Apps For Learning Nepali: 7 Best Apps To Try Out

Looking for apps for learning Nepali, Hindi, or any other language? Learning apps will help you expand your vocabulary and better understand the country’s culture and traditions.

Beginner and intermediate students prefer using mobile apps for learning Nepali or any other language. Apps can help you master the basics of a language at any time and anywhere.


The Nepali Language

Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language, widely spoken as an official language in Nepal. Nepali uses the Devanagari script and has over 17 million Nepali speakers worldwide. So, if you know Nepali, you can speak like a native while in India, Bhutan, and many other countries.

Apps are useful because they cover real-life examples and give the cultural context of the Nepali language. However, apps that focus on the basics of development are preferable for beginners.

A study on the usefulness of language learning apps confirms that using apps improves communication skills. Moreover, it also helps in learning Nepali grammar and vocabulary faster.


Best Mobile Apps For Learning Nepali

Apps For Learning Nepali

You can learn Nepali faster using Nepali apps. So, download the apps and use your smartphone to make the learning process fun and more accessible. 

1. The Ling App

Ling, a Simya Solutions Ltd app, is a great way to learn Nepali. It is a practical tool, with everyday activities and worthy courses on the Nepali language. With Ling, learning a new language is like playing a game.

It is a simple but effective app for a complete beginner. Ling uses linguistic studies to help you become fluent in a short amount of time. You may start discussing Nepali with one of the intelligent chatbots. Speaking in this manner can assist you in mastering the language more quickly.

2. Nepali. Speak Nepali. Study Nepali

Learn Nepali. Speak Nepali. Study Nepali is a Nepali language learning app developed by Bluebird. It is also one of the best apps to learn Nepali. With interactive video lessons given in the learning language, you can quickly learn to speak and understand Nepali.

You can select from pre-recorded classes a unique course centered on your interests. People speak English and desire to learn Nepali for their business and job, and you may construct a customized course if you want to learn for work.

Moreover, Bluebird uses the scientifically proven spaced repetition approach, ensuring that you remember what you learn. It is as simple as listening and repeating the words.

So, when you are exercising, cooking, commuting, or resting at home, learn something new. You can also broadcast Bluebird lessons to your TV or smart devices like Google Home.

3. SimplyLearn To Speak Nepali

SimplyLearn the Nepali Language is a free language app that will help you quickly and efficiently learn Nepali. This Simya Solutions designed App offers recorded lessons for speaking and writing Nepali. The App will help you learn to write Nepali phrases. All Nepali phrases and words are presented in phonetic and original Nepali scripts. Native Nepali speakers recorded these phrases.

Here, you will also get an English translation of the data written in the Nepali language. So, what is the wait if you are passionate enough to learn the Nepali language? 

4. Speak Nepali: Learn Nepali Language Offline

Learn and speak Nepali using audio, phonetics, visuals, and games.

There are 2,135 words in the offline Nepali learning app, divided into 55 categories. Simple learning includes word pronunciation, visuals, and phonetics. The primary features of the Speak Nepali app include switching the base language.

This app has a lot to offer to its users. One fun factor is the availability of retention games. You can revise the words and phrases. So, download the App now and give it a chance. 

5. Learn To Write The Nepali Alphabet

Simya Solutions Ltd developed the app “learn to write Nepali alphabet” to help learners learn the Nepali alphabet. It will assist you in learning Nepali characters quickly and simply. You may practice writing Nepali letters accurately and easily using the writing recognition tool.

The App’s “Write Me” function aims to make learning Nepali characters enjoyable and straightforward. This mobile app also allows you to immerse yourself in Nepali characters through small games.

The App includes a Hummingbird narrative to make studying more enjoyable. To feed the Hummingbird, all you have to do is improve your writing skills and plant a bunch of lily blooms in the yard. Once you are done studying, the Hummingbird will mature and change color. This App will work great for a complete beginner with no prior knowledge of Nepali characters.

6. Memrise

Memrise is the way to go if you want a comprehensive language-learning solution. It covers the fundamentals of the Nepali accent and guides you to pronounce the words correctly.

Memrise’s in-house linguists are not just specialists but are enthusiastic native speakers. For teaching, Nepali specialists on Memrise use real-life conversations and situations.

 In addition, Nepali courses include thousands of recorded video clips of local speakers. So, you may learn to recognize native Nepali dialects and voices.

Furthermore, you can learn on Memrise by immersing in the environment and understanding Nepali culture. You can even schedule live online sessions with tutors on Memrise. So, whether it is Nepali or any other language, Memrise can help.

7. Nepali Language Learning In English

You can learn Nepali faster using the app “Nepali language learning in English.” The App is unique from all others. It includes a practical approach to language learning. 

The applications contain the most popular Nepali phrases that assist in basic conservation. Beginners may easily understand Nepali words in the App since English translations back them. As a result, finding Nepali words through the App is no issue. 

So, stop looking for more apps for learning Nepali and consider one of the apps present above. 


Learners! Get Ready To Learn Nepali!

You have gained enough knowledge on the apps suitable for learning Nepali. However, if you want to speak Punjabi, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, or any other language, you can take the help of the Ling App. The Ling app has pretty awesome features that offer engaging writing, speaking, and pronunciation activities.

It also provides fun games and mini-quizzes for learners free of cost. You can also learn advanced Nepali grammar and Nepali words by taking instruction from professional speakers on Ling.

Download the App now and start learning Nepali. Also, if you liked this blog and want to learn more about the Nepali language, open the Ling website and read the articles “Nepali greetings” and “Nepali vocabulary.”

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