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There is no denying that the Urdu language is one of the most beautiful and poetic languages out there. It is often also called romantic language, but how does it sound when used in humorous lines? Well, it sounds even more beautiful. In this article, we will look at some of the funny Urdu jokes that many generations have loved. These jokes will surely make you laugh, so keep reading below.

Funny jokes are a great way to start a conversation or clear up a challenging atmosphere. After all, people often remember those who always have funny quotes up their sleeves rather than those who don’t! To fit into a Pakistani or Urdu-speaking crowd, you have to accept that some effort is needed, and you will have to improve on finer details like executing jokes. Once the people start smiling and giggling, it’s a sure sign that you have their attention. It may also be time to excite the game with more interesting and funny Urdu jokes. Eventually, you may be asked to share some of them during a visit or a dinner party, which is common in Pakistani cultures.

Funny Jokes In Urdu - Girls Laughing - Learn Urdu
Funny Urdu Jokes – Girls Laughing

List Of Funny Urdu Jokes

Here are some exciting and funny Urdu jokes. Most are related to married couples and conversations between husband and wife. Other jokes are about kids, between a man, Sikhs, Pathans, kids, and ordinary folk!

Husband & Wife

English UrduPronunciation
The husband was crying loudly while watching TV.
Wife: Which film are you watching that is making you cry like this
Husband: I am watching my wedding film.
شوہر ٹی وی دیکھتے ہیں زور زور سے رو رہا تھا۔
بیوی: کونسا فلم دیکھ رہے ہو جو ہے تارہ رو رہے ہو
شوہر:اپنی شادی کی فلم دیکھ رہا ہوں
Husband TV dekte huwe zor zor se ro raha tha
Wife: konsa film dekh rahe ho jo is tarah ro rahe ho
Husband: apni shadi ke film dekh raha hoon.

Man, Wife, & 3 Kids

A man had three kids; his wife passed away, so he married a widow with three kids.
After the marriage, they, too, had three kids.
One day all kids were fighting.
The wife then called her husband: come home fast, your children and mine are beating up our children.
ایک آدمی کے تین بچے، انکی بیوی مار گئی تو انہو نے تین بچو والی ایک بیوا عورت سے شادی کرلی۔
شادی کے بعد دونو کے اور 3 بچے بھی ہو گئے۔
ایک دن سب بچے لارنے لگے
تو بیوی نے شوہر کو فون کیا: آپ جلدی آجائیں آپ کی اور میرے بچے دودھ والے ہمارے بچے کو مار رہے ہیں
Ek admi ke teen bachay the, unki biwi mar gayi toh unho ne teen bacho wali ek bewa aurat se shadi karli.
shadi ke baad dono ke aur 3 bachey bhi ho gaye
ek din sab bachey larne lagey
toh biwi ne shouhar ko phone kiya: aap jaldi ajayen ap ki aur mere bachey milkar hamarey bachon ko maar rahe hai

Daughter & Mom

English UrduPronunciation
After some days of her married daughter speaks to her mom on the phone: today I fought with him
Mom: Daughter in a marriage these things happen, no matter
Daughter: That’s all fine but what do I do with his dead body now?
شادی کے کچھ دن بعد بیٹی اپنی ماں سے فون پر: آج میری ان سے لارائی ہو گئی
ماں: بیٹا شادی کے بعد جھگڑے ہوتے رہتے ہیں، کوئی بات نہیں
بیٹی: ہان وہ تو ٹھیک ہے لیکن اب لش کا کیا کرو
Shadi ke kuch din baad beti apni maa se phone par: aaj meri unse larai ho gayi
Maa: beta shadi ke baad jhagray hote rehte hai, koi baat nahi
Beti: han woh toh thik hai lekin ab lash ka kya karon

Pathan & Wedding Clothes

Pathan: Where do they make wedding clothes?
Sardar: In the sky
Pathan: Oh God! I have made a big mistake.
Sardar: Why? What happened?
Pathan: I gave the cloth to the tailor!
پٹھان: تم شادی کے زور کہاں بنتے ہیں۔
سردار: آسمان میں
پٹھان: اف خدایا بوہت باری گلتی ہو گئی۔
سردار: کیوں کیا ہوا؟
پٹھان: ہم نے تو کپڑا درزی کو دے دیا۔
Pathan: ye shadi ke jore kahan bante hai?
Sardar: Asmaan par!
Pathan: Uff khudaya, bohot bari galti ho gayi!
Sardar: Kyun kya huwa?
Pathan: Hum ne toh kapra darzi ko de dia!

Doctor & Mentally Ill Patient

In a mental hospital, all the people were dancing.
There was one among them who sat in one place quietly
The doctor thought that this one must be well now.
The doctor asked him, why are you sitting and not dancing?
He said: Shut up, dummy! I am the groom!
ایک ذہنی ہسپتال میں سب پگل ناچ رہے ہیں۔
ان میں سے ایک پاگل چپ کر کے بیٹھا ہوا تھا۔
ڈاکٹر سمجھے وہ ٹھک ہو گیا ہے۔
ڈاکٹر نی پوچھ تم کیوں نہیں ناچ رہے ہو
پاگل نے بولا، چپ بےوقوف، میں دلہ ہوں
Ek mental hospital mein saab pagal nach rahe the
un mein sey ek pagal chup karke betha huwa tha
Doctor samjhe woh thik ho gaya hai
Doctor ne pucha tum kyun nahi nach rahe ho
Pagal ne bola, chup bewakoof, mey dulha hoon
Urdu Jokes In Urdu - Laughing Men - Learn Urdu
Funny Urdu Jokes – Uncle Laughing

Child & Uncle

An angry child was going to school after getting a beating at home.
On the road, an uncle asked: Child, do you study?
Child: No, I dance cabaret in uniform.
ایک بچہ گھر سے مار کھا کر گسوں میں سکول جا رہا تھا
راستے میں ایک انکل نے پوچھا: بیٹا پارٹی ہو؟
بچہ: نہیں، وردی پہین کر مجرا کرنا جاتا ہو گا۔
Ek bacha ghar se maar kha kar gussay mey school ja raha tha.
Rastay mey ek Uncle ne pucha: Beta partay ho?
Bacha: Nahi, uniform pehen kar mujra karne jata hon.

Dictionary & Chieftain

Hitler: “There Is No Word Like IMPOSSIBLE In My Dictionary.”
Chieftain: Now, what is the use of saying that?
When you purchased it, you should have checked about that then!
ہٹلر کہتا ہے،
“میری ڈکشنری میں ناممکن جیسا کوئی لفظ نہیں”
سردار صاحب کہتے ہیں: اب بولنے سے کیا فیدہ؟
“جب کھریدی تھی تب ہی چیک کرنا تھا نا”
“There Is No Word Like IMPOSSIBLE In My Dictionary”
Chieftain: Ab Bolne Se Kiya Fayidah?
“Jub Kharidi Thi Tab Hi Check Karna Tha Na”

Police & Chieftain

Police: You will be hanged tomorrow at 5 am.
Chieftain: Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Police: Why are you laughing?
Chieftain: I wake up only after 9am.
پولیس: تمھے کل سبھا 5 باجے پھنسی دی جائے گی۔
سردار: ہا ہا ہا ہا!
پولیس: کیوں حسن رہے ہو؟
سردار: میں تو اُٹھا ہی سبھا 9 باجے ہن۔
Police: Tumhe Kal Subah 5 Baje Phansi Di Jayegi.
Chieftain: Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Police: Kyon Hasn Rahe Ho?
Chieftain: Main To Uthta Hi Subha 9 Baje Hun.
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Learn More Urdu Jokes With Ling App

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