Ling Scholarships For Outstanding Students At The Faculty Of Humanities, Chiang Mai University

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If you’ve just been accepted to a study abroad program in a country where English is not the native language, you’ll need to do some serious prepping. So, why not make learning a new language more accessible and effective with Ling scholarships?

Isn’t it amazing how we live in a world where we can easily connect with people worldwide and learn about their unique cultures? If you want to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural setting, learning a new language will give you an excellent opportunity to broaden your social circle. 

Ling Scholarships have made studying abroad possible for people worldwide. This time, we’ve collaborated with Chiang Mai University to award Ling scholarships to outstanding students!

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Ling Scholarships In Collaboration With Chiang Mai University

Simya Labs Company Limited, the creator of the Ling app, a popular language-learning application, has awarded the “Ling Scholarship” to exceptional students at the Faculty of Humanities. The scholarships were presented by Assistant Professor Chawadon Ketkaew, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, in recognition of the student’s aspirations to pursue higher education abroad.

The scholarship presentation ceremony took place on Friday, June 2, 2023, at 10:30 AM in Conference Room 7211 of the HB7 Building, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University.

The successful recipients of this prestigious scholarship, following a rigorous selection process, are as follows:

Ling Scholarships-ling-app-the winner at Chiang Mai University
  1. Tanon Chaimongkol, Student ID: 620110036, has been awarded a scholarship worth 10,000 Baht. As part of the scholarship, the student will also receive a free lifetime membership to all languages available on the Ling App.
Ling Scholarships-ling-app-the runner up at Chiang Mai University
  1. Phuriwat Sitthichai, Student ID: 630110076, has been awarded a scholarship worth 8,000 Baht. The student will also receive a free lifetime membership to one language of his choice on the Ling App.

We’re thrilled their well-written essay helped them get one of our Ling scholarships. The essay demonstrates their out-of-the-box thinking and emphasizes how languages can broaden one’s horizons and continue on their path to success. Read their outstanding essay right here!

Simya Labs Company Limited is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and encouraging language education. Ling scholarships can assist driven language learners in achieving fluency while utilizing the Ling app. It’s known for its engaging content and super user-friendly interface. The best part is that it’s designed to make language learning fun, effective, and accessible to over 60 languages!

Ling Scholarships-ling-app-group-photo-at-Chiang Mai University

Are you enthusiastic about applying for the Ling scholarship and interested in trying out the Ling app to learn new languages?

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