Master 51+ Job Titles In Danish

Denmark is consistently voted as one of the top places to live in the world! It’s an environmentally conscious nation and practically everyone loves to ride bicycles everywhere – to work, to the pub, to get around. If you wanted to live here, what would job titles in Danish be?

It’s important to know that jobs in Denmark offer high salaries and liberal holiday allowances, however, the cost of living here is very high. Lots of your salary will go towards taxes, but this goes towards providing superior services including free healthcare!

Other costs of living such as housing and food are also quite expensive. Copenhagen is the most expensive place to live in Denmark but there are some great alternatives such as Aarhus, Odense, or Aalborg to name a few.

The working culture here is very relaxed and informal compared to other Western and European nations and English is prevalently spoken in the workforce.

Don’t let that dissuade you from learning occupations in Danish! Locals will always be impressed if you’ve taken the time to learn Danish.

So let’s take a look at some common professions in Denmark and see their English translations.


Job Categories In Danish

jobs in Danish

The first thing to consider is what is the job category you’re working in called Danish. This will help you to know which job sector to search for online and make the connections you’ll need to get a job in Denmark.

AccountingRegnskab[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Regnskab[/Speechword]
AdministrationAdministration[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Administration[/Speechword]
BusinessForretning[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Forretning[/Speechword]
CommunicationsKommunikation[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kommunikation[/Speechword]
ConsultingRådgivning[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Rådgivning[/Speechword]
ConsultingRådgivning[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Rådgivning[/Speechword]
DesignDesign[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Design[/Speechword]
EducationUddannelse[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Uddannelse[/Speechword]
Engineeringingeniørarbejde[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]ingeniørarbejde[/Speechword]
EntertainmentUnderholdning[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Underholdning[/Speechword]
FinanceFinansiere[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Finansiere[/Speechword]
MarketingMarkedsføring[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Markedsføring[/Speechword]
MedicalMedicinsk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Medicinsk[/Speechword]
SalesSalg[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Salg[/Speechword]
ScienceVidenskab[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Videnskab[/Speechword]

Jobs In-Demand In Denmark

In Denmark, there are a few job sectors that are in high demand. If you have the skillsets in any of these categories you’ll be more likely to get a job.

Business and FinanceForretning og finans[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Forretning og finans[/Speechword]
ConstructionKonstruktion[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Konstruktion[/Speechword]
Engineeringingeniørarbejde[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]ingeniørarbejde[/Speechword]
Information and communications technologyInformations- og kommunikationsteknologi[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Informations- og kommunikationsteknologi[/Speechword]
Life scienceLivsvidenskab[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Livsvidenskab[/Speechword]
Medicine and healthcareMedicin og sundhedsvæsen[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Medicin og sundhedsvæsen[/Speechword]
Service and hospitalityService og gæstfrihed[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Service og gæstfrihed[/Speechword]
Transport and logisticsTransport og logistik[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Transport og logistik[/Speechword]


Occupations In The Danish Language

work in Denmark

Within each job category are of course the occupations. Here is a list of some of the more common job titles in Danish. You may have a better chance of finding a job if you search using Danish terminology.

AccountantRevisor[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Revisor[/Speechword]
BakerBager[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Bager[/Speechword]
Baker’s ShopBagerforretning[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Bagerforretning[/Speechword]
BusinessmanForretningsmand[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Forretningsmand[/Speechword]
ButcherSlagter[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Slagter[/Speechword]
Cooklaver mad[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]laver mad[/Speechword]
DentistTandlæge[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Tandlæge[/Speechword]
DoctorLæge[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Læge[/Speechword]
EngineerIngeniør[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Ingeniør[/Speechword]
FishermanFisker[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Fisker[/Speechword]
GardenerGartner[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Gartner[/Speechword]
HairdresserFrisør[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Frisør[/Speechword]
JewelerGuldsmed[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Guldsmed[/Speechword]
JournalistJournalist[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Journalist[/Speechword]
JudgeDommer[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Dommer[/Speechword]
LawyerJurist[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Jurist[/Speechword]
MechanicMekaniker[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Mekaniker[/Speechword]
NurseAmme[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Amme[/Speechword]
Optician (Eye Doctor)Optiker (øjenlæge)[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Optiker [/Speechword]
PainterMaler[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Maler[/Speechword]
PharmacistFarmaceut[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Farmaceut[/Speechword]
PhotographerFotograf[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Fotograf[/Speechword]
PolicemanPolitibetjent[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Azië[/Speechword]
PostmanPostbud[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Politibetjent[/Speechword]
PublisherForlægger[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Forlægger[/Speechword]
ScientistVidenskabsmand[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Videnskabsmand[/Speechword]
SurgeonKirurg[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kirurg[/Speechword]
TeacherLærer[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Lærer[/Speechword]


Advice On Working In Denmark

Occupations in Danish

Is Denmark A Good Place To Work?

