Nepali Alphabet And Spelling With 6 Useful Phrases

If you are planning to go to Nepal or have a relative, partner, or friend who natively belongs to this beautiful country, learning the Nepali alphabet and spelling is the best thing to do if you want to speak the official language of Nepal. Although you can speak English as well because Nepalese understand it, it would be to speak their native language. Like any other country, you need to learn the essential words and phrases in Nepali to interact conveniently. If you want to learn basic greetings in Nepali, you can read them here. We hope you find this article helpful in learning the basic Nepali alphabet and spelling.


About Nepal And Nepali Language

Nepali is a beautiful landlocked country of South Asia. Most importantly, it is situated in the Himalayas, which makes Nepal among the most attractive tourist destinations on the map of the world. Visitors from different parts of the world visit Nepal the whole year to see the beauty of Mount Everest. Also, no words can explain the aesthetic natural beauty of the country.

So, to help you out to not struggle with language to talk to the Nepali people, we have come up with the Nepali alphabet and spelling.


The Nepali Alphabet And Spelling To Help You Learn Language Faster

Nepali is written in the Devanagari script and consists of 64 letters. In the following table, we have enlisted all the 64 letters of the Nepali language as well as their English pronunciation and usage examples. If you don’t know the ए बी सी (A B C) of the language spoken in Nepal, start from the pronounced alphabet and letter below.

Nepali Alphabet And Spelling

Sr. No. Devanagari Font English Sound Pronunciation Example
1 a As in apple
2 aa As in hat
3 e As in energy
4 ii As in Wii
5 ei As in mean
6 ei As in mean
7 ai As in mate
8 i As in history
9 o As in home
10 oi As in moisture
11 oii As in oyster
12 uu As in noon
13 ou As in mouse
14 u As in ultimate
15 B As in basket
16 Bha As in Bob-Hansen
17 Ca As in California
18 Chha As in Rich-Hansen
19 Da As in Dalila
20 Dha As in Edward-Hansen
21 Fa As in fast
22 फ़ Fi As in Finland
23 Ga As in galaxy
24 Gha As in Ghana
25 ग़ Ghi As in Ghistapo
26 Ha As in hand
27 Ja As in Jakarta
28 Jha As in Jhahan
29 Ka As in Kashmir
30 Kha As in Khan
31 ख़ Khi As in blacstory
32 L As in love
33 Li As in link
34 Li As in military
35 Lii As in Lima
36 Lii As in Bradley
37 Ma As in man
38 Na As in Namibia
39 N’a As in Stan-Alan
40 Nia As in Niagara
41 Nae As in Nigeria
42 Ni As in Nicaragua
43 oms As in Tom’s book
44 Pa As in Panama
45 क़ Qi As in king
46 Ra As in rank
47 Ri As in ring
48 Ri As in risk
49 Ri As in Brie
50 Sa As in Sam
51 Sha As in Shanghai
52 Shha As in wash-hand
53 Ta As in Tamara
54 T’a As in Matt-Alan
55 Tha As in Thailand
56 Tha As in Thailand
57 T’ha As in Thailand
58 Thha As in Keith-Hansen
59 ड़ ugDha As in drug-down
60 ढ़ ugDhha As in hugged-hand
61 Va As in vast
62 Ya As in yard
63 य़ Yi As in year
64 ज़ Za As in Zambia
Nepali alphabet and spelling


Other Basic Nepali Words And Phrases To Learn As A Beginner

Nepali Alphabet And Spelling: Basic Words And Phrases
Nepali Alphabet And Spelling: Basic Words And Phrases

After listing all the Nepali alphabet and spelling, we are going to enlist some Nepali phrases that you will be using in your daily life. The list is right below.

Devanagari Script Pronunciation English Translation
नमस्कार Namaskāra Hello
तिमीलाई कस्तो छ? Timīlā’ī kastō cha? How are you?
तिमि कहाँ बस्छौ Timi kahām̐ baschau? Where do you live?
म यहाँ नया हुँ Ma yahām̐ nayā hum̐ I am new here
लामो समय कुनै हेर्नुहोस् Lāmō samaya kunai hērnuhōs Long time no see
तिम्रो नाम के हो Timrō nāma kē hō What is your name?

We hope that the Nepali alphabet and spelling as well as the above phrases were helpful for you to have a basic understanding of the Nepali language. Still, they are not enough to help you speak Nepali like a native. For learning the Nepali language thoroughly, you should seek help from the Ling App by Simya Solutions.


Join Ling App And Start Learning The Nepali Language Now

Learning foreign languages that you do not even know the basics of sounds like an arduous task. But seeking tips and help from a good teaching platform eases the process for you up to an unbelievable extent. So, the best way to learn Nepali is to start with the Nepali alphabet and spelling. The method of starting this journey out is as simple as the learning journey itself. So, join the Ling app, Simply learn, or writeMe to learn any international language for your business to thrive or any rare language that you can use while you opt for traveling.

If you have any queries, you can go through the FAQs page at the Ling App blog.

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