29+ Malay Shapes And Objects: Appreciate Unique Structures

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If you are someone who is into architecture, Malaysia is a wonderful world for you! Not only will you find breathtaking buildings and structures but also you will appreciate the visual arts, too. But this can only be possible to its detail if you know the Malay shapes and objects to best describe what you see.

Malaysia is home to iconic buildings that are a sight to behold such as the City hall with British-colonial-style architecture in Ipoh, or the Lebuh Acheh Mosque in Penang. Mixing the modern and traditional design, you have the Kota Kinabalu City mosque while for nature lovers, you can find the Batu caves temple in Kuala Lumpur.

In regards to the visual arts of Malays, you can find traditional art forms such as batik, weaving, puppetry, and shadow play as well as more modern forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. These art forms reflect the culture, and beliefs of the Malaysian people and can be found in a variety of places such as galleries, museums, and festivals. Learning the names of shapes in Malay can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

All of these are about shapes and objects! Someone draws images on a canvas, and behold – a masterpiece is made! But it starts with a shape and an object.


Classification Of Malay Shapes And Objects

Malay Shapes and Objects ling app learn Malay City Hall

How does learning the name of a shape “bentuk” or description of an object “objek” help? It can help improve your language and communication skills by expanding your vocabulary. As mentioned earlier, it helps to better understand Malaysian history, culture, and the Malay language. You can also better interact and communicate with Malaysian people and understand instructions when working with them.

For younger people, learning shapes help children develop a range of important skills such as spatial awareness, problem-solving, and reasoning. It can also help them understand more complex concepts such as fractions and geometry. They are essential in developing basic drawing and writing skills, for instance, as they are the building blocks of most visual art.

Getting to know the names of shapes and objects is basically getting to know nouns in Malay. Nouns are names of a person, animal place, or object. An example is Aminah, a name of a girl. The difference between a shape and an object is, the shape is the outer lining or boundary of an object. The object itself may be a certain color, texture, and material. But the shape gives knowledge about the form of an object.


Learning Malay Shapes And Objects

Shapes in geometry are based on their dimensions. There are the basic 2D or two-dimensional shapes and 3D or three-dimensional shapes.

Basic Geometric Shapes – Bentuk Geometri Asas

Circle Bulatan
Square Segi empat
Triangle Segi tiga
Rectangle Segi empat tepat
Oval Bujur

Two-dimensional (2D) Shapes – Bentuk Dua Dimensi

These are all under the category of polygons. Polygons are plain figures with three or more straight sides and angles. Here they are in Malay:

Triangle Segi tiga
QuadrilateralSegi empat
Pentagon Pentagon
Hexagon Heksagon
Heptagon Heptagon
Octagon Octagon
Nonagon Nonagon
Decagon Dekagon

Under quadrilaterals, you have squares and rectangles but also rhombus (Ketupat), kites (, and parallelograms.

Three-dimensional (3D) Shapes

Malay Shapes and Objects_ling app_learn Malay_Playdough Shapes
EnglishMalay Shapes and Objects
Cube Kiub
Cuboid Kuboid
Sphere Sfera

Examples of objects would be:

EnglishMalay Shapes And Objects

This topic can also be divided according to geometric and organic objects. You have already seen the geometric side, how about something organic?


Organic Objects

Organic objects are things that are made up of, or derived from, living organisms. This includes food, clothing, and other everyday items. Organic objects are often grown naturally. Let’s take a look at some:

SeedsBiji benih
SpicesRempah ratus


Irregular Shapes

These are the ones that really do not have a structure.

Lightning BoltPetir
TeardropTitisan air mata
CrescentBulan sabit
ArrowAnak panah
SemicircleSeparuh bulatan


Learn Malay With Ling

Phew! Surely, you can paint quite a picture when you describe anything in Malay using the details above. You can check out basic words and phrases that will help you journey to the land of Malays, too.

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