30+ Easy Polish Words For The Beach

Are you ready to kick your off shoes and embrace the summer spirit? Whether you are an armchair traveler or a full-fledged beach bum, learning the basic Polish words for the beach or plaża will certainly elevate your experience and transform your communication skills. With this said, let’s look at some of the must-know Polish words and translations that you can use with fellow sea lovers. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Situated in Central Europe, Poland is where you can find numerous under-the-radar coastal destinations that will make you feel like a VIP. Yep, you read that right! VIP! Some of the beaches are not regularly visited by the locals, so there are times wherein you can only see a handful enjoying the view. So if you are planning your beach-themed bucket list, you should not miss out on visiting Poland. And if you are visiting soon or thinking of speaking with a travel agent, learning the basic words will help you out. Let’s get to know about that below!


Polish Words For The Beach

Polish Words For The Beach

It is often said that summer stands as “the king” of all seasons, and that is certainly the case for Poland. The warm season in the country starts in June and ends in August, making it a great time to visit, especially for sun worshippers. Aside from going to the beach, the locals also have fun by attending numerous outdoor concerts, alfresco dining events, and exciting summer festivals along the coast. According to the locals, the summertime is also special since this is the only period wherein the streets are literally packed with locals and foreigners alike.

So if you are a traveler or someone interested to learn Polish, there’s no better time to interact with the locals than during your summer adventure in the country. Fortunately, the words and most of the short expressions related to the beach are easy to memorize and do not have complicated pronunciation rules. Let’s go over those in the table below.

General Beach Vocabulary In Polish

BeachPlaża[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Plaża[/Speechword]
Beach chairLeżak[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Leżak[/Speechword]
BoardwalkPromenada[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Promenada[/Speechword]
BonfireOgnisko[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Ognisko[/Speechword]
OceanOcean[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Ocean[/Speechword]
SandPiasek[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Piasek[/Speechword]
Sand castleZamek z piasku[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Zamek z piasku[/Speechword]
SeaMorze[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Morze[/Speechword]
SeashellMuszla[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Muszla[/Speechword]
SunSłońce[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Słońce[/Speechword]
SunsetZachód słońca[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Zachód słońca[/Speechword]
TidePlyw[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Plyw[/Speechword]
WaterWoda[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Woda[/Speechword]
WavesFale[Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Fale[/Speechword]

Polish Words For Beach Activities

Beach volleyballSiatkówka plażowa [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Siatkówka plażowa[/Speechword]
Fly a kitePuszczać latawiec [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Puszczać latawiec[/Speechword]
FrisbeeFrisbee [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Frisbee[/Speechword]
Jet skiSkuter wodny [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Skuter wodny[/Speechword]
PicnicPiknik [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Piknik[/Speechword]
ReadCzytać [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Czytać[/Speechword]
RunBiegać [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Biegać[/Speechword]
SnorkelingNurkowanie [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Nurkowanie[/Speechword]
SurfingSurfing [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Surfing[/Speechword]
SwimmingPpływanie [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Ppływanie[/Speechword]
Take picturesRobić zdjęcia [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Robić zdjęcia[/Speechword]
TanOpalenizna [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Opalenizna[/Speechword]
WalkSpcerować [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Spcerować[/Speechword]

Polish Words For Items To Pack

Beach towelRęcznik plażowy [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Ręcznik plażowy[/Speechword]
Beach umbrellaParasol plażowy [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Parasol plażowy[/Speechword]
BikiniBikini [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Bikini[/Speechword]
CoolerChłodziarka [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Chłodziarka[/Speechword]
FlipflopJaponki [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Japonki[/Speechword]
FoodŻywność [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Żywność[/Speechword]
GogglesOkulary ochronne [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Okulary ochronne[/Speechword]
HatKapelusz [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Kapelusz[/Speechword]
SandalsSandały [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Sandały[/Speechword]
ShortsSpodenki [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Spodenki[/Speechword]
SnorkelRurka do nurkowania [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Rurka do nurkowania[/Speechword]
SoapMydło [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Mydło[/Speechword]
SunglassesOkulary przeciwsłoneczne [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Okulary przeciwsłoneczne[/Speechword]
SunscreenBalsam przeciwsłoneczny [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Balsam przeciwsłoneczny[/Speechword]
SwimsuitKostium kąpielowy [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Kostium kąpielowy[/Speechword]
TrunksKąpielówki [Speechword voice=”Polish Female” isinline]Kąpielówki[/Speechword]


Best Beaches In Poland

Best Beaches In Poland

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life? Recharge yourself by taking a day trip to the long sandy beaches in Poland.

One common misconception is that whenever we think about “beaches,” what usually comes to mind are the scenes from Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines. However, Poland is also home to some of the world’s most Instagram-worthy and glorious beaches, including the Jurata, Sopot, and Ustka beaches.

What sets the seasides you can find in Poland apart is that most of these beaches are not always packed with tourists. This means that you can take lots of snapshots without ever feeling shy or conscious of your beach bod! On top of that, most of these are not located in secluded places, making the process of going to and fro the site hassle-free at any time of the year.

If you are still unsure of the next best place to visit, take note of the destinations below:

  • Sopot
  • Jurata
  • Hel
  • Świnoujście
  • Ustka
  • Gdynia Orłowo

Naturism also plays a huge role in modern society in Poland. If you are an advocate of social nudity, you can find that there are several nude-friendly seaside spots to choose from where you won’t find anyone gawking at you. As a word of advice, just make sure that you are doing this in a non-textile zone away from where most of the people are. Some of the places where you can sunbathe naked are the following:

  • Rowy
  • Dębki 
  • Pogorzelica
  • Chałupy
  • Chłapowo


Wrapping Up

beach view in Poland

Are you finally ready to step into the sun and enjoy the beach?

Poland is a welcoming place, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people choose to retire or stay in the country for a long time. Aside from its fantastic range of mouthwatering delicacies, amazing music, and majestic ancient forests, tourists should also know that it has a great ocean view that can rival what other countries have to offer. So, if you are still feeling skeptical about what Poland has to offer, we urge you to pack your bags and see for yourself why it is such an underrated place.

As we reach the end of this post, we hope that you were able to learn Polish a little deeper and that you discovered all the right words to help you communicate better. There’s so much more to Polish than we can ever describe, but if you ever find yourself wanting to learn more, then it is a sign for you to check out the Ling App!

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