Date And Time In Latvian – #1 Easy Learning Guide

If you are in Latvia or a Latvian-speaking country, have you ever thought about the correct way to tell the Date And Time In Latvian? The actual time to speak Latvian depends on understanding the numbers of Latvian and some principles about seconds, minutes, and hours in Latvian.


Proper Ways To Say Date And Time In Latvian 

Did you know that Latvians do not use the 12-hour clock exclusively like Americans? They usually use the 24-hour clock instead! Therefore, when translating the 24-hour time, remember to add 12 to PM time – 4:00 Pm will be equal to 16:00.

Formally, the time is published using the 24-hour clock, but informally, Latvians usually use the 12-hour clock and specify when uncommon or unclear time needs. It depends on the speakers they will use in any particular situation.

How To Express AM And PM In Latvian 

There is no direct equivalent of PM and AM. Instead, these phrases are equivalent to “in the afternoon” or “in the morning”, which makes more sense than our PM/AM conventions.

AM will be expressed as:

  • naktī – in the night
  • no rīta – in the morning
  • pa nakti – at night, during the night

PM is a bit tougher than AM. Possible translations include:

  • dienā – during the day, in the day (this doesn’t translate well)
  • pa dienu – during the day
  • vakarā – in the evening
  • pēcpusdienā – after mid-day, in the afternoon

What About Midnight? – Date And Time In Latvian

To avoid any confusion, the beginning of a day in the 24-hour clock is 00:00, and the end is 24:00. Therefore, a 24-hour store is open from 00 – 24.

If you want to see someone later in the night, you will see them at 24 o’clock, but if you need to wake up at midnight to go to the cemetery for shift work, you will get up at 00 o’clock.

The official Date format: yyyy-mm-dd, though yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy are often used.

Okay, now it’s time to know and learn some vocabulary related to Latvian time and date. This lesson will let you know how to say the day of the week, names of the months, seasons, and time of day in Latvian.


Vocabulary About Date And Time In Latvian 


Days Of The Week

Monday Pirmdiena.

Name Of Month

February Februāris
Latvian Date and Time

Name Of Season

EnglishSeason names in Latvian


Latvian Time And Date Phrases With Pronunciation

EnglishWords and phrases related to time and date in Latvian
What time is it?Cik ir pulkstenis? tsihk ihr PUHLKS-teh-nihs)
What time?Cikos? (TSIH-kohs)
When?Kad? (kahd)
nowTagad (TAH-gahd)
laterVēlāk (VAA-lahk)
secondSekunde (SEH-koon-deh)
minuteMinute (MIH-noo-teh)
half an hourPusstunda (PUHSS-tuhn-duh)
hourStunda (STUHN-duh)
morningRīts (reet)
in the morningno rīta (naw reetah)
eveningVakars (VUH-kuhrs)
in the eveningVakarā (VUH-kuh-rah)
nightNakts (nuhkts)

How To Say The Time

Do you want to learn the simplest and easiest way to say six o’clock in the Latvian language? Make use of these terms directly that are given below. It will help you tell the current time on the clock in the Latvian language.

English TimeLatvian Time With Pronunciation
one o’clockpulkstens viens (POOLKS-tehns vyehns)
two o’clockpulkstens divi (POOLKS-tehns DIH-vih)
three o’clockpulkstens trīs (POOLKS-tehns trees)
four o’clockpulkstens četri (POOLKS-tehns CHEH-trih)
five o’clockpulkstens piece (POOLKS-tehns PYEH-tsih)
six o’clockpulkstens seši (POOLKS-tehns SEH-shih)
seven o’clockpulkstens septiņi (POOLKS-tehns SEHP-tih-nyih)
eight o’clockpulkstens astoņi (POOLKS-tehns UHS-toh-nyih)
nine o’clockpulkstens deviņi (POOLKS-tehns DEH-vih-nyih)
ten o’clockpulkstens desmit (POOLKS-tehns DEHS-miht)
eleven o’clockpulkstens vienpadsmit (POOLKS-tehns VYEHN-puhds-miht)
twelve o’clockpulkstens divpadsmit (POOLKS-tehns DIHV-puhds-miht)
quarter to six, 17:45bez piecpadsmit minūtēm seši (behz PYEHTS-pahds-miht MIH-noo-tehm SEH-shih)
quarter past six, 18:15piecpadsmit minūtes pāri sešiem
half-past seven, 18:30pusseptiņi

Important Vocabulary Related To Date And Time In Latvian 

Make use of the simple Latvian phrases to know the time duration for instance a Year, a Week, and a Four-week period when it comes to the Latvian language.

EnglishLatvain With Pronunciation
minute(s)minūte(s) (MIH-noo-teh)
hour(s)stunda(s) (STOON-dah(s))
Day(s)Diena(s) (DYEH-nah(s))
Week(s)Edēļa(s) (NEH-dehh-lyah(s))
Month(s)Mēnesis (mēneši) (MEHH-neh-sees(MEHH-neh-shih))
Year(s)Qds(gadi) (gahds(GAH-dih))


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Date And Time In Latvian

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