50+ Easy Lithuanian Cooking Utensils Vocab

Want to learn the basic Lithuanian cooking utensils vocab? To make your stay in Lithuania more comfortable, exciting, and enlightening, this post will give you the best translations of the essential words and phrases related to Lithuanian dishes, cooking utensils, and Lithuanian cuisine.

After all, nothing can help bond with one another other than the language of universal love: food. Especially in Eastern European countries, the food culture holds a very exalting position in the hearts of the locals. Thus, if you want to learn more Lithuanian and make your stay feel more local, keep reading below!

Lithuanian Cooking Utensils Vocab: 5+ Most Used

Here we will discover some of the commonly used kitchen appliances in Lithuania. While the list does not accumulate all the tools, we have mentioned some that are constantly used in Lithuanian kitchens to produce the best food in the world. Let’s begin.

1. Frying Pan (Keptuvė)

Frying pan or Keptuvė in Lithuanian Kitchen is one of the most important parts we cannot miss. Although we see a frying pan in every household kitchen, it is specifically used to make potato pancakes, fried bread, etc., which are among the traditional dishes of Lithuania. In fact, wooden pans, plates, and bowls are also quite common in Lithuanian restaurants and eating lounges.

2. Grater (Trintuvas)

When we hear grated potatoes with sour cream and chicken, we immediately think of a grater. Trintuvas, which means Grater in Lithuanian, is another important kitchen appliance. From recipes that require grating boiled potatoes in salads to green onions in sandwiches, a Trintuvas always comes in handy. Also, European countries are fond of different kinds of salads. Thus, a Trintuvas is a must-have in every household.

3. Pot (Puodas)

Talking about other devices, a Puodas is quite essential. Especially when it comes to making recipes like stuffed dumplings, boiled potato salad, soup, etc., Puodas are always needed. Even clay pots are quite common. Different kinds with unique shapes and colors are manufactured in Lithuania. One person may also refer to these pots to decorate their house.

4. Griddle (Keptuvė)

Griddle or Keptuvė is also quite significant in the Lithuanian kitchen. Mainly when it comes to pancakes or bacon, the griddle becomes an easy way out. Moreover, in most Lithuanian get-togethers, people sit together and fry eggs, sausages, pancakes, meat, and bread together with a griddle, making it one of the best ways of spending time and making memories.

5. Microwave (Mikrobangų krosnelė)

Have you ever heard of the Lithuanian special fourteen-layered honey cake? It is one of the most popular Lithuanian cakes after Sakotis, the tree cake. And when we talk about such amazing desserts, a Mikrobangų krosnelė is a must. Most households in Lithuania have a Mikrobangų krosnelė for baking. It is also used to cook and serve items that are much more convenient to be made in a Mikrobangų krosnelė—for example, potato pudding, lasagna, etc.

Are you enjoying the utensils vocabulary list? Learning these will improve your speaking skills and enlighten you with cultural facts. Especially if you are a cook yourself, nothing can beat the joy of engaging in a foreign country’s cuisine and kitchen vocab.

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6. Grinder (Malūnėlis)

How can we not talk about a grinder? From mixing ingredients to mincing the meat easily, the Malūnėlis is one of the essential parts of kitchen appliances. Most Lithuanian meals like the soup, salad, drinks, or even the stuffing of the dumplings and pancakes require the ingredients to be mixed and ground properly. Thus, the services of a Malūnėlis always come in handy in Lithuania.

7. Bread Knife (Duonos peilis)

Lithuania’s most relevant utensil is the Bread knife or Duonos peilis. From cutting dark rye bread to fried dark bread, you will always require a bread knife to make your work easy. Thus, you are sure to see bread knives everywhere in Lithuania. After all, Lithuanians cannot live without potatoes and bread.

Kitchen Appliances In Lithuanian

In this section, we will go through some more utensils to enhance your Lithuanian vocabulary. Although we learned some of the commonly used tools earlier, knowing these will enable you to identify all the necessary kitchen appliances in the Lithuanian language. So, keep reading.

