How To Say Yes/No/OK In Mongolian: 3 Essential Words Every Traveler Should Know

Yes/No/Ok in Mongolian Ling App

Learn how to say the essential words in any language: yes/no/ok in Mongolian!

Greetings, my fellow language enthusiasts! If you were looking for an article about something easy but fundamental in Mongolian, you’ve reached the right place! Today, we will embark on a journey to the land of the Mongolian nomads. And what do you need to know before setting off on any journey? You need to know how to say yes, no, and okay in the local language, of course!

Now, I know what you might think: “But Miguel, those are just simple words. Why bother?” Let me tell you, these words are the cornerstone of any conversation and will give you the foundation you need to navigate any situation in Mongolia confidently. Whether you’re ordering food, shopping, asking for directions, or just chatting with locals, having these words at your disposal will make all the difference.

And don’t worry if you’re a beginner or a seasoned Mongolian speaker, and this article is perfect for anyone looking to expand their vocabulary. So, pack your bags, grab your dictionaries, and let’s get ready to say yes, no, and okay in Mongolian!

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But wait, there’s more! This article isn’t just about learning new words, it’s also about having fun. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride filled with laughter, puns, and Mongolian vocabulary.

So, without further ado, let’s get started! The word for “yes” in Mongolian is “Тиймээ” (Tiimee), the word for “no” is “Үгүй” (Ugui), and the word for “okay” is “OK” (just kidding, it’s actually “За” (Za)). Now that you have the basics down let’s dive deeper into each of these words and how to use them in conversation.


Yes/No/Ok In Mongolian

Yes In Mongolian

Whether you’re agreeing with someone or expressing enthusiasm with what they are saying, “yes” is an essential part of any conversation. In Mongolian, the word for “yes” is “Тиймээ” (Tiimee), and this simple word packs a powerful punch and will quickly become one of your go-to phrases, believe me!

Now, while “yes” is a great starting point, sometimes you want to use a different expression and not this simple way. That’s why we’ll explore alternative ways to say “yes” in Mongolian.

  • Мэдээжийн хэрэг (Medeejiin khereg) –  If you want to express a strong and confident agreement, try using this word. The translation can mean “of course,” “absolutely,” or “definitely,” so you can see this is a very versatile word!
  • Мэдээж (Medeej) – If you’re looking for a slightly more casual way to express agreement, try using the word Мэдээж (Medeej), which roughly means “certainly” in Mongolian. This word is informal and conveys a sense of understanding and agreement.
  • Яг (Yag) – When you’re 100% in agreement, try using the word Яг (Yag) to express a more sophisticated and complex agreement. Using this with the locals, you’ll see their eyes sparkle with astonishment.
No in Mongolian Ling App

No In Mongolian

Not everything is made of roses, as there are also occasions when you have to put your foot down and say “no.” In this case, the word in Mongolian is “Үгүй” (Ugui). If you’re not sure about using the word “no,” then here are a few alternatives:

  • боломж байхгүй (bolomj baikhgüi) – It means “no chance” or “no way,” and you can use it when you’re 100% in disagreement with the other person.
  • Үгүй ээ (Ügüi ee) – If you want to express a strong and confident rejection, try using the word Үгүй ээ (Ügüi ee) that means “absolutely not”
  • Уучлаарай, гэхдээ үгүй (Uuchlaarai, gekhdee ügüi) – If you’re looking for a polite way to reject an offer, try using this phrases that mean “I’m afraid not” or “sorry, but no.” It is great for when you don’t want to come across as rude or unkind.

OK In Mongolian

The word OK is also an essential word any traveler must learn before heading to Mongolia. It can signal agreement, indicate that everything is fine, or simply be a filler word. In Mongolian, the word for “OK” is “Зөв” (zov). However, there are many other options that you can choose to express a similar feeling:

  • Зүгээрээ (Zügeeree) – If you want to express a sense of understanding or acceptance, try using the word Зүгээрээ (Zügeeree). Try putting a little zinger in the accent, and you’ll sound like Matthew Conaway saying, “Зүгээрэ, Зүгээрээ, Зүгээрээ” (alright, alright, alright).
  • Мэдээж (Medeej) – This word means both “Sure” and “certainly”, but you can use it to express a willingness to do something or agree to a request.
  • Сайн байна (Sain baina) – If you want to express that everything is okay or that you’re satisfied with something, try using this expression. A thumbs up, along with it, is also a great idea!


Other Useful Phrases In Mongolian

HelloСайн ууSain uu
Fine.Сайн байна.Sain baina.
Everything is okay.Бүх зүйл зүгээр.Bükh züil zügeer.
I’m fine, thank you.Би сайн, баярлалаа.Bi sain, bayarlalaa.
Excuse me.Уучлаарай.Uuchlaarai.
Are you okay?Чи зүгээр үү?Chi zügeer üü?
I don’t want it.Би хүсэхгүй байна.Bi khüsekhgüi baina.
It’s for me!Энэ нь надад зориулагдсан!Ene ni nadad zoriulagdsan!
No more, thank you!Дахиж байхгүй, баярлалаа!Dakhij baikhgüi, bayarlalaa!
Not you.Чи биш.Chi bish.


Over To You

You’re almost a pro in Mongolian by now! Do you know what’s missing for you to be a real pro in this language? Learning everything else because just knowing three words is not enough!

Ok, this was a bit harsh. After all, you took the most important step: the first one. You searched for anything related to Mongolian and ended up in this incredible article where you learned how to say 3 of the most important words in Mongolian. However, as you may imagine, if you want to have a fluid conversation in Mongolian, this is not enough.

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