31+ Best Ways: How To Say Goodnight In Danish

How many different words and ways are there to say goodnight in Danish? This article will show you the different translations and vocabulary the Danes use to wish each other a good night.

Goodnight is quite a common saying around the world and is often used interchangeably with goodbye. This is no different in Denmark!

So let’s learn about how to best wish someone goodnight, whether you are leaving a social event, or putting a loved one to bed in the Danish language.

The Difference Between A Danish Good Night And Goodnight

Wish goodnight in Danish

In many languages, there is a difference between saying good night versus goodnight. While it initially appears there is no difference (both goodnight and good night in Danish are godnat), when put into context, there is a notable variation in meaning.

For instance, to discuss a good night would refer to describing a period of time. Good in this sense may be interpreted to mean a nice, fun, or memorable night. Alternatively, to say goodnight is not a descriptor, but rather more of a send off before bed or a goodbye greeting.

Here are some examples of how to use good night in Danish:

  • I hope it is a good night (Jeg håber det bliver en god aften )
  • I hope you have a good night (Jeg håber du får en god nat )
  • I hope you had a good night (Jeg håber du havde en god nat )
  • Have a good night (Hav en god aften )
  • I wish you a good night (Jeg ønsker dig en god nat )

How To Say Goodnight In Danish And Other Related Expressions

ways to say goodnight in Danish

The most common way to bid someone a goodnight in Danish is God nat You can even shorten it to be really informal and just say nat but only use this with close friends! Otherwise you might seem a bit rude.

As mentioned above, you can use god nat as another way to say goodbye to friends after an evening out. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to say goodbye in Denmark along with have a good day, have a good evening, or have a good night.

So without further ado, here are some other words and phrases commonly used to say goodnight in Danish:

EnglishDanish TranslationPronunciation
Get home safelyKom sikkert hjem
Good eveningGod aften
Good night, sleep tight.God nat, sov godt.
Goodnight and good luckGodnat og held og lykke
Have a good eveningHav en god aften
Have a nice eveningHav en god aften
I wish you a good nightJeg ønsker dig en god nat
It is time to say good nightDet er tid til at sige godnat
It was lovely to see you tonightDet var dejligt at se dig i aften
Rest wellHvil godt
See you in the morningSes i morgen
See you tomorrowVi ses i morgen
Sleep nicelySov godt
Sleep tightSov godt
Sleep wellSov godt
Take care and goodnightPas på og godnat
Thank you. GoodnightTak skal du have. Godnat
Tonight was wonderfulI aften var vidunderlig

More Romantic Ways to Say Goodnight In Danish

romantic goodnight in Danish

You may have a special someone in your life and wish to send them off to sleep in a romantic way. Here are some sweet ways to say goodnight to a loved one in Danish.

EnglishDanish TranslationPronunciation
Dream beautifullyDrøm smukt
Dream of meDrøm om mig
Dream something niceDrøm noget rart
Good night and dream something beautifulGodnat og drøm noget smukt
Good night and sweet dreamsGodnat og drøm sødt
Good night, darlingGodnat skat
Good night, sleep tightGod nat, sov godt
Good night, sweetheartGodnat skat
Goodnight my loveGodnat min elskede
I’ll be dreaming of youJeg vil drømme om dig
Sleep wellSov godt
Sweet dreamsSov godt

Ways To Wish Kids Goodnight In Danish

Say goodnight to kids in Danish

Of course putting a child to bed requires a special way to send them off to sleep. These are some cute ways to send your children off to la-la-land.

EnglishDanish TranslationPronunciation
Good night and sleep tight (sleep well)!Godnat og sov godt!
Good night. Sweet dreamsGodnat. Sov godt
Goodnight my princeGodnat min prins
Goodnight my princessGodnat min prinsesse
Have a good sleepSov godt
Lights out!Sluk lyset!
Nice dreamsGode ​​drømme
Sleep wellSov godt

How To Ask About Someone’s Night Out

You may be curious to hear how someone’s night went. Here are a few ways you can ask others about their evenings in Danish.

  • Did you have a good night? (Havde du en god nat? )
  • Was it a good night? (Var det en god nat? )
  • A good night, was it? (En god nat, var det? )
  • You sleep well? (Du sover godt? )
  • Did you have a pleasant night? (Havde du en hyggelig aften? )
  • How was your night? (Hvordan var din nat? )
  • How did you sleep? (Hvordan sov du? )
  • Good morning! Did you sleep well? (God morgen! Har du sovet godt? )

That’s All Folks!

If you’re reading this at night then we wish you a Danish goodnight,

God nat! Be sure to bookmark this for quick and easy access to all the ways to wish the people in your life goodnight in Danish, or soon to be in your life if you’re planning to visit Denmark.

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