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Bhagavan Kirtinath, one of greatest poets in Nepal known for his works on philosophy, poetry, and spiritualism once said “भाग्य एउटै गर्ने दिन हो, तर अघिल्लो समयमा परेको यसारी निश्चित हो।”. This literally means that although we may have a lucky day, it is certain that our future and fortune will be determined by our actions in the present. Nepali people believe deeply in luck and superstitions. What brings good luck in Nepali culture? Find out right here!

Nepali culture is well grounded in Buddhism. Religion influences their daily life, even in problem-solving believing that problems are from a god, spirit, or karma. Misfortunes or ill health even family issues are related to an individual’s own deeds and bad karma. Likewise, good luck in Nepali is a result of your own good deeds.


Ways To Say Good Luck In Nepali

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The translation for good luck in Nepali is भाग्यले साथ दिओस् Bhāgyalē sātha di’ōs, meaning “may your fate be with you”. However, often राम्ररी गर्नु Ramrari garnu is used which means “do it nicely”. Although the translation may seem a bit awkward, in the Nepali language, this is used most often to wish someone good luck!

Another phrase commonly used is शुभ कामना Sabha kamana or “good wishes”. Often elders are greeted or visited for special blessings, and a well-used phrase that brings good luck in Nepali is भाग्यले साथ दिओस् Bhāgyalē sātha di’ōs or “may good luck be with you”!

For situations like a toast when drinking or wishing the best for health, cheers, or celebrating milestones, शुभ कामना Sabha kamana is still used. Remember, post the good luck wishes, it’s wise to spread the good vibes around. So, the answers would be “thanks” धन्यवाद Dhanyavadha or “same to you” तपाईलाई पनि Tapailai pani.


Mani Stones – The Good Luck Charm Of Nepalis

While in the pursuit of happiness and good luck, if you are a collector of lucky charms, then this one is a keeper. We speak of the infamous mani stones, the good luck charm of Nepalis. Known as the magical jewels of Nepal, the mani stones are believed to hold mystical powers emerging from Buddhism.

Its inscription is said to represent love and faith which brings luck and happiness. By using these while meditation, Nepalis believe that it opens a way for good luck to prevail and conquer evil.


Bad Luck & Nepali Superstitions

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Did you know that hanging a string of chilies and lemon over a doorway entrance is considered auspicious in Nepal? It is considered the best way to be evil-free. This is a superstition, an unjustified and yet culturally normal belief in the supernatural.

The Nepali word for superstition is अन्धविश्वास Andhavishvas. Literally, this word means blind belief. This may sound silly to you, but Nepalis would disagree. Sometimes, there are no logical answers as to why this belief holds true for their culture. Let’s read on to know about some common beliefs that bring bad luck or नराम्रो भाग्य Naramro bhagya.

  • A black cat crossing the road कालो बिरालो बाटो काट्दै Kālō birālō bāṭō kāṭdai: It is not a good sign and is suggested to take another road or throw a stone before going on.
  • A dog howling in front of the house घरको अगाडि कुकुर कराउँदै Gharakō agāḍi kukura karā’um̐dai: If this happens, Nepali people believe that someone will die in the family.
  • Stepping on a book किताबमा पाइला राख्दै Kitābamā pā’ilā rākhdai: As books carry knowledge, Nepalis believe that stepping on one brings disrespect to knowledge and the Hindu goddess of knowledge, Saraswathi. You can bow your head in front of the book, as a request for forgiveness.
  • Do not travel on Tuesdays मंगलबार यात्रा नगर्नुहोस् Maṅgalabāra yātrā nagarnuhōs: Traveling on Tuesdays is not a good sign for Nepalis. It will cause fights and trouble in the family. Therefore, you will find that many avoid such travels.

There are always ways to overcome several dangers if necessary. For example, bring good luck by upturning shoes and sandals that are turned over. Always cook an even number of dishes and not odd ones for good fortune. Also, avoid eating meals on the bed to have good dreams, and do not sit on pillows, as it is believed to cause headaches.


Learn The Nepali Language With Ling

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Languages are often a source of pride, unity, and solidarity among a nation’s population, and they can be used to preserve and promote the traditions, values, and norms of a nation. It is the same for the Nepali language and their belief in the word of luck, be it good or bad.

As outsiders, it is important that we remember this, though you are free to believe as you do – yet respecting theirs is a symbol of friendship. So when a Nepali feeds you curd and sugar to start the day with good luck, consider it pure joy!

To build more on your understanding of Nepali, there are basic words with translations and phrases that you can check out. It is a good idea to also practice speaking and pronunciation to grasp the Nepali accent which sometimes sounds like Hindi.

If you want to try all this and more, choose the app that will help you learn with no difficulty. With the Ling app, you have the joy of learning up to 62 languages, and yes – also Nepali, through games and fun! Get lucky with Ling as it brings the best way to learn Nepali like a pro! Download the app today free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Try it now!

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