40+ Easy Slovak Vocabulary For Family That You Must Know

Not sure what the locals mean when they ask you, “Kto je váš otec?” Don’t run away from the conversation! In today’s post, we will you through the basic Slovak vocabulary for family and list down valuable words and questions you may encounter related to this topic. If you are up for that, let’s start learning!

While it is true that you can get by as a tourist just by using the basic greetings and commonly used local words, knowing what consists of a “rodina” or Slovakian family can help you interact with the locals further. If we are going to talk about the country’s family dynamics, Slovak families mainly have one to two children, and they share a close-knit relationship. With this being said, it is not new to hear that many people live with their extended families (three generations deep) until they are ready to move out.

If you’ve got a colleague, friend, or a special person who has a family who is based in Slovakia, you can already expect yourself to be invited to some of the most intimate occasions. Due to this, it is important that you know how to address each of the family members as a sign of respect. Get to know more about them below.


Slovak Vocabulary For Family

Slovak Vocabulary For Family

In this part of the post, we have listed here a comprehensive list of all the Slovak vocabulary words that you should master, especially if you seek to impress the locals. Certain words here can also be used with strangers to show respect, like brother “brat” or sister “sestra.”

MeaningSlovak Word
MotherMama / Matka
GrandparentsStarí Rodičia
GrandmotherStará Mama
GrandfatherStarý Otec / Dedko
Cousin (Male)Bratranec
Cousin (Female)Sesternica
UncleUjo, Strýko
AuntTeta, Stryná
Only ChildJedináčik
YoungerMladší, Mladšia
OlderStarší, Staršia
StepmotherNevlastná Matka
StepfatherNevlastný Otec
StepsisterNevlastná Sestra
StepbrotherNevlastný Brat


Slovak Words For Describing Family Status

Slovak Words For Describing Family Status

Now that we already know the useful words related to family labels let us now turn our attention to some of the other terms that may help you describe a Slovak family. In this part, we will begin by focusing on family status.

MeaningSlovak Word
singleslobodný / slobodná
marriedženatý / vydatá
divorcedrozvedený / rozvedená


Common Slovak Family-related Questions

Common Slovak Family-related Questions

At times, people are just too curious, especially when they are meeting a foreigner for the first time. In order to get a grasp of what are the usual questions related to relationships and families, check the table below.

Slovak QuestionMeaning
Ste ženatý?Are you married?
Ako dlho ste ženatý?How long have you been married?
Ste slobodný?Are you single?
Máš priateľku?Do you have a girlfriend?
Máš priateľa?Do you have a boyfriend?
Kto je váš otec?Who is your father?
Kto je tvoja matka?Who is your mother?
Máte deti?Do you have children?
Máš syna?Do you have a son?
Máš dcéru?Do you have a daughter?
Odkiaľ sú vaši príbuzní?Where are your relatives from?
Odkial pochádzajú Tvoji rodičia?Where are your parents from?

So, which of these words and questions are you excited to use in your conversations with the locals? Remember that some slang words can pertain to every family member, but we decided to play it safe here so that you will not have any worries about misinterpretation.

As we reach this part of the page, we hope that you were able to get a glimpse of the common labels for family members in the Slovak language. So, if you enjoyed this post, be sure to stay tuned for our next posts and check out our previous titles, like the most popular Slovak namesquestion words, and the top 10 Slovenian food you should not miss out on.

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