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November 20, 2020

Are you looking for a decent application for learning languages? Ling can be a good option for you to choose from. Below are frequently asked questions by people all around the world about the Ling App. Hopefully, with the answers given, you can decide whether or not to give the Ling App a try.

Is Ling app free?

You can learn languages with a free version in the Ling App, including 8 lessons and 60+ language courses. You can subscribe to a Premium version to enjoy more lessons and content. The subscription will help the team maintain and improve the app.

How much does Ling app cost? Ling app price

Ling App has a free version. If you want to upgrade to a Pro version, you can select a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription. It costs about 4 USD/month if you pay yearly. For a specific price, open the Ling App, then open Shop screen.

Can I download a Ling app cracked version?

Ling App is encrypted to protect its users so it is impossible to be cracked. If there are any resources providing a cracked version of the Ling App, be careful because they might include viruses, spyware or malware to steal your personal information.

Is Ling app available for pc?

Ling is available for computers. This web version (Ling Web) is accessible from website, copyrighted by Simya Solutions Ltd., the company which developed the Ling App.

Download Ling app on iPhone, iPad

Download Ling on App Store for your iPhone, iPad:

Download Ling app on Google Play for an Android phone, tablet

Can I learn with Ling app online and offline?

You can learn languages with Ling app online and offline.
All features are available on online mode. For offline mode, you can access almost all content in the app as long as you have opened the units or languages you want to learn when you are online. Some features are not supported offline including Speaking Games, Leader Board, Share to Social, and Send Error Report.

Where can I get Ling app updates?

We usually release a new update every 2 weeks on Play Store and App Store to improve the quality of the app and/or bring more features to our users. Check the latest updates on our stores:
- Play Store:
- App Store:

What do people say about Ling app on Reddit?

What Operating System (OS) does Ling application support?

Ling mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.
Ling web version is compatible with popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Do you have a Ling Cantonese app?

We do have a Cantonese course in the Ling App. You can learn Cantonese with Ling App at

Can I learn Malayalam in a Ling app?

Yes. You can learn Malayalam with Ling App at

Do you teach Serbian in a Ling app?

Serbian course is available in the Ling app. Check it out at

Do you have a Ling app for Tagalog language?

You can learn Tagalog with Ling App at

Can I learn Thai with a Ling app?

Absolutely. You can learn Thai with Ling App at

Is Ling app good for learning languages? - Ling app review

Is Ling a real word?

According to Oxford Learner's Dictionaries, 'ling' a low-growing plant that is a type of heather and that grows on areas of wild open land. On the website Dictionary[dot]com, 'ling' is an elongated, marine, gadid food fish, Molva molva, of Greenland and northern Europe. 'Ling' is also the name of a language app that teaches more than 60 languages including less-spoken languages like Thai, Serbian, Tagalog, and so on.

What does the name Ling mean?

'Ling' has different meanings in different languages such as English, Thai, and Chinese. In English, 'ling' is a name of a low-growing plant that is a type of heather and is also a type of fish in Greenland and northern Europe. In Thai, 'ling' means monkeys.

What does Ling in Chinese mean?

Ling is written as 靈 in Chinese traditional and as 灵 in Chinese simplified. In both Chinese languages, 'ling' means spirit. 

Is Ling another word for Heather?

As mentioned in the Oxford Learner's Dictionaries, 'ling' is a type of heather. You can google 'ling heather' to see the images of this plant.

What is Ling app?

Ling app is a game-like application that teaches languages. There are more than 60 languages in Ling such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, and so on. Ling app is available for iOS, Android phones, tablets, and web browsers.


If you still have more questions about Ling App, send us an email via our Customer Support System.

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