20+ Exciting Ways To Say Congratulations In Nepali

If you are wondering what to learn next to improve your communication skills in the Nepali language, this blog is here to save your day. With translations and exciting phrases, you will learn all the ways how to say congratulations in Nepali. If you are eager to master this topic, continue reading below!

Words like congratulations are a must-know if you are a beginner language learner. Especially if you plan to visit Nepal soon, you must learn common wishes and ways of congratulating someone in the Nepali language, like तपाईको सफलताको लागि बधाई छ! (Congratulations on your success), तपाईलाई सलाम छ (Hats off to you!), etc., and become proficient in pronunciation. Such words and wishes play a crucial role while bonding with friends and also becomes a great way of showing your love and gratitude.

Moreover, we are talking about the locality of a country where people consider each other family from miles away and take heartwarming messages as a gesture of love and kindness. So, if you think you need to improve your language learning and communication mastery, let’s not waste more time and start learning Nepali!

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How To Say Congratulations In Nepali

Let us first learn how to say “Congratulations” in Nepali. बधाई छ is the Nepali script translation, and it is pronounced as Badhā’ī cha. So, the English to Nepali word translation is simple and not too twisted. The most common phrase with the word बधाई is तपाईलाई बधाई छ!Tapā’īlā’ī badhā’ī cha! which means “Congratulations to you!”

Below is the list of the word “Congratulations” verb forms to make sentence forming easier for you!

  • Congratulate – बधाइ दिनु – Badhā’i dinu
  • Congratulated – बधाई दिए – Badhā’ī di’ē
  • To congratulate – बधाई दिन – Badhā’ī dina
  • Congratulating – बधाई छ – Badhā’ī cha

When we talk about congratulating someone, it is not just about praising someone. In a society where family, locality, and the entire country are considered one, a small gesture of congratulations means much more than just an award. It shows your support for the other person and the recognization of their hard work and good faith. Thus, if you ever visit your Nepali friend or even a random stranger celebrating their success, it is only respectful and charming of you to wish them a good note of congratulation and make them feel worthy of their achievement.

Especially if you have just begun learning the Nepali language, words like Congratulations will become an asset for you. First, it will help you start conversations and communicate freely with the Nepali people. Second, it will allow you to speak better Nepali as you keep practicing the common phrases.

So, when there is no harm and only gain in learning the following words and phrases, we should stop wandering around and start learning. Just keep your eyes open and continue with your reading! Below we will go through different ways of using the term “Congratulations” in Nepali and how to use it on other occasions.

General Ways To Congratulate In Nepali

Congratulations in Nepali

Here we will go through some general phrases that can be used to congratulate someone. Later, we will dive into more fun alternatives and ways of praising success!

1. Congratulations on your success! – तपाईको सफलताको लागि बधाई छ!

The first, most basic way of congratulating someone on any occasion is by saying तपाईको सफलताको लागि बधाई छ! It means “Congratulations on your success” in the Nepali dictionary and is pronounced as Tapā’īkō saphalatākō lāgi badhā’ī cha! You can use this phrase to praise anyone in any formal or informal setting. Mainly when it comes to strangers or new friends, Tapā’īkō saphalatākō lāgi badhā’ī cha! is the go-to line for you!

2. You did an excellent job – तपाईंले उत्कृष्ट काम गर्नुभयो

Another way of congratulating someone without actually using the Nepali word- congratulations is by complementing someone as तपाईंले उत्कृष्ट काम गर्नुभयो. It is pronounced as Tapā’īnlē utkr̥ṣṭa kāma garnubhayō and is also quite simple and easy to say. You can use this, especially when wishing your juniors or colleagues who just flourished in their given task. It also works for small achievements.

3. Keep it up – यसलाई जारी राख्नुहोस्

To act more mature and casual at the same time, you can say यसलाई जारी राख्नुहोस्- Yasalā’ī jārī rākhnuhōs. This phrase works best when congratulating your friend’s child or someone younger than you. It is a way of indirectly praising their work and encouraging them to continue working harder.

4. Proud of you! – तिमी प्रती गर्व छ!

One of the best ways to make the other person’s day who just blossomed in their task is uttering the golden words तिमी प्रती गर्व छ! It is pronounced as Timī pratī garva cha! We all know that it is a phrase that we strive to hear at least once in our lifetime, especially from our parents. So, if you have someone dearly close to or associated with you, say these words and make an already exciting day filled with more love, laughter, and lifelong happiness.

5. Good going! – राम्रो हुँदैछ!

If you are looking for a more casual and humble way of wishing someone, you can use the phrase राम्रो हुँदैछ!- Rāmrō hum̐daicha! It is another standard way of showing your support and recognition of their success. So, in any informal setting where you see a suitable atmosphere, make sure you use the line Rāmrō hum̐daicha! and make victory more happening and fun!

Other Praises That You Can Use

Now that you know the primary ways of saying congratulations to someone, here is a list of a few other short phrases that you can use to say congratulations in a more fun manner in the Nepali language. Keep reading and have a better understanding of the language.

1. Nicely done – राम्रोसँग गरियो

Nicely done or Rāmrōsam̐ga gariyō is one good alternative to saying congratulations in Nepali. You can use this phrase with your friends as it adds a compliment along with the praise, which will boost your friend’s confidence.

