5+ Best Chinese Shows On Netflix For Learning

Chinese shows on Netflix

Eyes glued, hand involuntarily cupping up popcorn and throwing it carelessly into the mouth, and feet anxiously tapping as the suspense builds up. What will happen next? Will my favorite character do the right thing? Will the main actor die?— your thoughts collide against each other in a random motion as you enjoy your favorite Chinese shows on Netflix.

You’ll have to agree that we all love a good movie (I do, too!). Nothing beats a well-directed movie that builds up suspense and ends in a (un)expected way. What’s better is being able to enjoy a good movie while learning your desired language, which is Chinese. It is like killing two birds with one stone! Cool right?!

So, Hello (你好); if you are wondering how to support the traditional way of learning Chinese in a more fun yet passive way, watching Chinese TV shows will give you that leverage. You can enjoy the storyline, feel your emotions rise, and still learn new vocabulary with a good Chinese TV show. So, if you are ready to learn about the best Chinese dramas on Netflix, get ready because this will be a fun read!

Best Chinese Dramas To Improve Your Vocabulary

The list below is a compilation of the best-ranking and interesting Chinese Shows on Netflix that will make your time worthwhile and improve your vocabulary. To give you some variety, this list will come in different genres.

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The Eternal Love

In the midst of different love stories, The Eternal Love stands out as a masterpiece that you can’t help but fall in love with. This show was so captivating that it got over 50 billion views on Chinese streaming sites and millions of views on YouTube and other international sites.

Regardless of it being in the Chinese language, you cannot help but admire its storyline.

It is a compelling story of two women (Qu Tan’er & Qu Xiaotan) being ‘trapped’ in one body. Qu Tan’er attempted suicide after being forced to marry her first love’s younger brother, Mo Lian Cheng (who happens to be the eighth prince of the Dong Yue Kingdom). Afterward, she wakes up to find a new personality (Qu Xiotan) in her body.

They are very different: Qu Tan’er is gentler and calm, while Qu Xiotan is strong and inhibited. As Qu Xiotan struggles to find her way back to the modern world, she falls in love with Mo Lian Cheng, while Qu Tan’er maintains her love for Yi Huai, her first love. The thing is, when one of these personalities tells a lie, the other takes over the shared body, leaving room for confusion and manipulation.

So, how will Qu Tan’er convince Mo Lian Cheng that he isn’t falling in love with her but with Qu Xiotan? And how will she protect her love interest with Yi Huai? Well, it is up to you to find out!

This is a great watch for Intermediates who have basic Chinese knowledge.

The Legend Of White Snake

If one of your goals is learning about fantasy tales of ancient China, then you’ll find The Legend of White Snake a blast:

There was a man who seemed cunning, but nobody seemed to notice, so an ancient snake spirit became human to expose his dirty deeds and prove his slyness. However, their rivalry didn’t last long, as both parties fell in love with each other. When the man finds out he is in love with a snake, will his love stand the test of trust and time?

This TV show stands out because it helps you learn Chinese and ancient China’s culture and wedding traditions. It is a must-watch because beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners can enjoy this movie.

Meteor Garden

Boys Over Flowers (a popular K-drama) was the talk of the town in the late 2010s. Of course, I was head over heels for the movie as well! If you enjoyed Boys Over Flowers, you will probably like Meteor Garden. And if you haven’t watched Boys Over Flowers, you should still watch Meteor Garden, as it is the Chinese version.

This show is about a humble girl who gets a scholarship to the country’s most prestigious school. There, she has to face a group of four spoiled rich friends, known as the F4, who want to bully her. The story takes a turn as she finds herself torn between the two of them.

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Are you looking for a Chinese TV show with a plot twist? If yes, then you’re in luck! Adapted from the popular American TV show “Chosen,” this Chinese remake features a doctor living a normal life who all of a sudden receives a mysterious box asking him to carry out an assassination. He stands to lose his loved ones if he disagrees.

To keep himself and his family alive, he must become an assassin overnight and carry out the tasks. How will he navigate this new life? How will he keep his family safe while working to uncover the mastermind behind all of this? You can find out by watching this thrilling Mandarin-language movie.

As the movie was shot in Australia, a few English phrases give you breaks between the Chinese language. And although the actors speak standard Chinese, which is great for learners, you should watch out for one of them, who has a Taiwanese accent.

The King’s Avatar

This is a perfect Chinese TV Show for gamers and IT enthusiasts. It features a man forcefully removed from his gaming team because of a misunderstanding. Falling to rock bottom, he has to work in an internet café while climbing back up as one of the top gamers.

He meets a lady with a grand plan to start an e-gaming platform, and they work together to make a dream come true.

The Rational Life

If you are looking for a more modern and dynamic love story that features power, a strong woman lead, and work politics, then The Rational Life is your best bet.

Shen Ruo Xin is a vibrant lady in her thirties who finds herself amid injustice and dirty politics in her workplace. Not only does she have to take a stand against this injustice, but she is also caught up in societal pressure and longing for a spouse.

She finds herself in a love triangle between two men with different qualities. One is her bachelor’s boss, who has prestige, charisma, and appropriate age, while the other is her young assistant, who is far younger than her, inexperienced, and of a lower wealth standard.

Will she follow her heart and act against societal convictions to pursue a life with her younger assistant, or will she consider her self-image and what people will say and settle for her bachelor’s boss?

Take My Brother Away

Take My Brother Away is an excellent Chinese show for younger learners and teenagers, as it tells the story of two troublesome siblings living together and trying to navigate their way through school without biting their heads off.

It depicts family love, affection, and drama and is a must-watch for teenagers or anyone interested in teenage and high school movies and shows.

Bonus: The Soul

If you love dark-themed movies, I didn’t leave you out because The Soul will excite your senses. This story revolves around the murder of the founder of a futuristic cancer treatment organization. A detective with the illness, alongside his pregnant wife, is saddled with the responsibility of solving the murder mystery. As they go deeper, they discover deep occult secrets that won’t leave them the same.

How To Watch Chinese Shows On Netflix

If you are wondering how to access any of these Mandarin-language movies on Netflix, all you need to do is signup for any of the plans, use the search bar at the top right corner, and look for any of the TV shows listed above. From there, you can play the movie and add subtitles so you can follow everything and see if you understand the dub.

If you’re interested in watching other Chinese shows, all you need to do is to search for Chinese movies or shows, and you’ll be welcomed with endless possibilities.

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