19+ Malay School Phrases: Educational And Fun

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In Bahasa Malaysia or Malay language, there are many words related to school, education, and academics. In this article, we would like to share common terms and Malay School phrases that will help in daily use. Let’s begin!

If there’s one thing we know about learning a new language, then that would be that it is one of the most rewarding things to do. Learning a new language can make you feel more confident and open-minded and allow you to travel the world without being limited by your native tongue. Imagine being able to travel confidently in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore, where the Malay language is widely spoken! Wouldn’t that offer the best experience? To help you get to know more about this Asian language, keep reading below!

Schools In Malaysia

Schools in Malaysia have the usual structure. It has kindergarten, primary, secondary, post-secondary, and university education. A point to note is that kindergartens are not compulsory in Malaysia. In fact, there are very few government-run kindergarten schools, but there are undoubtedly many runs by private owners.

Malaysian education is considered in the top 200 of the world related to university education. Though one issue has been seen as a challenge – there seems to be little choice given to students who finish school and enter university as to what they should study. The government tries to intervene by ensuring that university students address the country’s needs by promoting courses in industries that most need attention.

By now, you’re probably wondering if Malaysia is an excellent country for schooling and education. Yes! Absolutely! It is gaining a high reputation for being a popular educational destination. It has excellent infrastructure, and the political condition of Malaysia is relatively stable. It is very diverse and multicultural, and this opens doors for different types of people from different backgrounds to come and make Malaysia their home.

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Malay School Phrases – Malay Words

Learning Malay Words

There is a trick with Malay words. They are categorized using a root word. A verb may be the basic word. Then, you add a prefix or suffix to make it present tense. This takes a bit used to! But practice and listening to it often brings clarity and understanding. The word order is the catch. Sometimes only a syllable or two are used, and the rest are additions to the word category to make a similar yet different word. This is a similarity between the Malay language and English.

Malay School Vocabulary

Here are some words, meanings, and pronunciations of words that are commonly used in school.

she dia
it ia
push menolak
nounskata nama
verbs kata kerja
alphabets abjad
parents ibu bapa
grammar tatabahasa
spelling ejaan
teaching mengajar
table meja
teacher cikgu
house rumah
jump melompat
greetings salam sejahtera
culture budaya
adjectives kata adjektif
vowels vokal
class kelas
breaktime masa rehat
learn belajar
homework kerja rumah
classwork kerja kelas
test ujian
project projek
assignment tugasan
study belajar
Malay School Phrases_ling app_learn malay_students
Malay School Phrases – School Students

Malay School Phrases

Want to ensure that you can connect better with the locals? Make sure keep these phrases in mind.

EnglishMalay School Phrases
thank youTerima kasih
MalayBahasa melayu
fineKhabar baik
SameSama sama
goodbyeSelamat tinggal
anywayToh long
I am going to school. Saya pergi ke sekolah.
How was school today? Bagaimana sekolah hari ini?
What class do you study in? Awak belajar dalam kelas apa?
My favorite subject is the Malay language. Subjek kegemaran saya ialah Bahasa Melayu.
I like to speak English in school. Saya suka berbahasa Inggeris di sekolah.
When is the test? Bilakah ujian itu?
My teacher’s name is Ms. Aishah. Cikgu saya bernama Cikgu Aishah.
I had orange juice during break time. Saya minum jus oren semasa waktu rehat.
Is that person the Principal? Adakah orang itu Pengetua?
What did you learn at school today? Apa yang anda pelajari di sekolah hari ini?
Suffixes are so tricky in the Malay language.Imbuhan sangat sukar dalam bahasa Melayu.
I am writing about Malay grammar. Saya menulis tentang tatabahasa Melayu.
Can you describe the Headmaster? Bolehkah anda menerangkan tentang Guru Besar?

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