2. You did it! – तपाईंले यो गर्नुभयो!

You must know about this one. You did it or तपाईंले यो गर्नुभयो!- Tapā’īnlē yō garnubhayō! is a common way of congratulating someone, especially when it comes to someone you know. It expresses that they have acted according to expectations and have made everyone proud. Use this to make your Nepali friends happier!

3. Hats off to you – तपाईलाई सलाम छ

If you are a fan of reality shows, you would know about this one. तपाईलाई सलाम छ- Tapā’īlā’ī salāma cha which means “hats off to you” in English, is another widespread and exciting way of saying congratulations to your friends and colleagues. Especially when someone does something extremely extraordinary, Tapā’īlā’ī salāma cha is one of the best wishes you can use to impress them and make bonds better.

4. Here’s to you – यहाँ तपाईलाई छ

When you are at a party, and you are about to make a toast to your friend’s success, you can use the phrase यहाँ तपाईलाई छ- Yahām̐ tapā’īlā’ī cha. The expression “here’s to you” will never be too old to use, making honoring easy and exciting. Just raise your toast, look into your friend and say Yahām̐ tapā’īlā’ī cha. You are sure to make the party even more vibrant and fun.

5. Cheers! – जय होस्!

Not so common in Nepal, but yet a good option, the phrase जय होस्!-Jaya hōs! is your next best option. It is short, simple, and not too hard to remember. You can use this when the surroundings do not expect much from you, and it only concerns your friend who just made an accomplishment. It works best with a bottle of Nepali wine in one hand and a big smile on your face!

Congratulation Wishes For Different Occasions

Nepali wishes

Here are different lists of wishes that you can use according to the occasion.

Congratulation Phrases For Wedding / Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement!तपाईको संलग्नतामा बधाई छ!Tapā’īkō sanlagnatāmā badhā’ī cha!
Happy engagementशुभ सगाईŚubha sagā’ī
Cheers to your wedding!तपाईको विवाहको लागि शुभकामना!Tapā’īkō vivāhakō lāgi śubhakāmanā!
Cheers to the new coupleनयाँ जोडीलाई शुभकामनाNayām̐ jōḍīlā’ī śubhakāmanā
Welcome to a new life!नयाँ जीवनमा स्वागत छ!Nayām̐ jīvanamā svāgata cha!
Congratulations to the future coupleभावी जोडीलाई बधाईBhāvī jōḍīlā’ī badhā’ī

Congratulation Wishes For Job Success

You did a great jobतपाईंले राम्रो काम गर्नुभयोTapā’īnlē rāmrō kāma garnubhayō
Congratulations on your promotionतपाईको पदोन्नतिमा बधाई छTapā’īkō padōnnatimā badhā’ī cha
Cheers to your new work lifeतपाईको नयाँ कार्य जीवनको लागि शुभकामनाTapā’īkō nayām̐ kārya jīvanakō lāgi śubhakāmanā
Good luck with your new jobतपाईको नयाँ कामको लागि शुभकामनाTapā’īkō nayām̐ kāmakō lāgi śubhakāmanā
Congrats! You got the dream jobबधाई छ! तपाईंले सपनाको काम पाउनुभयोBadhā’ī cha! Tapā’īnlē sapanākō kāma pā’unubhayō
You deserve this promotionतपाईं यो पदोन्नतिको योग्य हुनुहुन्छTapā’īṁ yō padōnnatikō yōgya hunuhuncha

Congratulations Lines For Graduation

Congratulations on graduatingउत्तीर्ण भएकोमा बधाई छUttīrṇa bha’ēkōmā badhā’ī cha
Congrats to the new graduateनयाँ स्नातकलाई बधाई छNayām̐ snātakalā’ī badhā’ī cha
You did it!तपाईंले यो गर्नुभयो!Tapā’īnlē yō garnubhayō!
Congrats! You deserve the praiseबधाई छ! तपाईं प्रशंसाको योग्य हुनुहुन्छBadhā’ī cha! Tapā’īṁ praśansākō yōgya hunuhuncha
All the best to your futureतपाईको भविष्यको लागि सबै राम्रोTapā’īkō bhaviṣyakō lāgi sabai rāmrō
You worked hard. Congratulations!तिमीले कडा परिश्रम गर्यौ। बधाई छ!Timīlē kaḍā pariśrama garyau. Badhā’ī cha!

Congratulation Wishes For Motherhood

Welcome to motherhoodमातृत्वमा स्वागत छMātr̥tvamā svāgata cha
Congratulations to the new parentsनयाँ अभिभावकहरूलाई बधाई छNayām̐ abhibhāvakaharūlā’ī badhā’ī cha
Wishing your family all the good luckतपाईको सम्पूर्ण परिवारलाई शुभकामनाTapā’īkō sampūrṇa parivāralā’ī śubhakāmanā
Congrats on your new babyतपाईको नयाँ बच्चालाई बधाई छTapā’īkō nayām̐ baccālā’ī badhā’ī cha
So happy for your son!आफ्नो छोराको लागि धेरै खुसी!Āphnō chōrākō lāgi dhērai khusī!

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know some of the best ways to congratulate someone, you will undoubtedly make new friends and family in Nepal. Wishing them and conversing without frequently looking to google translators will also leave an impressive image of your skills and make you shine brighter in the crowd. So, if you want to learn more such lessons related to different topics like food and culture, sign in with Ling App and get access to hundreds of posts. You will not regret the choice and will see evident results in no time!

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