Denmark is actually considered to be a high-paying country with low costs of living. This means that housing will be affordable and other costs of living are low as well.

The majority of high-paying jobs are found in the capital city of Copenhagen, however even though the cost of living is low, it’s relatively higher in this major city.

There are plenty of new jobs available in the service and financial industries which account for nearly half of Denmark’s economic output. You’ll find many vacancies in these areas.

You’ll also find there’s plenty to do! From excellent shopping to UNESCO world heritage sites (including castles) and lots of nature to explore, you’ll always have something to do.

In addition, the Danish people are warm and inviting (once you get to know them) and you’ll quickly feel a part of the community.

Highest Paying Jobs In Denmark (With Salaries)

While the unemployment rate is very low (2.7%), there is still a chance at some of these high-paying jobs in Denmark. You should also know that you’ll be paid in Danish krone (DKK) which as of this writing $1 USD is equal to about 7.4 DKK.

Here’s a list of the highest paying jobs in Denmark with expected salaries in 2022. These are monthly expected salaries by the way!

1. Surgeons / Doctors (Kirurger / Læger)

Salary Range: from 77,100 DKK to 233,000 DKK ($10,330 – $31,200 USD)

2. Judges (Dommere)

Salary Range: from 64,800 DKK to 196,000 DKK ($8,600 – $26,200 USD)

3. Lawyers (Advokater)

Salary Range: from 52,400 DKK to 158,000 DKK ($7,000 -$21,100 USD)

4. Bank Managers (Bankchefer)

Salary Range: from 49,400 DKK to 149,000 DKK ($6,600 – $20,000 USD)

5. Chief Executive Officers (administrerende direktører)

Salary Range: from 46,300 DKK to 140,000 DKK ($6,200 -$18,700 USD)

6. Chief Financial Officers (Økonomichefer)

Salary Range: from 43,200 DKK to 130,000 DKK ($5,700 – $17,400 USD)

7. Orthodontists (Ortodontister)

Salary Range: from 41,600 DKK to 126,000 DKK ($5,500 – $16,800 USD)

8. College Professors (Højskoleprofessorer)

Salary Range: from 37,000 DKK to 112,000 DKK ($4,900 – $15,000 USD)

9. Pilots (Piloter)

Salary Range: from 30,800 DKK to 93,100 DKK ($4,200 – $23,400 USD)

10. Marketing Directors (Marketingdirektører)

Salary Range: from 27,800 DKK to 83,800 DKK ($3,700 – $11,200 USD)


How To Get A Job In Denmark

Work vocabulary in Danish

A local business or company will often recruit a new employee just as you’d expect them to; through the internet and the world of job posting portals. Simply type in the name of the occupation you’re looking for and off you go on your job search.

You can even copy and paste the Danish job titles from this very article to ensure you don’t miss any company postings!

Once you get a job, whether it’s a contract position or full-time, your future employer will help with the visa application and hiring process. Of course, if you’re already registered within the European Union, you can forgo the visa necessity.

Do You Need A Visa To Work In Denmark?

Yes, you do. You must first get a full-time position from a local company that will provide you with an official letter of employment. Following that, you’ll need to apply for a work visa and residence permit but this process is straightforward and quick.

Do I Need To Pay Taxes In Denmark?

Absolutely. As mentioned, much of your salary will go towards taxes. In fact, the average tax rate for salaries in Denmark is 35.4%*. This is very high.

*Check to see if your home country has a taxation agreement with Denmark.


Other Useful Job-Related Vocabulary

These are some words you’ll need during your job hunt to search or have discussions with. If there are any words you would like to have added to this list, please comment below!

CandidatesKandidater[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kandidater[/Speechword]
CompanySelskab[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Selskab[/Speechword]
DepartmentAfdeling[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Afdeling[/Speechword]
EmployedAnsat[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Ansat[/Speechword]
EmployeeMedarbejder[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Medarbejder[/Speechword]
FactoryFabrik[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Fabrik[/Speechword]
HiredHyret[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hyret[/Speechword]
IndustryIndustri[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Industri[/Speechword]
InterviewInterview[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Interview[/Speechword]
JobJob[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Job[/Speechword]
ManagerManager[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Manager[/Speechword]
MoneyPenge[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Penge[/Speechword]
OfficeKontor[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kontor[/Speechword]
OfficialOfficiel[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Officiel[/Speechword]
PromotionForfremmelse[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Forfremmelse[/Speechword]
ResignTræde tilbage[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Træde tilbage[/Speechword]
ResponsibleAnsvarlig[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Ansvarlig[/Speechword]
RetiredPensioneret[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Pensioneret[/Speechword]
SalaryLøn[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Løn[/Speechword]
UnemployedArbejdsløs[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Arbejdsløs[/Speechword]
WorkArbejde[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Arbejde[/Speechword]


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