27+ Easy Mongolian Words For Beginners

Mongolian Words

Planning to travel for the first time to Mongolia this summer? Located in East Asia, this one-of-a-kind nation that showcases the beauty of a nomadic lifestyle, a rich culture, and a fantastic heritage, Mongolia should be a part of your bucket list.

Aside from that, it is also one of the best places that you can go to when you want to be immersed in good food, kind people, and fun experiences.

Want to speak with the locals from Mongolia? Then this ultimate guide to the best Mongolian words is perfect for you! This is the best article to read, whether it is to talk to more locals or learn something new like learning Mongolian. If this interests you, continue reading below!

Mongolia: A Brief Background

If you want to talk to Mongolian speakers or have a brief background with the Mongolian language, knowing the essential words, their verbs, how the phrases are spoken, and even the difference in their grammar is a definite must. This language is taught in all age groups and schools – both primary and secondary schools.

It has an alternative name called the Mongolic language taught in inner Mongolia, an autonomous region located in the People’s Republic of China. This shows that Mongolia and the Mongolian language have a wide influence filled with interesting bits and pieces of their culture and language.

Mongolian Words Is Mongolian Hard To Learn

Is Mongolian Hard To Learn?

As Mongolia’s national language, many people, especially those that want to be native speakers of such, tend to ask this. To answer this ubiquitous question, it depends. Depending on the time, dedication, and patience that you put in will also dictate your progress as a language learner and your fluency in learning Mongolian.

The hard truths about learning the Mongolian language are that it has a challenging pronunciation, uses the Cyrillic alphabet for the Mongolian script, and has minimal resources like the Lithuanian language. If you are up for the challenge, then, by all means, do it. So basically, this is one of the hardest languages to learn.

But hey! This revelation isn’t meant to scare language learners like you! But knowing these realities that come with when you learn a language can be of great help to mentally prepare yourself for the language journey that you’re about to take on.

It even has eight cases! Such cases make it a bit complex for a learner to grasp in such a short amount of time.

Aside from that, unlike other languages where you can easily Google everything, it’s not the same as learning the Mongolian language. We even have an in-depth article talking about the reality of learning the Mongolian language! Whether it is to learn a new set of words to sharpen your vocabulary or to be able to speak the language fluently, dealing with these hard truths is inevitable.

The reality of learning the Mongolian language, which is deeply rooted in its traditional roots, might come off as a challenge…but the same goes with everything! Whether it’s just to learn a word per day or a set of words every other day, starting somewhere is a must.

Not just that, but even mastering the sound of a particular consonant or even a couple of vowels can already be of much help, especially as you move on with written words or knowing the meaning of the word! These factors will surely help you and your journey in learning Mongolian.

Mongolian Words Basic

What Are Basic Mongolian Words?

Mongolian can be a tedious process to learn, but if you are up for this challenge, here are the best words to learn to master the Mongolian language!

Morningөглөө (öglöö)
Afternoonүдээс хойш (üdees khoish)
Eveningорой (oroi)
Hello (Informal)Сайн уу (sain uu)
Hello (Formal)Сайн байна уу (sain baina uu)
GoodbyeБаяртай (bayartai)
Foodхоол (khool)
Clothesхувцас (khuvtsas)
BookHOM (nom)
Penүзэг (üzeg)
Bagцүнх (tsünkh)
Dadаав (aav)
Sisterэгч (egch)
Brotherах (akh)
Childхүүхэд (khüükhed)
Doctorэмч (emch)
Nurseсувилагч (suvilagch)
Dentistшүдний эмч (shüdnii emch)
Policeцагдаа (tsagdaa)
Teacherбагш (bagsh)
Schoolсургууль (surguuli)
Classmateангийн найз (angiin naiz)
Friendнайз (naiz)
Dogнохой (nokhoi)
Catмуур (muur)
Fishзагас (zagas)
Waterус (us)
Houseбайшин (baishin)
Happyбаяртай (bayartai)
Sadгунигтай (gunigtai)
Disappointedсэтгэл дундуур байна (setgel dunduur baina)
Excitedсэтгэл хөдөлсөн (setgel khödölsön)
Scaredайсан (aisan)
Hungryөлсөж байна (ölsöj baina)
Restaurantресторан (ryestoran)
Trainгалт тэрэг (galt tereg)
Carмашин (mashin)
Busавтобус (avtobus)
Notebookдэвтэр (devter)
YouТа (ta)
Meби (bi)
Usбид (bid)

Keep This In Mind!

These are just a couple of words that can help you learn Mongolian. Though Mongolian is notorious for confusing initial syllables, long vowels, and its back vowels, worry not because getting acquainted with its different forms is already enough. At least for now!

Learning how a syllable sounds through these can help you speak the language well and practice its written forms. Not just that, but it widens your vocabulary as well! After learning these, you can proceed in learning Mongolian phrases in which you can learn more about how to say good morning, good evening, good night, and so many more!

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