3+ Best Things To Know Before Going To The Philippines!

Planning to visit the land of the rising sun? Before you book your ticket and look for general travel hacks, there are a few interesting things to know before going to the Philippines. While you can easily say “tulong po” (Tagalog word for help) to seek the help of the locals in times of emergencies or if you need assistance, arming yourself with the basic information can certainly make your trip a hassle-free experience.


Philippines: An Overview

Like other Southeast Asian countries, this is home to the most popular tourist destinations and stunning beaches, making it the best place to go if you want to have the best of both worlds. White sand beaches, tall buildings, beautiful views, and good food are just a couple of words that best describe the Philippines.

Planning to go on a historical walk along to know more about the Spanish Colonial era? Go to Intramuros. Maybe go on a beach trip or go island hopping? Then Boracay and Siargao are more than happy to welcome you and showcase such a beautiful country. Whether to visit Panglao Island or El Nido Palawan, too, there are so many things to do in these major tourist areas that you don’t want to miss!

And so if you’re interested in things to know before going to the Philippines place, then definitely read on to learn more.

things to know before going to the philippines

1.) Plan!

There is nothing more important than planning and knowing which places you want to visit. This makes your trip easier and more organized, but you will also save time. You might even have the chance to visit smaller islands after exploring the bigger cities, making your trip to the Philippines very worth it!

In addition, when planning your trip, it is important to educate yourself about the local culture and the specific areas where you should be extra cautious. It is crucial to keep in mind that, like in any other country, there may be scammers, and it is wise to take measures to avoid them.

2.) Always Stay Hydrated

And because the Philippines is a tropical country, it is always best to stay hydrated. This is also one of the things to know before going to the Philippines. Whether it is bringing water with you all the time or tasting coconut water from the street vendors, avoiding dehydration is key to making your trip a more enjoyable one! Not only that, but it will also be easier for you to go out and about too.

3.) Try The Street Food

Visiting the Philippines is not complete without trying the exquisite Filipino food and their street food. These meals highlight the talent of the Filipino people when it comes to food: Kwek Kwek, Tempura, Tuslob Buwa, and the Lechon from Cebu City are just a couple of dishes that you should try out.

4.) Exchange Your Money Ahead

This is probably a no-brainer and is also one of the essential things a tourist should do before visiting a country. Exchanging your money ahead will make it more convenient for you when you arrive in the country that you will be visiting. Sometimes you have to pay specific fees upon arrival, and not being able to pay in the country’s currency will make it a hassle for you. And so, upon your trip to the Philippines, go to your nearest money changers and exchange your money for the Philippine currency, which is the Philippine Peso.

5.) Know About The Public Transportation

Although you can always hail a taxi anywhere, being able to ride a jeepney and interact with the jeepney drivers should be on your bucket list when you visit the Philippines! Knowing the routes of the jeepneys, in case you want to try it, is very important. This prevents you from getting lost and allows you to navigate the area easily.

6.) Prepare For The Weather

In the Philippines, we only have two seasons – the wet season and the dry season. Knowing about the weather before visiting the Philippines will be a good guide for you to know what to wear and have an idea of what to expect. If you like to swim with the whale sharks or visit the country’s coral reefs, it is best to go there during the dry season or summer.

Don’t tour around the country during the wet season. It is not recommended to tour around under such weather conditions, and it might also be very dangerous.

7.) Get Travel Insurance!

This is a must. This is one of the most important things to know before going to the Philippines. It is a form of security that you get to have upon visiting the Philippines or any major cities around the globe. This secures you when something unfortunate happens to you, but you can also have peace of mind when you travel with such security.

8.) Know A Little Bit Of Filipino!

Things to know before going to the Philippines? Consider this too. Knowing the basic Filipino phrases and words like ‘salamat po’ (Thank you) or ‘magandang umaga’ (Good morning) will surely make your trip a breeze. Tagalog, one of the official languages here in the Philippines, is not hard to learn. Most Filipinos speak such a local language. Knowing about it will not only make your time visiting the Philippines enjoyable, but it will also avoid miscommunication.

You can easily pave your way through the streets or haggle with the vendors when you know about Tagalog! Many Filipinos love Tagalog tourists because they find it very respectful in the same way that it is endearing.

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