Slovenian Food: 7 Best Dishes For Tourists

Slovenian Food 7 Best Dishes For Tourists

Slovenian food – now there’s some comfort cuisine that deserves more international fame! I’m telling you, after one rich, savory bite of Carniolan sausage or a forkful of delicate walnut potica, you’ll be plotting ways to smuggle some home with you. I personally have sampled a few and as a chef-wannabe, I just think that there’s something really unique with the traditional flavors of Slovenian dishes.

Their secret?

What they do best is hearty, simple goodness: think dumplings dripping in cream sauce, potatoes smothered in pork crackling, velvety cheeses. It’s the kind of rib-sticking food made with love that makes you feel right at home!

Yet, for some reason, Slovenian cuisine gets constantly overlooked on the global stage. And that’s an absolute crime in my book! So, if it’s your first time visiting, make sure to save room for the classics that will be covered in this post. Oh, and watch out for some useful phrases in the Slovenian language!

Slovenian food

Slovenian Food Characteristics

If there’s one thing you need to know about Slovenian cuisine, it’s that seasonality and freshness reign supreme. See, Slovenians don’t really care for fancy fusion dishes or exotic ingredients flown in from far-flung corners of the world. They like to keep things classic, relying on high-quality staples from the rich farmlands around them.

When it comes to the foundation of most dishes, you’ll find an ample amount of meat, vegetables, grains, and fruit. Think slow-cooked pork or tender beef. Local crops like cabbage, beetroot, potatoes, and beans also make frequent appearances too – either simmered, stewed, or preserved as pickles. And as the seasons shift, ingredients change right along with them.

7 Best Dishes In The Slovenian Cuisine

Kranjska Klobasa

If there’s one Slovenian food that reigns supreme, it’s got to be Kranjska klobasa sausage. This garlicky, smoky sausage is practically a national icon! Carniolan sausage traces its juicy roots back to the Gorenjska region, where it was first dubbed “kranjska” way back in 1896.

Now, you can find these plump, succulent sausage links sizzling on grills across all of Slovenia. They’re a staple at celebrations like new year, ceremonies, and any important event that demands good eating! Even old-timey storytellers in Ljubljana considered carniolan sausage a VIP guest at meaty feasts.

So what makes this sausage so especially mouthwatering? For starters, it earns its protected designation by being smoked to perfection and containing at least 68% high-quality pork, plus 12% beef and 20% bacon. All those premium meats and smoking give the sausage its signature juicy texture and rich, meaty flavor that dances on your tongue.


Potica may look humble, but the thin golden dough and addictive fillings are straight-up heavenly. Each homemade potica is a unique work of art, but a few fillings have cemented their iconic status across Slovenia.

There’s the popular walnut potica, with its sweet, nutty crunch coming from chopped walnuts blended with sugar and spice. Tarragon potica also enjoys fame, where ground tarragon leaves lend an aromatic, slightly bittersweet zip.

For something truly decadent, ocvirki cracklings potica features crispy pork fat baked into the dough for a savory, melt-in-your-mouth experience. And no Slovenian baby’s potica repertoire is complete without a poppy seed version, with subtly sweet blue poppy seeds mingling with the soft dough.


DREŽNIŠKI ŠTRUKLJI 🤤 #strukli #travelslovenia Made by the Kranjc Family @oftravelsandtales

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo


At their heart, štruklji showcases how resourceful Slovenian cooking can be. They take simple ingredients – maybe some dough, cottage cheese, apples, or nuts – and then transform them into something irresistible through expert rolling and baking. The fillings inside these puffy pastries are where things get really interesting, though.

The most popular štruklji are filled with tangy cottage cheese, fragrant tarragon, sweet walnuts, tart apples, or aromatic poppy seeds. But don’t let those classics restrict your creativity! More modern štruklji rock fillings like chocolate hazelnut spread, pumpkin, and even sauerkraut or salty meats. See what I mean about being resourceful?

Buckwheat Žganci

These humble, mushy grains are quintessential rustic comfort food, the kind of belly-warming, simple goodness Slovenian peasants relied on for generations. At its core, žganci couldn’t be easier to whip up. Simply mix buckwheat flour with water or milk, and you’ve got the basics covered!