Vocabulary A-D

Baking panKeptuvė
Bread basketDuonos krepšelis
Barbecue grillBarbekiu Grilis
Baking sheetKepimo skarda
Bottle openerButelių atidarytuvas
Can openerSkardinių atidarytuvas
Coffee potKavinukas
Casserole panPuodo keptuvė
Cutting boardPjaustymo lentelė
Carving knifeDrožybos peilis
CutleryStalo įrankiai
Cookie cutterSausainių formelės
Cake panTorto keptuvė
Dutch ovenOlandų orkaitė

Vocabulary E-K

EggbeaterKiaušinių plaktuvas
Egg ringsKiaušinių žiedai
Espresso machineEspreso aparatas
Fruit bowlVaisių dubuo
Food scaleMaisto svarstyklės
Food thermometerMaisto termometras
Grill panGrilio keptuvė
Garlic pressČesnako presas
Honey potMedaus puodas
Hand mixerRankinis maišytuvas
Icing spatulaApledėjimo mentele
Ice bucketLedo kibiras
Jar openerStiklainių atidarytuvas
Kitchen scissorsVirtuvinės žirklės
Kitchen foilVirtuvės folija

Vocabulary L-R

Measuring cupMatavimo puodelis
Measuring spoonMatavimo šaukštas
Mixing bowlMaišymo dubuo
Muffin panMuffin keptuvė
Oven mittOrkaitės pirštinė
Pastry cutterKonditerijos pjaustyklė
Pie panPyrago keptuvė
Pressure cookerSlėginė viryklė
Popcorn popperSpraginti kukurūzai
Pot holdersPuodų laikikliai
Rice cookerRyžių viryklė
Rolling pinKočėlas
Roasting panSkrudinimo keptuvė

Vocabulary S-Z

Salad bowlSalotų dubuo
Spice rackprieskonių stovas
Steak knifeKepsnio peilis
Vegetable peelerDaržovių skustuvas
Waffle ironVaflių keptuvė

Kitchen Phrases To Know

Grind the meat properlyMėsą tinkamai sumalkite
Bake the cake for 30 minutesPyragą kepkite 30 minučių
Always use a bread knife to cut the breadDuonai pjaustyti visada naudokite duonos peilį
Can you pass the frying pan?Ar galite perduoti keptuvę?
Fry the pancakes for 3 minutesBlynus kepkite 3 minutes
Be careful, the teapot is hotBūkite atsargūs, arbatinukas karštas
The rice cooker is set for 5 minutesRyžių viryklė nustatoma 5 minutes
Use the juicer to make lemonadeLimonadui gaminti naudokite sulčiaspaudę
Fry an egg in a panKeptuvėje pakepinti kiaušinį
Peel the potato with the knifeNulupkite bulves peiliu
Do you have a cutting board?Ar turite pjaustymo lentą?
Leave the pot for 5 minutes to cool downPalikite puodą 5 minutėms, kad atvėstų

Why Learn Lithuanian Words Related To Cooking?

If you are wondering how learning a few words on utensils and dishes in Lithuanian can become a strong asset during your stay, here is a list of reasons you must read!

  1. It makes exploring easier and more fun. When settling in a new country, language barriers bring in a lot of uncertainties. But when you know the basics like food, dishes, utensils, and phrases related to them, you have nothing to worry about in the initial stages.
  2. Read the menu and order the best food. Being in a country famous for its authentic and unique cuisine worldwide, it would only be a foolish decision not to read about them. Moreover, it is a fact that food is the language of love. Thus, with the vocabulary you learn, you can impress your desires and the locals!
  3. Appreciate the cooking techniques in Lithuania. Thus, when we learn about the Lithuanian way of making potato pancakes or grated potatoes through their traditional utensils, we learn about their culture. With such knowledge, you will function properly in the local setting without getting overwhelmed. Of course, don’t forget to know that it’s polite to know the culture first before digging deep into the techniques.
  4. Communicate and connect better with the locals. The terms and phrases help you convey your thoughts easily to the locals, which in turn gives you a boost of confidence during your journey. Thus, take some time out and make sure you read the vocabulary to enhance your trip with a local taste.

The Best Lithuanian Dishes

Before we move on, here is a quick peek at the best dishes of the Lithuanian cuisine that you can enjoy during your trip.

  • Šaltibarščiai (Cold beetroot soup, also known as Cold Borscht with vivid pink color)
  • Dark rye bread (Made of dark rye flour. Usually served with hard-boiled eggs and potatoes)
  • Potato pancakes (Shredded potatoes mixed with eggs and flour)
  • Aguonpienis (Milk made with poppy seeds)
  • Cepelinai with minced meat (National dish of Lithuania)
  • Grybukai (Mushroom cookies. Usually made on occasions like Christmas eve)
  • Kindziukas (Pig stomach with minced meat)

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