian far better which can otherwise be hard to retain.

Best apps to learn the Slovenian language

While there are many language learning apps to choose from while learning Slovenian there are some apps that are just far better than others, They have a better user interface, provide a generally better overall experience and the quality of content they teach is far better than others. Not only that some apps have features like quizzes and flashcards which are a great way to retain information and test yourself.

Here’s a list of the best apps out there in 2022 that will help you learn Slovenian.


Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

Memrise is probably the most popular app on the list and one of the most popular language-learning apps. While being the few premium quality apps that offer Slovenian courses I would highly encourage you to check it out.

Once a course has been chosen, Memrise employs a set of mnemonics known as “mems,” which employ associative images or phrases to aid short and long-term memory. You are urged to recall a specific word utilizing your brain’s capacity to retain the image linked with the term when you practice the individual things.

Not only that, you may create or join a group of friends, family, classmates, or students and either develop a specialized course for them or pick existing courses to add to their projects using the group function. This makes learning Slovenian a lot of fun and you might make many friends along the way which is amazing.

Memrise is free to use and you could pay for a premium version if you want to which is good as well. You get access to all the features of the app which aren’t available in the free version. Other than that, Memrise is available for ios, and Android and there is a website for computer users. 

50 Languages

Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

The 50 Languages app consists of video lectures that are formed on audio and text. This is a great way of learning Slovenian if you are a lazy passive learner as it does not require much effort. It contains almost 100 lessons out of which the first 30 are free. You will have to pay for the other 70 lessons. 

The lessons start from a very basic level so you don’t have to worry if you are starting to learn Slovenian from scratch. You will be able to speak some sentences and have day-to-day conversations in no time.

The 100 lessons will help you learn the Slovenian language and use it in a variety of circumstances rapidly (e.g. at a restaurant, on a vacation to Slovenia, during small talk with the locals, getting to know people better, While shopping at a local market, at the bank, or at business gatherings, etc.). Another great feature of the app is that you can download the lessons for offline use and listen to them wherever you are without the internet.

This makes it very convenient to learn Slovenian if you are a student who lives far off from the school as you can take lessons during your train rides or bus rides. Learn one lesson every day and review what you’ve learned in the earlier  lesson before moving on to the next lesson to get the most benefit out of 50 languages


Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

Forvo is a very unique and exciting app as it is a pronunciation dictionary. Now there are plenty of dictionaries out there but Forvo stands out to me as a particularly beneficial tool for Slovene learners since it focuses on pronunciation rather than simply word translations. That is, in fact, its major goal. 

If you have started to learn Slovenian you would know how hard the pronunciations are. Not only that, there are some words (for example about accommodation) that are pronounced differently in different regions which can be very confusing.

To have a  dictionary that tells you the proper pronunciation of the word can be beneficial when visiting Slovenia or even when taking lessons. Many students often complain about their tutor not having a proper accent or not pronouncing the words accurately which is why Forvo is a great tool to use.


Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

DuoCards is a language learning app based on flashcards. If you want to learn Slovenian from the start or even get better at vocabulary and test yourself this is a great app. You have two sides to a flashcard. There is the Slovenian word and then there is the translation which is hidden so it was a great way to test yourself.

You can always use the flashcards available or even add your own words in the app to translate. Not only that, DuoCards can translate the words from Slovenian to your language which is very convenient and life-saving in real-life conversations when you need a quick translation.

There is a performance tracker feature that tracks how much you have learned which helps you stay motivated. Not only that, you can further improve your Slovenian by reading the Slovenian articles available on the app.

DuoCards allows you to translate and save words right from your browser too. Select any text that you are confused about within your browser and you can go ahead and translate the word in DuoCards chrome extension. You can also store the learned word in the app or browser.

There is also a video language course available for the people who like passive learning or who are complete beginners at the language and want someone to help them get better. The app is also free to use which is great.

Ling app

Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

Finally bringing you our first pick and always preferred app, the Ling App. Ling App was created with the goal of making language learning as simple, enjoyable, and accessible as possible. You’ll be obsessed with learning the Slovenian language on your smartphone thanks to a range of small games and interactive learning approaches. The Ling Slovenian app can help you learn the basics of the language or brush up on your knowledge if you’re already proficient and want to acquire advanced terminology or brush up on your knowledge.

This app is great as you can individually focus on your weaknesses in the language. Weak at grammar? Take more grammar lessons. Learn all about Slovenian parts of speech e.g. Slovenian verbs. You are good at vocabulary but not fluent? Ling will help you with that too. It’s amazing how efficiently this app teaches a language.

Regular language classes may be tedious, boring, and uninteresting. This is why we’ve made learning entertaining by utilizing puzzles,  and quizzes to teach you Slovenian reading, writing, and speaking. To help you develop your pronunciation, Ling employs native Slovenian speakers.

Not only that, you can learn almost 50 languages within the app. You may even test out the Ling language learning app for free. But if you want to unlock all the features of the app then you will have to pay for it. Trust me when I tell you that this app is worth every penny. Download it now and give it a try.

Wrapping Up!

Apps for learning Slovenian in 2022

Are you trying to learn the Slavic languages and are a complete beginner? On Ling App, you can learn how to speak the official language of Slovenia along with multiple languages in a fun and easy way. Start learning your target language and Speak Slovenian like the native speakers!

Happy Learning!

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