But what sends žganci over the top is how you customize them. Most often, you’ll find them topped with gooey cracknels or served with sides like mushroom soup, meat dishes, or sour milk.

Kraški Pršut

For generations, Karst prosciutto has been THE celebratory meat to showcase at weddings, festivals, family gatherings – you name it! The curing process leverages that unique Karst climate, where brisk winds called burja blow sea salt and minerals inland from the Adriatic. These conditions allow pork legs to air-dry over months until wonderfully concentrated.

The result?

Slovenia’s beloved Karst prosciutto, with its characteristic deep red color and irresistible aroma. The texture of perfectly cured Kraški pršut straddles the line between tender and firm, while the flavor profile runs the gamut from sweet to nutty to savory umami. Whether enjoyed as part of a meat and cheese platter or folded into a juicy ham sandwich, high-quality Karst prosciutto is the crown jewel of Slovenian charcuterie.

Prekmurska Gibanica

If there’s one sweet Slovenian specialty that perfectly encapsulates a region’s charm on a single plate, it’s got to be Prekmurska Gibanica. This spectacular layered cake hails from the Prekmurje area lining Slovenia’s northeast edges. And with its fanciful name meaning “Over-Mura Moving Cake,” you know this dessert carries history between each buttery layer!

On the outside, you’ve got paper-thin rotating sheets of golden crispy dough. And tucked inside? Ribbons of rich sweet cream and chocolate icing layered with fruity apple strudel fillings, fresh cheese creams, even crushed walnuts, and poppy seeds. Every bite reveals a new flavor surprise!


Jota is quintessential Slovenian comfort cuisine. Housewives would whip it up to feed hardworking families during the cold months when items like beans, cabbage, potatoes, and turnips were stashed away in the cellar. Those simple pantry staples would get diced up and simmered into a nourishing soup loaded with flavor. Add a smoky hunk of meat or spicy sausage, and you’ve got yourself one belly-warming meal!

While the basic ingredients stay the same, Jota enjoys tasty regional variations across Slovenia too. Maybe there’s a splash of vinegar for tang or a sprinkle of paprika for color. Think diced prosciutto in seaside areas or smoky pork bits further inland. However you spin it, though, Jota represents old-school Slovenian cooking at its finest – resourceful, hearty, and so satisfying!

Dober tek!

This hearty Slovenian blessing is music to any food lover’s ears. You’ll hear locals enthusiastically say “dober tek ” before digging into meals. It’s their way of saying, “Enjoy your meal”, which is likely to happen with all that delicious Slovenian cuisine!

Hvala, enako!

Once someone wishes you a hearty “dober tek!” show appreciation the Slovenian way and say, “hvala, enako!” This response means, “Thank you, the same to you!” So go ahead – say it with a smile before enjoying another bite of štruklji!

Še en krof, prosim

Got an insatiable sweet tooth after trying prekmurska gibanica cake? No problem! Just politely ask for “še en krof, prosim” which means “one more doughnut, please.” Though with Slovenian desserts that good, stopping at just one more can be tough!

Dober dan, kam lahko dobim domače mesnine?

Want to track down delicious Carniolan sausage and karst prosciutto meats during your stay? Strike up a conversation by saying, “Dober dan, kam lahko dobim domače mesnine?” This friendly phrase means, “Hello, where can I find local cured meats?” Your Slovenian food adventure awaits!

Ready To Try Our Traditional Slovenian Food?

Well, there you have it – a mouthwatering tour of the soul-warming, hearty comfort cuisine this tiny country serves up by the steaming spoonful. Just don’t blame me when you start craving the garlicky goodness of Kranjska klobasa sausages or the sweet, nutty crunch of walnut potica again soon.

The Slovenian alphabet is a good way to improve your knowledge of this language. But nothing beats learning through food. Want to learn even more about Slovenia’s food culture beyond the basics? Make sure to download the Ling app! With its selection of lessons and useful phrases, you can finally discuss more with the locals about the best dishes and more. Give it a try now!

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