13 Creative Arabic Slang Words To Speak At Ease

Arabic Slang Words

Arabic speakers, mainly in the Gulf countries, often use slang in everyday conversation. In this article, we will walk you through the 13 most commonly used Arabic slang words to help you learn Arabic and speak it like a real pro.

While certain Arabic slang expressions are unique to a particular dialect, many are shared across all Arabic dialects – these are the ones we will cover today! Let’s get started!

What Are Some Cool Arabic Slang Words?

Every language has its share of slang, and now you can make your conversations sound more interesting by adding some of the Arabic slang phrases below.

1. Akeed (أكيد)

Arabic people use the slang word Akeed (أكيد) when they want to imply the certainty of action. This slang is used if you want to emphasize some action.

You can take its meaning as “duh” in English, a trendy term throughout all ages and dialects. You can use it to express agreement, confirmation, or to state the obvious towards the conclusion of a phrase or response.

2. Bi Sharafak (بيشرفك)

Bi sharafak (بيشرفك) is a slang that you can use to show your surprise. If someone has said something that leaves you in doubt and that you cannot believe, then you can use this slang.

Let’s say your best friend out of nowhere tells you that they are getting married, then this phrase will be perfect for showing your astonishment.

3. Eben Halal (ابن حلال)

The word ebn in Arabic means a child, while Halal means “allowed, pure or legal.” The entire term means the child of legal bounds or purity.

If we look at it as slang, this refers to a person with many good traits. You can use it to talk about someone who is honest, pleasant, polite, and humble. Using this slang when referring to a nice guy you have come across as a friend for a job wouldn’t be wrong.

Arabic Slang Words Hader

4. Hader (حاضر)

You can use this phrase to show your willingness for something. This word means “present” but can be used to show your acceptance of the proposed idea.

For example, if someone asks you, “can you write me a letter?” then you can say “hader,” which would mean that you can.

5. Halla Wallah (هَلَا وَالله)

Halla wallah (هَلَا وَالله) is a slang that is a greeting as well. Its equivalent can be “hey” or “hi.” If you want the other person to know that you are eager to meet then, then you can say this slang twice Halla wallah Halla wallah (هَلَا وَالله هَلَا وَالله).

6. Khali Wali (خلي ولي)

If you don’t care about something, then using the word slang Khali wali (خلي ولي) is the best option. Almost every native speaker will use this a lot, and that too, all the time.

Whenever they would be rushing something or getting late, they would say something like, “I can’t do it, Khali walli.” If you want to be like a true local, try using this slang daily.

7. Shaku Maku (شاكو ماكو)

Shaku maku (شاكو ماكو) is an Irqi slang which means “what’s up”. You can ask your friends in a random conversation so that you can continue talking. This is quite prevalent in Arab countries.

8. Walaw (ولو)

The slang means “it’s ok” or something like “doesn’t mention it,” but it implies the shock in someone’s voice. You might say walaw (ولو) when you want to say “what???”. They’re basically equal.

9. Ya Haram (يا حرام)

If you are new to Arabic and have just started making friends, this slang might give you a hard time. The word haram (حرام) has several meanings while one of them is “sin.”

When you hear someone say Ya haram (يا حرام), you might assume that they are swearing since this can be mistaken as a swear word. While actually, this phrase is used to denote the feeling of sadness. Young Arabs use this word more to say, “I feel sorry for your loss.”

10. Ya Rayyal (يا ريال )

The word ya royal(يا ريال ) means “oh man” and is used when people are frustrated. If a person has lost the game or a deal, they have been working hard to crack, this will be their honest response. You can also learn this word to show frustration and disappointment.

Arabic Slang Words Min Sijak

11. Min Sijak (من سيجاك)

You can say this slang to ask if someone is severe or if they are kidding. It means “are you serious?” and is used widely in all the gulf countries.

12. Yaani (يَعْنِي‎)

If you are saying something and you need to add examples so the listener might find it easier to understand what you want to say, this is your go-to word.

Once you start using this word, there will be no stopping. The new learners love this word because they can’t speak Arabic properly, so almost every native speaker keeps asking “what?” and they always have to explain what they mean, and this slang comes in handy.

13. Khallas ( خلص )

And finally, we have on the list Khallas ( خلص ). This word means “enough,” “that’s it,” or “end of the discussion.” But when used as slang, this can mean what we just told you about and “stop talking.”

Arabic people love using this word when they don’t want to hear you speak about something. If you are becoming disrespectful or trying to argue, then 90% chances are you’ll listen to this.

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