7 Horrifying Haunted Places In Malaysia You Must Visit

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 07:20 am

Ghost hunters traveling to Asia for some paranormal activity should add the most haunted places in Malaysia to their hair-raising itinerary. Malaysia has some of the most terrifying haunted places in Asia, and in this blog, we will look at our top seven favorites. So turn off the lights and settle in for a spine-chilling look at Malaysia’s spookiest horror stories and Malay terminologies.

Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle in Batu Gajah often tops the list of the most haunted places in Malaysia. William Kellie Smith, a Scotsman, decided to build the mansion for his beloved wife and family, but William died a young man before it could be completed. Having lost his fortune, William was tragically struck down by pneumonia in Lisbon while traveling back to Europe. His family never reached Malaysia, and the impressive edifice was left unfinished.

During World War II, it is rumored that Japanese soldiers commandeered the unfinished house where they would detain, torture, and execute prisoners. It is said the ghosts of the victims still haunt the building halls. As well as disembodied soldiers, some visitors claim to have seen Willam’s ghost haunting one of the balconies, which are now aptly named “Ghostly Cloister Balcony.” Others say the spirit of William’s 6-year-old daughter can be seen dressed in white and playing in one of the bedrooms.

A team from the popular television show “Ghost Hunters” visited the haunted house in 2010, but their findings were inconclusive.

Villa Nabila

Overlooking the spectacular Danga Bay, Villa Nabila is an abandoned building with a dark past. This haunted house in Johor Bahru is shrouded in mystery. Some claim a wealthy family lived in the mansion with their daughter, Nabila. Tragedy struck when all but the daughter died in an accident, and Nabila was left to inherit the house and her parent’s vast wealth. One day, a jealous maid murdered Nabila and buried her in the walls in an attempt to steal her money. Others claim the maid murdered the entire family living in the mansion because she was jealous of their wealth. Another theory is that the father killed his whole family in depression.

Whatever the truth, numerous visitors to Villa Nabila have witnessed a girl dressed in white wandering around the haunted location. The haunted house in Danga Bay continued to fascinate and was the subject of a movie entitled “Villa Nabila” in 2015.

Haunted Places In Malaysia. Spooky House in the Mist.

Karak Highway

Karak Highway is another haunted place with numerous terrifying stories associated with it. Those who dare to visit should watch out for a ghostly yellow Volkswagen Beetle, which will reportedly chase the unwary motorist. The ghost of a young boy has also been seen as he unsuccessfully searches for his mother. Another legend tells of a beautiful woman not of this world who stops motorists and asks for a lift. Several motorists have even reported the feeling of an invisible entity in their car as they traverse the Karak Highway. The road is notorious for terrible accidents, including a pile-up in 1990 involving 11 vehicles and resulting in 17 people losing their lives.


Mimaland, or “Malaysia in Miniature Land,” was once a theme park featuring exciting rides, waterslides, and model dinosaurs. However, after many tragic incidents, Mimaland was forced to close its doors in 1994. The abandoned theme park remains a spooky place to visit, and some claim its unfortunate accidents happened because the amusement park was built on land that had been cursed. Among the numerous stories and incidents is a mysterious landslide that utterly destroyed a pool and the death of a young Singaporean tourist. Plans to resurrect Mimaland have been beset by bad luck, and the site remains abandoned.

Haunted Places In Malaysia. Abandoned Theme Park Ride.

Highland Towers

After a devastating landslide, Highland Towers became one of Malaysia’s most haunted locations. Days of heavy rainfall in 1993 caused the collapse of one of the towers, killing 48 inhabitants. The tower blocks still standing were deemed unsafe and soon abandoned. The buildings became the focus of nefarious activities, and those who have dared to visit the site claim to have heard cries for help and witnessed ghostly apparitions. Among the dead were an old lady and an infant, the ghosts of whom have reportedly been seen wandering the area.

Amber Court In Genting Highlands

Intended as a luxury resort, Amber Court in Genting Highlands was hit by the financial crisis of the 1990s. Although some of the apartments were sold off, the uninhabited rooms began to be infested by red algae that grew on the walls resembling blood stains. Guests who have dared to stay in the apartments tell of paranormal activities, including slamming doors, howling noises, and the apparition of a headless woman. Amber Court is haunted by stories of people who have committed suicide and other spooky tales. A movie called “Haunted Hotel II” was filmed at the location, further compounding its reputation as one of Malaysia’s most haunted locations.

Mona Fandey’s House

Vying for its place at the top of the list of Malaysia’s most haunted houses is Mona Fandey’s House. In 1993, Mona Fandey, her husband, and their dedicated assistant brutally murdered politician Mazlan Idris. Infamous for practicing black magic, the former singer had promised the politician wealth and power. Instead, she opted to kill, skinning, and dismember him before burying the remains in the back garden. In 2001 the trio was condemned to death, but Mona’s chilling last words: “Saya tidak akan mati” or “I will never die,” still resonate, and locals avoid the house believing it to be occupied by evil spirits.

Essential Spooky Vocabulary In Malay

Bood-curdlingBerkeringat darah
Spine-tinglingSakit tulang belakang

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