9 Spooky Malay Words For Halloween To Learn Today!

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Whenever the spooky season comes around the corner, you’re either thinking of what kind of Halloween costume you wear or how many candies you get as you prepare. If you’re from a Western country, you’re probably used to celebrating this event, but unfortunately, it isn’t widely celebrated in Malaysia. But there are still Malay words for Halloween that can bring a smile to your face; read further to learn more about them!

Some people who are exposed to Western culture may occasionally celebrate this event. It’s not as grand as other occasions, but you’ll probably enjoy it and look forward to seeing it too. Who doesn’t enjoy the fear in children’s faces when they see their worst nightmares like the Boogeyman, Grudge, and many more?

However, before you jump into this event and pick your outfit, you have to familiarize yourself with Malay words for Halloween first. Connecting with locals is your top priority rather than getting those sickly sweet candy bars!

Malay Words For Halloween

The tailored ads based on the month’s special event would surely catch anyone’s attention. As October approaches, there comes a time when different social media sites will advertise non-personalized content and introduce you to new events like Halloween.

Although it’s not traditionally celebrated in Malaysia, there are certain words that surely ring a bell to you as you read them. Here’s a vocabulary of Malay words for Halloween that you should learn today!

Malay Words For Halloween (Ghost)- Ling App

1. Ghost – Hantu

The event won’t be complete without this non-human being. Whether we’re talking about the Pontianak”, a popular soul that was said to have an undying passion for haunting men, or the “Pocong” which is the Malaysian version of Egyptian mummies, both would surely scare kids off.

2. Costume – Kostum

How can you hold a Halloween party without extravagant costumes? Audience engagement is the key to a lively and fun experience, but picking an outfit is also a good way to exercise your brain cells! So, if you want to ask a Malay vendor if they have any costumes, just say “kostum” instead. It’s pretty easy to remember as well!

3. Pumpkin – Labu

Jack-o-lanterns are often the go-to decoration of Western families. The event would be incomplete without the pumpkin carving session. If you want to enhance your first Halloween experience in Malaysia, don’t forget to buy a Labu and make the spookiest-looking pumpkin!

Malay Words For Halloween (Pumpkin)- Ling App

4. Witch – Penyihir Or Tukang Sihir

When looking for an age-appropriate costume for kids, people often get fairies or princesses. If your child wants more options, you can always dress them up as a “Penyihir” or “Tukang Sihir”. These are beings who practice black magic, some people from remote locations may often believe that they’re real. But who knows? Perhaps they’re lurking around the corners of your village.

5. Magic – Sihir

There’s something about magic and Halloween that just tugs at our heartstrings, isn’t there? It’s like a little kid inside us all that’s forever curious, forever wondering what’s lurking in the shadows. We’re naturally pulled towards the mysterious—the feeling that the world has secrets waiting to be discovered. On Halloween night, it’s as if we all get a free pass to dip our toes into a world where the impossible seems just a tad possible and where the line between what’s real and what’s imagined gets delightfully fuzzy.

Malay Words For Halloween (Monster)- Ling App

6. Monster – Raksasa

You know, as Halloween’s become a big deal worldwide, it’s pretty cool how it’s not just about the Western ghouls and ghosts anymore. Myths from all over, like the raksasa tales, are getting some limelight too. When you watch movies, read books, or even go to Halloween parties these days, you’ll spot a mix of monsters from all corners of the world. It’s like we’re all sharing and swapping our spooky stories, blending them together in one big, global haunted house. Pretty awesome, right?

7. Haunted – Berhantu

Remember those “berhantu” (haunted in Malay) stories and Halloween tales? They’re kind of like our way of explaining the creepy and weird stuff that happens around us. It’s like when you get that sudden cold feeling or see a shadow out of the corner of your eye and no one’s there. These eerie and stuffy feelings deliver the spook we need to enjoy the event like there’s no tomorrow!

8. Candy – Gula-Gula Or Manisan

You probably already know this but let me reiterate that Halloween is not just celebrated to scare people off but also to get free “gula-gula or manisan”! This additional information may give you a toothache the next day, but can you really say “No” to quality Malay treats?

Malay Words For Halloween (Candies)- Ling App

9. Horror – Seram

You know that feeling when something gives you the chills? That’s “horror” for you, or, as some might say, “seram”. It’s like that jolt you get when something catches you off guard and your heart races a bit faster. That’s pretty much what Halloween’s all about! It’s all the spooky vibes, the ghost stories, and those sudden “gotcha!” moments. Whether it’s a haunting shadow or just a friend trying to scare you, both Halloween and those “seram” moments tap right into that fun, scaredy-cat side of us all.

Did You Find These Malay Words Relevant?

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