Love Words And Phrases In Latvian: 20 Ways To Say

Romantic relations with people whose first language is not English can be challenging. However, learning their language hard will greatly help show that you are committed to this relationship. In this article, you can learn love words and phrases in Latvian if you want to impress someone from Latvia.


Love Words And Phrases In Latvian – Learn How To Say I Love You

Let’s know how to speak some LOVE terms! Yes, I’m sure that many people search for Latvian courses online due to new relationships, friendship, and love with Latvians. Thus, we often learn a few phrases in foreign languages, and saying “I love you” is one of them!

So, let’s learn love words and phrases in Latvian with Ling-app that know how can you say it in the Latvian language.

es mīlu tevi – I love you

mīlestība – love

Vai tu mani mīli? – Do you love me?

The English expression “I love you” has always been regarded as one of the most persuasive statements that can change everything. We have also been told to understand that this is not what you said to someone but must be reserved for those who are truly closest to you -your family, close friends, and partner.

That being said, combining these three simple terms is somewhat liberating, especially if you have bottled this feeling for a long time!

Exciting news and language learning enthusiasts from all over the world! Now, Ling-app can help you enrich your language skills with Latvian. Latvian is a unique language with only 1.7 million speakers worldwide.

So, before learning some other love words and phrases in Latvian, you must understand the basics of this rare and new language.


The Similarities Between Latvian And Lithuanian?

As a Baltic language, Latvian is most closely related to its sister language Lithuanian. Linguists even claimed that Latvian and Lithuanian dialects were different dialects of the same language for a long time. However, Latvia has developed more rapidly, which makes the two contemporary languages ​​completely different.
Not surprisingly, Latvian and Lithuanians have many functions, but their mutual understanding is not sufficient to make dialogue possible.


The Similarities Between Latvian And Russian?

These days, if you also did not mention Russian, you could not talk about the Latvian language.

Latvia and Russia have a long historical connection: during the Tsarist era (Latvia was part of the Russian Empire) and the Soviet occupation in the second half of the 20th century, when the Russification policy greatly affected the Latvian language, Russians immigrated to Latvia. There is no need to learn Latvian in Latvia.

Today, more than a quarter of the 2.2 million people in Latvia are Russians, and most of them are taught in Russian. However, the only official language is Latvian.


A Collection Of Love Words And Phrases In Latvian

A Collection Of Love Words And Phrases In Latvian
A Collection Of Love Words And Phrases In Latvian

man tevis pietrūkst – I miss you

tu esi skaista meitene  – you are a beautiful girl

mana draudzene – my girlfriend (also, my female friend)

mana draugs – my boyfriend (also, my male friend)

dod man bučas – give me a kiss

bučas – kisses

Vai tu gribi iet uz kino ar mani? – Do you want to go to the movies with me?


gribu ar tevi darudzēties! – I want to be friends with you

tu man ļoti patīc – I really like you (I like you so much)

Tu esi mans dārgums – You are my treasure


Other Romantic Words In Latvian

Love Words And Phrases In Latvian - Other Romantic Words
Love Words And Phrases In Latvian – Other Romantic Words

Those beautiful love messages for someone special to you are an amazing way to tell you how much you love and care. It will blink their eyes suddenly because they will wait for you to send more of these. It is a unique way of strengthening relationships. True love is absolutely innocent.

If you speak love words and phrases in Latvian to people in Latvia, what better way to make them feel special? These are memories shared by the two of you. With such charming words, you can definitely draw her closer.

Love Words in the Latvian Language:

English Latvian
my love Mana mīlestība
honey Mīļais
my life mana dzīve
romantic romantiskas
dinner vakariņas 
dear dārgs
date datums
rose pieauga
valentine day Valentīndiena
special īpašs
crush sasmalcināt
admire apbrīnot


Love Phrases In Latvian 

Love Words And Phrases In Latvian
Love Words And Phrases In Latvian

Sending love words and phrases in Latvian to your girlfriend (draudzene) or boyfriend (draugs) is an easy way to make your lady or man feel special. It is a sweet and lovely gesture that made a person feel important. When writing love words and phrases in Latvian, you should always be sincere.

English Latvian
You mean the world to me tu man nozīmē visu
I cannot live without you Es nevaru dzīvot bez tevis
You are special to me Tu man esi īpaša
You are the love of my life Tu esi mana mūža mīlestība
You fill my heart Tu piepildi manu sirdi
I am mad about you Esmu dusmīga par tevi
I adore you ES tevi apbrīnoju


Interesting Info About Love Words And Phrases In Latvian

Latvian is also a language from the heart because it is a pleasant language. It is a language that is easy to express emotions. There are small and exquisite little things everywhere. Many words and phrases that describe positive emotions have ‘sirds’ (heart) as their roots.

The word “sincere,” in Latvian, is sirsnīgs. Google’s translation states it means warmhearted. I believe the term “heartfelt” is more accurate.

Your best friend, in English, is also your ‘bosom buddy.’ Whereas, in Latvia, your closest or best friends are ‘friends of your heart.’


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